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online resources new the shafr guide online an annotated bibliography of u.s foreign relations since 1600 general editor alan mcpherson temple university history 2 new the guatemala collection government and church documents for sacatepéquez 1587-1991 project advisor david carey jr loyola university maryland cuban culture and cultural relations 1959the vertical archive of the casa de las américas part 1 “casa y cultura” br ill c atalog 2018 the shafr guide online an annotated bibliography of u.s foreign relations since 1600 is a near-comprehensive 2.1 millionword online annotated bibliography of historical work covering the entire span of u.s foreign relations it aims to jumpstart the research of both students from high school to graduate school as well as the most advanced scholars the shafr guide online created by the society for historians of american foreign relations shafr and helmed by general editor alan mcpherson should be the first place to which

online resources russian military russian military intelligence on asia online intelligence on asia online archive series 1651-1917 secret prints 1883-1914 brill.com/rago brill.com/miao brill.com/miso purchase options and 2018 prices outright purchase € 9.800 us 10,683 purchase options and 2018 prices outright purchase € 10.980 us 11,969 purchase options and 2018 prices outright purchase € 5.150 us 5,614 russian theater in the early 20th century online screen and stage online soviet cinema online part 1 journals part 2 newspapers history russian avant-garde online 12 br ill c atalog 2018 periodicals and newspapers 1918-1942 brill.com/rtto brill.com/sso brill.com/sco purchase options and 2018 prices outright purchase € 4.900 us 5,341 purchase options and 2018 prices outright purchase € 9.800 us 10,683 purchase options and 2018 prices outright purchase € 9.390 us 11,490 soviet cinema online archival documents from rgali 1923-1935 world of

book series new ser ies january 2018 paperback approx 288 pp isbn 9789004343955 price € 135 us 156 e-isbn 9789004353466 e-price € 123 us 142 late antique archaeology supplementary series 1 late antique archaeology supplementary series managing editor luke lavan this series publishes thematic monographs which address life within the roman empire or its successor states in the period ad 283-650 as informed by material evidence and supported by other sources this is the monograph partner series to late antique archaeology issn 2352-5177 brill.com/laax dress and personal appearance in late antiquity the clothing of the middle and lower classes faith pennick morgan university of kent history dress and personal appearance in late antiquity the clothing of the middle and lower classes examines written art historical and archaeological evidence to understand the way that cloth and clothing was made embellished cared for and recycled during this period ser ies culture and

book series ser ies june 2018 hardback approx 352 pp isbn 9789004352414 price € 143 us 165 e-isbn 9789004363915 e-price € 130 us 150 later medieval europe 15 later medieval europe managing editor douglas biggs university of nebraska kearney editors sara m butler the ohio state university kelly devries loyola university maryland william chester jordan princeton university cynthia j neville dalhousie university kathryn l reyerson university of minnesota brill’s peer-reviewed series later medieval europe deals with all aspects of european history and culture from ca 1100 to ca 1600 the late medieval time period all areas of europe are included though with a focus on the territories of modern-day france germany and great britain as well as on the low countries issn 1872-7875 brill.com/lme february 2018 hardback approx 928 pp isbn 9789004360129 price € 193 us 221 e-isbn 9789004360631 e-price € 175 us 202 later medieval europe 16 political

book series november 2017 hardback xviii 230 pp isbn 9789004354692 price € 105 us 121 e-isbn 9789004354708 e-price € 95 us 110 studies in medieval and reformation traditions 210 november 2017 hardback x 456 pp isbn 9789004355033 price € 138 us 159 e-isbn 9789004355040 e-price € 125 us 144 studies in medieval and reformation traditions 211 die wahrhaft königliche stadt das reich in den reichsstädten augsburg nürnberg und lübeck im späten mittelalter reforming finland the diocese of turku in the age of gustav vasa 1523-1560 jason lavery oklahoma state university catholic reform in the age of luther duke george of saxony and the church 1488-1525 christoph volkmar university of leipzig daniela kah university of augsburg an examination of the reformation in the diocese of turku during the reign of king gustav vasa r 1523-1560 in his portrait of duke george of saxony 1471–1539 christoph volkmar offers a fresh perspective on the early

book series july 2017 hardback xi 258 pp isbn 9789004344150 price € 119 us 138 e-isbn 9789004345348 e-price € 108 us 124 rulers elites 10 ser ies art and material culture in medieval and renaissance europe edited by sarah blick and laura d gelfand factional struggles divided elites in european cities courts 1400-1750 edited by mathieu caesar université de genève history presenting case studies from france italy the empire and the swiss confederation this volume explores the dynamics and languages of factional conflicts within urban elites dynastic courts rural areas and regional noble lineages during the early modern period this peer-reviewed book series will provide a forum for art-historical and interdisciplinary approaches to how art and objects were conceived produced and received across europe from 12001600 the series will have a particular focus on how cultural religious and political history affected and informed visual and material culture the series

book series june 2018 hardback approx 224 pp isbn 9789004349056 price € 88 us 102 e-isbn 9789004349599 e-price € 80 us 92 history of warfare 116 acre and its falls studies in the history of a crusader city edited by john france swansea university em july 2017 hardback xvi 634 pp isbn 9789004343177 price € 171 us 197 e-isbn 9789004345805 e-price € 155 us 179 history of warfare 115 see also our journals on history of warfare to win and lose a medieval battle nájera april 3 1367 a pyrrhic victory for the black prince l.j andrew villalon and donald j kagay acre and its falls analyses a wide range of aspects of the history of acre across the crusader period combining political military and cultural history with a notable emphasis on the memory of the city in europe history in to win and lose a medieval battle andrew villalon and donald kagay provide a full treatment of one of the major battles of the hundred years war the authors have investigated the

book series october 2017 hardback x 522 pp isbn 9789004291324 price € 136 us 157 e-isbn 9789004291331 e-price € 124 us 143 historical materialism book series 146 selected essays of nigel harris from national liberation to globalisation nigel harris city at university college london edited by ahmed shawki history nigel harris’s selected essays from national liberation to globalisation presents an encompassing overview of the work of one of the most prolific and insightful marxist economists of the second half of the twentieth century december 2017 hardback xiv 504 pp isbn 9789004296992 price € 135 us 156 e-isbn 9789004352834 e-price € 123 us 141 historical materialism book series 145 november 2017 hardback vi 870 pp isbn 9789004352209 price € 209 us 241 e-isbn 9789004352193 e-price € 190 us 219 historical materialism book series 144 the petrograd workers in the russian revolution responses to marx’s capital david mandel

related titles december 2017 hardback approx 600 pp isbn 9789004345744 price € 125 us 144 e-isbn 9789004345751 e-price € 114 us 132 verhandelingen van het koninklijk instituut voor taal land en volkenkunde 309 christianity colonization and gender relations in north sumatra a patrilineal society in flux december 2017 hardback xvi 354 pp isbn 9789004346192 price € 150 us 173 e-isbn 9789004347380 e-price € 136 us 156 handbook of oriental studies section 1 the near and middle east 119 creating the mediterranean history of the arabic maps and the islamic imagination written tradition tarek kahlaoui rutgers university sita van bemmelen this book describes changes in the patrilineal society of the toba batak sumatra indonesia due to christianity and dutch colonial rule 1861-1942 with a focus on customary law and gender relations geopolitics and history volume three 1815-1926 h.h.a hötte edited by gábor demeter and dávid turbucs this atlas offers a

journals journal of chinese military history vulcan grotiana founding editor bart hacker smithsonian institution washington d.c editor in chief steven a walton michigan technological university editors-in-chief hans blom erasmus university rotterdam and mark somos max planck institute for comparative public law and international law heidelberg the journal of chinese military history is a peer-reviewed semi-annual that publishes research articles and book reviews it aims to fill the need for a journal devoted specifically to china’s martial past and takes the broadest possible view of military history embracing both the study of battles and campaigns and the broader social-history oriented approaches that have become known as “the new military history.” it aims to publish a balanced mix of articles representing a variety of approaches to both modern and premodern chinese military history the journal also welcomes comparative and theoretical work as well as studies of

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