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mobilizing public sociology edited by victoria carty chapman university and rafael luévano chapman university marxism and criminology adrián sotelo valencia national autonomous university of mexico unam mexico city valeria vegh weis new york university dependency theory in the thought of ruy mauro marini a history of criminal selectivity sub-imperialism revisited is a theoretically rigorous study by the brilliant mexican analyst adrián sotelo valencia sotelo systematically explores the “subimperialism” thesis as advanced in the pioneering work of ruy mauro marini readers will appreciate why radical dependency theory remains more relevant today than ever in criminology and marxism a history of criminal selectivity valeria vegh weis rehabilitates the contributions and the methodology of marx and engels to analyse crime and punishment through capitalism 15th century to the present in europe and the united states reader shi p all interested in re a dershi p this book will be of re adersh i p all interested in • june 2017 • hardback approx 200 pp incl 4 color maps and 3 tables • isbn 9789004221093 price € 99 us 114 • e-isbn 9789004338234 • studies in critical social sciences 106 • june 2017 • hardback approx 187 pp incl 3 diagr 3 color fig and 3 tables • isbn 9789004319400 price € 99 us 114 • e-isbn 9789004319417 • studies in critical social sciences critical global studies 105/07 • march 2017 • hardback approx 340 pp • isbn 9789004319554 price € 138 us 166 • e-isbn 9789004319561 • studies in critical social sciences 10 the current dialogue legislation activism religion and human rights as well as scholarship surrounding latin immigrants in the united states keen interest to students professors and others who seek a critical analysis of development the global role of regional superpowers like brazil and the enduring relevance of marxist dependency theory criminology criminal law sociology of law history of punishment marxism and the law and anyone concerned about the criminal justice system in europe and the united states 73 forthcoming publ icat ions in victoria carty and rafael luévano’s edited collection mobilizing public sociology scholars practitioners activists and immigrants share their scholarly perspectives and personal experiences related to challenges that latin immigrants face in the united states social sciences scholars activists and latin migrants converse on common ground sub-imperialism revisited