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bi bl ic al studi es and e arly chr ist i an i t y 20 the origin and meaning of ekklēsia in the early jesus movement forthcoming publ icat ions edited by elizabeth lapina university of wisconsin – madison and nicholas morton nottingham trent university the way of lovers the oxford anonymous commentary on the song of songs bodleian library ms opp 625 in the origin and meaning of ekklēsia in the early jesus movement ralph j korner examines the use of ekklēsia in the context of greco-roman and jewish associations greek imperial poleis roman imperial ideology and early jewish and christ-follower literary works the uses of the bible in crusader sources seeks to understand the ideology and spirituality of crusading by exploring the biblical imagery and exegetical interpretations that were woven together to form its philosophical basis this volume provides an edition translation and extensive study of a unique anonymous medieval peshat commentary on song of songs emanating from northern france in the late twelfth century r e a de r ship all those interested re a dershi p all interested in re adersh i p all interested in • june 2017 • hardback • isbn 978 90 04 34498 3 list price eur 136 us 157 • e-isbn 978 90 04 34499 0 e-price eur 124 us 143 • ancient judaism and early christianity 98 • may 2017 • hardback approx 480 pp • isbn 978 90 04 28492 0 list price eur 171 us 197 • e-isbn 978 90 04 34121 0 e-price eur 156 us 180 • commentaria 7 • june 2017 • hardback approx 288 pp • isbn 978 90 04 34319 1 list price eur 104 us 121 • e-isbn 978 90 04 34543 0 e-price eur 95 us 110 • commentaria 8 ralph j korner taylor seminary in exploring usages of the term ekklēsia in its greco-roman jewish and early christ-follower contexts particularly in relation to associations which self-designate collectively as an ekklēsia the uses of the bible in crusader sources crusades or biblical exegesis in particular as it relates to warfare sara japhet hebrew university of jerusalem em and barry dov walfish university of toronto libraries medieval biblical exegesis jews in northern france their culture and history and the history of interpretation of the song of songs in particular.