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american studies 4 making medicines in early colonial lima peru apothecaries science and society linda a newson institute of latin american studies university of london forthcoming publications based on extensive archival research in peru spain and italy making medicines in early colonial lima peru examines how apothecaries in lima were trained ran their businesses traded medicinal products prepared medicines and found their place in society in the book newson argues that apothecaries had the potential to be innovators in science especially in the new world where they encountered new environments and diverse healing traditions however it shows that despite experimental tendencies among some apothecaries they generally adhered to traditional humoral practices and imported materia medica from spain rather than adopt native plants or exploit the region’s rich mineral resources this adherence was not due to state regulation but reflected the entrenchment of humoral beliefs in popular thought and their promotion by the church and inquisition r e ad e r s hip anyone inte rested in the social history of li ma i n med icinein ea rly co lo nials pani s h am erica in ap ot hecari es and the history of pharm ac y andin ea rly mo d ern s c i en c e and t r ans at lant ic connections i n general september 2017 hardback xvi 348 pp isbn 9789004350632 price € 114 us 131 e-isbn 9789004351271 the atlantic world 34