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american studies 4 making medicines in early colonial lima peru apothecaries science and society linda a newson institute of latin american studies university of london forthcoming publications based on extensive archival research in peru spain and italy making medicines in early colonial lima peru examines how apothecaries in lima were trained ran their businesses traded medicinal products prepared medicines and found their place in society in the book newson argues that apothecaries had the potential to be innovators in science especially in the new world where they encountered new environments and diverse healing traditions however it shows that despite experimental tendencies among some apothecaries they generally adhered to traditional humoral practices and imported materia medica from spain rather than adopt native plants or exploit the region’s rich mineral resources this adherence was not due to state regulation but reflected the entrenchment of humoral beliefs in

a re-assessment of the influence of deuteronomism in genesis megan warner king’s college london the embroidered bible studies in biblical apocrypha and pseudepigrapha in honour of michael e stone edited by lorenzo ditommaso concordia university montréal matthias henze rice university and william adler north carolina state university this festschrift contains original essays in honour of michael e stone on old testament pseudepigrapha in its broadest sense apocryphal texts traditions and themes from secondtemple times to the high middle ages in judaism christianity and islam r e ade rship institutes academic libraries post-graduate students practitioners and all those interested in genesis and the pentateuch biblical interpretation and the history of ancient israel readership all interested in early judaism dead sea scrolls old testament pseudepigrapha early christianity and early islam november 2017 hardback isbn 9789004355835 price € 110 us 127 e-isbn 9789004355897

clothing the past surviving garments from early medieval to early modern western europe elizabeth coatsworth and gale r owen-crocker history october 2017 hardback approx 416 pp isbn 9789004288706 price € 215 us 247 e-isbn 9789004352162 e-price € 195 us 224 29 forthcoming publications tions how a garment may reveal its own biography an astonishing number of medieval garments a story that can include repair remaking recycling survive more-or-less complete here the authors present 100 items ranging from homely to princely burial resurrection and veneration accidental loss the book’s wide-ranging introduction discusses the or deliberate deposition circumstances in which garments have survived the authors both have many publications in the to the present sets and collections constructional field of medieval studies including previous coland decorative techniques iconography inscriplaborations on medieval textiles such as medieval tions on garments style and fashion

the company in law and practice did size matter middle ages-nineteenth century ignacio de la rasilla del moral brunel university london j.l vives de ratione dicendi critical edition with introduction translation and notes david walker university of melbourne history edited by d de ruysscher tilburg university and vrije universiteit brussel a cordes goetheuniversität frankfurt s dauchy université lille-ii and h pihlajamäki university of helsinki in the shadow of vitoria a history of international law in spain 1770-1953 in the shadow of vitoria a history of international law in spain 1770-1953 offers the first comprehensive treatment of the intellectual evolution of international law in spain from the late 18th century to the aftermath of the spanish civil war juan luis vives’ 1533 treatise on rhetoric de ratione dicendi is a highly original but largely neglected renaissance latin text david walker’s critical edition with introduction facing translation and notes

paperback inter-state water law in the united states of america arbitration and international trade in the arab countries in inter-state water law in the united states of america what lessons for international water law rhett larson offers lessons for international water law based on the successes and failures of inter-state water apportionment in the united state of america transboundary waters infrastructure development and public private partnership offers a cogent introduction to ppps involving transboundary international waters which require particular attention given their huge potential for social and environmental impact arbitration and international trade in the arab countries examines international trade arbitration in the mena region and analyses legal sources decisions and practices through the prism of freedom and safety requirements the work is an essential guide to the body of arbitration law at both the practical and theoretical levels r e ade rship scholars

the requirement of consultation with indigenous peoples in the ilo between normative flexibility and institutional rigidity maría victoria cabrera ormaza the ilo understands the notion of consultation with indigenous peoples and outlines the flaws in its approach through a comprehensive analysis of state practice and human rights jurisprudence concerning indigenous peoples the author explores the normative impact of ilo convention no 169 while revisiting the ilo’s potential to help harmonize different interpretations of the consultation requirement r e a de rship anyone concerned with the legal protection of indigenous peoples including scholars officers of international organizations practitioners international and national adjudicators the book can be used for courses on indigenous peoples december 2017 hardback isbn 9789004355989 price € 121 us 140 e-isbn 9789004356016 e-price € 110 us 127 65 forthcoming publications in the requirement of consultation with

l i ter ature and cultur al s tudies 78 art and adaptability consciousness and cognitive culture gregory f tague st francis college new york forthcoming publications art and adaptability argues for a co-evolution of theory of mind and material/art culture the book covers relevant areas from great ape intelligence hominin evolution stone age tools paleolithic culture and art forms to neurobiology we use material and art objects whether painting or sculpture to modify our own and other people’s thoughts so as to affect behavior we don’t just make judgments about mental states we create objects about which we make judgments in which mental states are inherent moreover we make judgments about these objects to facilitate how we explore the minds and feelings of others the argument is that it’s not so much art because of theory of mind but art as theory of mind r e ade r s hip students and scholars interested in the adaptive function of the arts the evolution of

middle east and islamic studies 90 theology and society in the second and third centuries of the hijra volume 3 a history of religious thought in early islam another place identity space and transcultural signification in goli taraqqi’s fiction goulia ghardashkhani josef van ess translated from the german by gwendolin goldblum the works of ibn wāḍiḥ al-yaʿqūbī 3 vols an english translation matthew s gordon miami university chase f robinson the graduate center city university of new york everett k rowson new york university and michael fishbein the university of california los angeles forthcoming publications with its emphasis on the eighth and ninth centuries ce it remains the most detailed prosopographical study of the early phase of the formation of islam originally published in german between 1991 and 1995 theology and society is a monument of scholarship and a unique scholarly enterprise which has stood the test of the time as an unparalleled reference

paperback plotinus and the moving image thorsten botz-bornstein gulf university and giannis stamatellos the american college of greece philosophy 102 paperback ens primum cognitum in thomas aquinas and the tradition the philosophy of being as first known paperback silence in philosophy literature and art steven l bindeman strayer university brian kemple university of st thomas forthcoming publications plotinus and the moving image offers the first philosophical discussion on plotinus’ philosophy and film it discusses plotinian concepts like “the one” and “the intelligible” in a cinematic context relates plotinus’ theory of time to the modern timeimage and finds neoplatonic contemplation in contemplative cinema also mentioned on page 28 r e ad e r s hip students and researchers of ancient philosophy and students and researchers of film studies in ens primum cognitum brian kemple examines the meaning of thomas aquinas’ claim that

persistent inequalities the government of time howard botwinick suny cortland edited by vittorio morfino university of milano-bicocca and peter d thomas brunel university london in contrast to orthodox theory howard botwinick uses a classical marxist analysis of real capitalist competition to show that substantial patterns of wage disparity among similar workers can persist despite high levels of competition in both capital and labor markets this volume studies the ‘subterranean currents’ of plural temporalities that have traversed the development of the marxist tradition chapters on rousseau sieyès marx bloch althusser gramsci pasolini and postcolonialism highlight the articulation of the plural temporalities of mass political action the class strikes back examines a number of radical twentyfirst-century workers’ struggles characterised by a different kind of grassroots unionism and solidarity r e ad e r s hip labor activists undergraduate and grad students