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the company in law and practice did size matter middle ages-nineteenth century ignacio de la rasilla del moral brunel university london j.l vives de ratione dicendi critical edition with introduction translation and notes david walker university of melbourne history edited by d de ruysscher tilburg university and vrije universiteit brussel a cordes goetheuniversität frankfurt s dauchy université lille-ii and h pihlajamäki university of helsinki in the shadow of vitoria a history of international law in spain 1770-1953 in the shadow of vitoria a history of international law in spain 1770-1953 offers the first comprehensive treatment of the intellectual evolution of international law in spain from the late 18th century to the aftermath of the spanish civil war juan luis vives’ 1533 treatise on rhetoric de ratione dicendi is a highly original but largely neglected renaissance latin text david walker’s critical edition with introduction facing translation and notes is the first to appear in english r e ade rship all interested in the institutional legal and economic history of business organizations firms corporations readership all interested in the history of international law and the history of spain in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries rea d ers hi p all interested in juan luis vives rhetoric northern humanism and renaissance culture september 2017 hardback viii 224 pp isbn 9789004348493 price € 110 us 127 e-isbn 9789004351868 e-price € 100 us 115 legal history library studies in the history of private law 23/12 november 2017 hardback approx 360 pages isbn 9789004343221 price € 132 us 152 e-isbn 9789004343238 e-price € 120 us 138 legal history library studies in the history of international law 22/9 november 2017 hardback 572 pp isbn 9789004354760 price € 116 us 134 e-isbn 9789004354777 e-price € 105 us 121 selected works of juan luis vives 11 41 forthcoming publications this volume brings together nine chapters that address the topic of the scale and size of companies in both legal and economic history in the middle ages the early modern period and in the nineteenth century.