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paperback plotinus and the moving image thorsten botz-bornstein gulf university and giannis stamatellos the american college of greece philosophy 102 paperback ens primum cognitum in thomas aquinas and the tradition the philosophy of being as first known paperback silence in philosophy literature and art steven l bindeman strayer university brian kemple university of st thomas forthcoming publications plotinus and the moving image offers the first philosophical discussion on plotinus’ philosophy and film it discusses plotinian concepts like “the one” and “the intelligible” in a cinematic context relates plotinus’ theory of time to the modern timeimage and finds neoplatonic contemplation in contemplative cinema also mentioned on page 28 r e ad e r s hip students and researchers of ancient philosophy and students and researchers of film studies in ens primum cognitum brian kemple examines the meaning of thomas aquinas’ claim that “being” is the first object of the intellect and proposes an interpretation with dramatic consequences for thomistic epistemology and metaphysics silence in philosophy literature and art demonstrates how silence as a form of indirect discourse provides us with access to hitherto inaccessible aspects of human experience readershi p all those interested in thomas aquinas rea d ers hi p academic libraries artists students of and specialists in phenomenological philosophy december 2017 paperback isbn 9789004357037 price € 55 us 64 e-isbn 9789004357167 e-price € 150 us 173 value inquiry book series philosophy of film 310 september 2017 paperback viii 376 pp isbn 9789004352391 price € 85 us 99 e-isbn 9789004352568 e-price € 195 us 225 value inquiry book series gilson studies 309 august 2017 paperback clxviii 12 pp isbn 9789004352575 price € 66 us 77 e-isbn 9789004352582 e-price € 135 us 156 value inquiry book series studies in existentialism hermeneutics and phenomenology 308