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histor ical mater i al ism book ser ies 4 marxist monetary theory collected papers costas lapavitsas soas university of london communes and workers’ control in venezuela building 21st century socialism from below the politics of style towards a marxist poetics daniel hartley university of leeds dario azzellini johannes kepler university linz austria brill 2016 the work of costas lapavitsas on money and finance develops marxist monetary theory offering fresh insight into contemporary capitalism it is fully conversant with the history of political economy mainstream economic theory and the empirical reality of financialisation in communes and workers’ control in venezuela building 21st century socialism from below dario azzellini offers an account of the bolivarian revolution from below with extensive empirical examples and original voices from movements communal councils communes and workers this book develops a marxist theory of literary style via a critical

histor ical mater i al ism book ser ies 10 a failed parricide marx and the earth roberto finelli università degli studi roma tre john bellamy foster university of oregon and paul burkett indiana state university terre haute hegel and the young marx an anti-critique trotsky’s challenge the ‘literary discussion’ of 1924 and the fight for the bolshevik revolution translated annotated and introduced by frederick c corney the college of william mary williamsburg va brill 2016 a failed parricide by roberto finelli offers an innovative reading of the marx-hegel relationship arguing that the young marx remained structurally subaltern to hegel’s distinctive conception of the subject that becomes itself in relation to alterity in marx and the earth john bellamy foster and paul burkett respond to recent ecosocialist criticisms of marx offering a fullfledged anti-critique they thus extend their earlier pioneering work on marx’s ecology providing the basis for

volume 100 pepijn brandon university of pittsburgh marx’s economic manuscript of 1864-1865 translated by ben fowkes edited and with an introduction by fred moseley mount holyoke college winner of the 2014 d.j veegens prize r e a de r sh i p all interested in the marx’s only full draft of volume iii of capital was written in the economic manuscript of 1864—1865 the volume iii that we know was heavily edited by engels it has been a long-standing question in marxian scholarship whether or not there are significant differences between marx’s original manuscript and engels’s edited version marx’s manuscript was published for the first time in german in 1992 in the marx/engels gesamtausgabe section ii volume 4.2 but this important manuscript has not previously been translated into english the publication of this english translation of marx’s original manuscript is thus an important event in marxian scholarship english-speaking marxist

histor ical mater i al ism book ser ies 20 reading gramsci francisco fernández buey translated by nicholas gray critical marxism in mexico adolfo sánchez vázquez and bolívar echeverría stefan gandler universidad autónoma de querétaro the dimensions of hegemony language culture and politics in revolutionary russia craig brandist university of sheffield brill 2016 in reading gramsci francisco fernández buey reveals the enduring relevance of gramsci’s reflections on politics philosophy language and the ethics of revolutionary engagement for those who wish to understand and transform ‘the vast and terrible world’ of capital in critical marxism in mexico stefan gandler — coming from the frankfurt school-tradition — offers an account of the life and philosophy of adolfo sánchez vázquez and bolívar echeverría former senior faculty members at the universidad nacional autónoma de méxico unam in the dimensions of

mark abel university of brighton lenin and the logic of hegemony political practice and theory in the class struggle looking for the proletariat socialisme ou barbarie and the problem of worker writing stephen hastings-king alan shandro laurentian university in lenin and the logic of hegemony alan shandro traces the emergence of the concept of hegemony in lenin’s engagement with the concrete characteristics of the class struggle in russia and thereby clarifies how the concept works looking for the proletariat is the first english-language history of the french revolutionary group socialisme ou barbarie from 1949 to 1957 it explores the group its contexts and the collapse of the marxist imaginary captured in texts by daniel mothé r e a de r sh i p those interested re a dershi p anyone interested re adersh i p all interested in the • september 2014 • isbn 978 90 04 24293 7 • hardback vi 275 pp • list price eur 122 us 149.• historical

histor ical mater i al ism book ser ies 30 war and revolution in catalonia 1936-1939 pelai pagès i blanch university of barcelona translated by patrick l gallagher kent state university marx and latin america josé aricó translated from the spanish by david broder beyond marx theorising the global labour relations of the twenty-first century edited by marcel van der linden international institute of social history amsterdam and karl heinz roth in collaboration with max henninger brill 2016 in war and revolution in catalonia 1936-1939 pelai pagès i blanch analyses the political and military evolution of the events in catalonia during the spanish civil war josé aricó explores why latinamerican reality was apparently ‘excluded’ from marx’s thought identifying the contradictions in marx’s attitude to ‘peripheral’ countries aricó challenges charges of ‘eurocentrism’ demonstrating how marx’s hostility to

histor ical mater i al ism book ser ies 36 the meanings of work essay on the affirmation and negation of work ricardo antunes universidade de campinas unicamp brazil the culture of people’s democracy hungarian essays on literature art and democratic transition 1945-1948 marx and singularity from the early writings to the grundrisse luca basso university of padua translated from the italian by arianna bove györgy lukács edited and translated by tyrus miller university of california at santa cruz brill 2016 contrary to the affirmation of the end of labour the meanings of work explore the complexity of the working class today the sexual division of labour and transversalities between the dimensions of class and gender globalisation of capital and labour the essays of hungarian marxist philosopher and literary critic györgy lukács from 1945 to 1948 including the influential volume literature and democracy are presented here for the first time in english translation

studies in class-structure economic development and political conflict 1620–1877 criticism of theology behind the crisis roland boer university of newcastle australia guglielmo carchedi on marxism and theology iii marx’s dialectics of value and knowledge charles post borough of manhattan community college through a lively and thorough critical commentary criticism of theology engages with some of the most significant marxists who are fascinated by religion max horkheimer e.p thompson g.e.m de ste croix michael löwy roland barthes gilles deleuze felix guattari and antonio negri drawing on modern philosophy of science epistemology economics and sociology this work retraces marx’s original multidisciplinary project and develops its foundations into a modern marxist paradigm capable of understanding the present crisis and of challenging contemporary capitalism r e a de r sh i p all those interested re a dershi p all those interested re adersh i p all those

histor ical mater i al ism book ser ies 46 althusser the detour of theory gregory elliott brill 2016 an expanded and updated version of the fullest account in english of the philosophico-political career of louis althusser and the fate of his controversial reconstruction of marxism containing a substantial new postscript and a comprehensive bibliography a marxist philosophy of language jean-jacques lecercle university of nanterre translated by gregory elliott the book is a critique of dominant views of language chomsky’s research programme in linguistics habermas’s philosophy of communicative action it rehearses the fragmentary marxist tradition about language and proposes a series of concepts for a coherent philosophy of language within marxism marxism and ecological economics toward a red and green political economy paul burkett indiana state university terre haute this book initiates a dialogue between marxism and ecological economics it shows how marxism can help

special offer price eur 54.75 us 69.individual print or electronic subscription to volume 25 2017 25 discount quote discount code 70250 historical materialism research in critical marxist theory editorial board jamie allinson alex anievas sebastian budgen sara farris juan grigera ashok kumar esther leslie maïa pal paul reynolds mary robertson peter thomas alberto toscano marxism has manifested itself in the late 1990s from the pages of the financial times to new work by fredric jameson terry eagleton and david harvey unburdened by pre-1989 ideological baggage historical materialism stands at the edge of a vibrant intellectual current publishing a new generation of marxist thinkers and scholars • 2017 volume 25 in 4 issues • issn 1465-4466 e-issn 1569-206x • institutional subscription rates electronic only eur 418 us 528 print only eur 460 us 581 electronic print eur 501 us 634 • individual subscription rates print or electronic only eur 73 us 92