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paperback a decade of ethiopia politics economy and society 2004-2016 african studies 4 jon abbink african studies centre leiden and vu university amsterdam paperback entrepreneurship in africa edited by akinyinka akinyoade ton dietz and chibuike uche leiden university african studies centre paperback the epic of sumanguru kante edited by stephen p.d bulman independant researcher and valentin f vydrine inalco paris forthcoming publ icat ions this chronology for 2004 to 2016 compiles the chapters on ethiopia previously published in the africa yearbook politics economy and society south of the sahara chapters in this book contribute to our understanding of the theory structure and practice of entrepreneurship in diverse african countries case studies examined include african multinational banks and businesses female entrepreneurs culture and entrepreneurship finance and entrepreneurship and smes the epic of sumanguru kante contains the bamana text and english translation of griot

sociohistorical linguistics in southeast asia edited by picus sizhi ding australian national university and jamin pelkey ryerson university toronto special volume edited by wang weiguang chinese academy of social sciences and zheng guoguang china meteorological administration indonesian manuscripts from the islands of java madura bali and lombok dick van der meij independent scholar asian studies new horizons for tibetoburman studies in honor of david bradley chinese research perspectives on the environment a special volume in the chinese research perspectives on the environment series this englishlanguage volume is an edited collection of articles selected from the chinese-language annual report on actions to address climate change 2013 focus on low-carbon urbanization this publication is an original pioneering and richly illustrated work that discusses hitherto unaddressed features of manuscript traditions of these islands the extensive description of palmleaf manuscripts in

single-sheet publishing in the first age of print edited by andrew pettegree a maturing market the iberian book world in the first half of the seventeenth century the lindisfarne gospels new perspectives edited by richard gameson alexander s wilkinson university of st andrews and alejandra ulla lorenzo university of santiago de compostela a maturing market explores the iberian book trade in the first half of the seventeenth century it brings together contributions from leading specialists in the field shedding new light on significant transformations in the industry twelve expert contributions examine the text art and old english gloss of this masterpiece of anglo-saxon book culture in relation to its archaeological historical cultural and arthistorical contexts insular and continental reader shi p historians of the book media history and news bibliographers and librarians and those interested in the politics government religion and literature of the early modern period re a dershi p

a companion to the abbey of le bec in the central middle ages 11th–13th centuries the crown of aragon mytho-poetics at work edited by flocel sabaté university of lleida rengenier c rittersma this companion offers the first major collection of studies dedicated to the medieval norman abbey of le bec one of the most important and influential religious institutions in the anglonorman world of the 11th-13th centuries the crown of aragon a singular mediterranean empire recovers the history of an important late medieval crossroads that brought peoples from iberia to greece together and promoted culture as a means of cohesion why and how did the count of egmont 1522-1568 become a mythical figure in european culture this book explains and also provides a methodological instrument for the reading of similar historical myths r e a de r ship this companion re a dershi p all interested in re adersh i p all interested october 2017 hardback approx 464 pp isbn 9789004349933 price €

internat ional l aw and human r ights 38 cover available soon studies in international air law selected works of bin cheng edited by chia-jui cheng xiamen academy of international law guide on the convention on the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards new york 1958 nordic approaches to international law edited by astrid kjeldgaardpedersen university of copenhagen edited by emmanuel gaillard shearman sterling llp and george a bermann columbia law school forthcoming publ icat ions studies in international air law selected works of bin cheng provides a comprehensive survey of international air law authoritative and pioneering analyses of international air transport the legal status of aircraft and crimes on board and against aircraft and air carrier’s liability july 2017 hardback isbn 9789004345157 price € 330 us 380 e-isbn 9789004345140 e-price € 300 us 345 imprint brill nijhoff this publication provides a detailed analysis of the judicial

internat ional l aw and human r ights 46 the independence and impartiality of icsid arbitrators current case law alternative approaches and improvement suggestions credit ratings and market over-reliance an international legal analysis francesco de pascalis university of london maria nicole cleis university of basel balancing student mobility rights and national higher education autonomy in the european union alexander hoogenboom faculty of law maastricht university forthcoming publ icat ions in the independence and impartiality of icsid arbitrators maria nicole cleis examines the standard of independence required under the icsid convention as evidenced in existing disqualification decisions and makes novel suggestions for reforms to ensure unbiased decision-making in credit ratings and market over-reliance an international legal analysis francesco de pascalis explores the phenomenon of over-reliance on external credit ratings and critically assesses the feasibility of the us eu and

ten lectures on applied cognitive lingusitics in this interdisciplinary collection of lectures chris sinha presents a uniquely cultural developmental and evolutionary approach to cognitive linguistics topics range from language in children’s play through cultural conceptualizations of time to philosophical and linguistic relativism the book offers a basic introduction to the theory of cognitive grammar which claims that meaning resides in conceptualization and that grammar is inherently meaningful residing in the structuring and symbolization of conceptual content a series of 10 lectures on various aspects of cognitive linguistics as these relate to matters of language teaching and learning reader shi p teachers research re a dershi p scholars and stu re adersh i p scholars and stu august 2017 hardback approx x 180 pp isbn 9789004349049 price € 99 us 114 e-isbn 9789004349094 e-price € 90 us 104 distinguished lectures in cognitive linguistics 6 july 2017 hardback

paperback the bible in arabic among jews christians and muslims edited by miriam l hjälm ludwig-maximilians-universität münchen creating the mediterranean edited by kate fleet gudrun krämer denis matringe john nawas and everett rowson tarek kahlaoui rutgers university 2017-4 the third edition of brill’s encyclopaedia of islam is an entirely new work with new articles reflecting the great diversity of current scholarship it appears in four substantial segments each year both online and in print the new scope includes comprehensive coverage of islam in the twentieth century and of muslim minorities all over the world reader shi p all interested in the in creating the mediterranean maps and the islamic imagination tarek kahlaoui treats the subject of the islamic visual representations of the mediterranean from the tenth to the sixteenth centuries c.e re adersh i p all those interested bible in arabic bible interpretation and translation history and anyone concerned

middle east and islamic studies 72 mana forthcoming publ icat ions fabrications of the greek past method and theory in the study of religion vaia touna university of alabama edited by steffen führding leibniz university hannover in mana a history of a western category nicolas meylan proposes a critical account of western imaginations of mana an oceanic word borrowed by europeans to denote ‘supernatural power’ in fabrications of the greek past vaia touna demonstrates that present-day meanings of historical artifacts are created by social actors through their ever-contemporary acts of identification such as their interpretations categorizations representations and classifications this collection of essays provides an insight into the theoretical and methodological debates within the academic study of religion in hanover and beyond over the last years r e a de r ship all interested in the re a dershi p anyone interested re adersh i p all interested in the august 2017

gender equality on a grand tour social sciences 80 politics and institutions – the nordic council sweden lithuania and russia eva blomberg yulia gradskova ylva waldemarson södertörn university alina Žvinklienė lithuanian social research centre forthcoming publ icat ions gender equality on a grand tour politics and institutions – the nordic council sweden lithuania and russia explores the establishment development and transformation of gender equality institutions in sweden lithuania and russia it pays special attention to the role of the nordic council in gender equality institutionalization ali shariati and the future of social theory religion revolution and the role of the intellectual emancipation and history the return of social theory josé maurício domingues iesp-uerj dustin j byrd olivet college seyed javad miri institute of humanities and cultural studies tehran this publication is a collection of essays engaged in a futureoriented remembrance