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interpreting the qurʾān in 17th century aceh peter g riddell melbourne school of theology and soas university of london universal science an introduction to islamic metaphysics mehdī Ḥāʾirī yazdī translated by john cooper edited and introduced by saiyad nizamuddin ahmad shi’ah institute london the universal science ilm-i kullī by mehdi Ḥaʾiri yazdī is a concise and authoritative introduction to the fundamental discussions in islamic metaphysics this short work offers an accessible lucid and deeply learned guide through the ‘living tradition’ of shīʿī philosophy reader shi p academic librar re a dershi p this volume will • may 2017 • hardback approx 269 pp 15 tables • isbn 9789004339491 price € 95 us 109 • e-isbn 9789004341326 • texts and studies on the qurʾān 12 • april 2017 • hardback xii 204 pp • isbn 9789004343023 price € 75 us 86 • e-isbn 9789004343115 • the modern shīʿah library 2 ies public libraries specialists post-graduate students and undergraduate students interested in the history of islam and the study of the qurʾān in the malayindonesian world appeal to all scholars of islamic intellectual history religious studies persian studies and comparative philosophy it will also be easily accessible for advanced undergraduates and educated laypersons 65 forthcoming publ icat ions in this book peter g riddell studies the two earliest works of qur’anic exegesis from the malay-indonesian world he explores the 17th century context in the sultanate of aceh that produced them and the history of both texts middle east and islamic studies malay court religion culture and language