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l i ter ature and cultur al s tudies 78 art and adaptability consciousness and cognitive culture gregory f tague st francis college new york forthcoming publications art and adaptability argues for a co-evolution of theory of mind and material/art culture the book covers relevant areas from great ape intelligence hominin evolution stone age tools paleolithic culture and art forms to neurobiology we use material and art objects whether painting or sculpture to modify our own and other people’s thoughts so as to affect behavior we don’t just make judgments about mental states we create objects about which we make judgments in which mental states are inherent moreover we make judgments about these objects to facilitate how we explore the minds and feelings of others the argument is that it’s not so much art because of theory of mind but art as theory of mind r e ade r s hip students and scholars interested in the adaptive function of the arts the evolution of culture human evolution and intelligence and continuities between humans and great apes will find art and adaptability insightful r e vi e w “the text is said to offer a novel hypothesis on the evolutionary roots of art based on theory of mind in itself this proposal is compelling ” – larissa mendoza straffon leiden university centre for the arts in society december 2017 hardback 200 pp isbn 9789004354524 price € 110 us 127 e-isbn 9789004356269 e-price € 100 us 115 consciousness literature and the arts 52