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persistent inequalities the government of time howard botwinick suny cortland edited by vittorio morfino university of milano-bicocca and peter d thomas brunel university london in contrast to orthodox theory howard botwinick uses a classical marxist analysis of real capitalist competition to show that substantial patterns of wage disparity among similar workers can persist despite high levels of competition in both capital and labor markets this volume studies the ‘subterranean currents’ of plural temporalities that have traversed the development of the marxist tradition chapters on rousseau sieyès marx bloch althusser gramsci pasolini and postcolonialism highlight the articulation of the plural temporalities of mass political action the class strikes back examines a number of radical twentyfirst-century workers’ struggles characterised by a different kind of grassroots unionism and solidarity r e ad e r s hip labor activists undergraduate and grad students interested in labor economics readershi p all interested in history of the marxism modern political thought and contemporary social and political theory rea d ers hi p students and scholars of labour relations and social movements november 2017 hardback approx 376 pp isbn 9789004269583 price € 133 us 153 e-isbn 9789004269590 e-price € 121 us 139 historical materialism book series 152 november 2017 hardback approx 291 pp isbn 9789004291195 price € 109 us 126 e-isbn 9789004291201 e-price € 99 us 114 historical materialism book series 151 november 2017 hardback approx 318 pp isbn 9789004291461 price € 120 us 139 e-isbn 9789004291478 e-price € 109 us 126 historical materialism book series 150 wage disparity under capitalist competition social sciences 114 theories of plural temporality in the marxist tradition the class strikes back self-organised workers’ struggles in the twenty-first century edited by dario azzellini joseph s murphy institute/cuny and michael g kraft vienna university of economics forthcoming publications