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book series more information on ser ies international studies on military ethics april 2017 hardback xii 308 pp isbn 9789004339583 price € 176 us 203 e-isbn 9789004339590 e-price € 160 us 184 international studies on military ethics 3 editor-in-chief dr ted van baarda international studies on military ethics is a peer reviewed series of monographs theses and edited volumes the series aims to promote the scholarly analysis and practical teaching of the complete spectrum of military ethics to include the ethical aspects of the ius ad bellum the ius in bello the ius post bellum and the ethical aspects of international peacekeeping it will moreover explore interactions with related fields of interest such as humanitarian assistance international humanitarian law emerging military technologies and human rights the series will examine the ethical implications of decisions taken at all levels from senior policy makers to individuals at the tactical level military

book series more information on ser ies international humanitarian law series editors-in-chief h.e judge sir christopher greenwood and professor timothy l.h mccormack the international humanitarian law series is a series of monographs and edited volumes which aims to promote scholarly analysis and discussion of both the theory and practice of the international legal regulation of armed conflict issn 1389-6776 march 2017 hardback xxiv 436 pp isbn 9789004328808 price € 149 us 172 e-isbn 9789004328815 e-price € 135 us 156 international humanitarian law series 50 holding unpol to account detention of nonindividual criminal accountability state actors engaged in of united nations police personnel hostilities the future law associate professor ai kihara-hunt university of tokyo celebrating volume 50 brill nijhoffc ata lo g 2 017 humanrights ai kihara-hunt’s holding unpol to account individual criminal accountability of united nations police

book series more information on ser ies international criminal law series april 2018 hardback isbn 9789004357495 e-isbn 9789004357501 international criminal law series 12 editor-in-chief william schabas founding editor m cherif bassiouni the international criminal law series contains books monographs and collections of essays on current issues of international criminal law its aim is to advance scholarly and practitioner understanding of the discipline of icl and its evolving interaction with other legal disciplines on a global basis issn 2213-2724 theories of co-perpetration prosecuting human rights in international criminal offences law rethinking the sword function of human rights law lachezar d yanev dr krešimir kamber ghent university brill nijhoffc ata lo g 2 017 humanrights this book provides a refined definition of co-perpetration responsibility that could be uniformly applied in both the ad hoc and the treaty-based icc rome statue model of

book series a commentary on the united nations convention on the rights of the child article 35 prevention of abduction sale and trafficking philip veerman richard sondeijker ryszard piotrowicz and frank noteboom december 2017 paperback isbn 9789004148857 e-isbn 9789004283367 a commentary on the united nations convention on the rights of the child 35 a commentary on the united nations convention on the rights of the child article 34 sexual exploitation and sexual abuse of children vitit muntarbhorn february 2007 paperback xii 44 pp isbn 9789004148840 price € 88 us 106 e-isbn 9789047419112 e-price € 84 us 108 a commentary on the united nations convention on the rights of the child 34 a commentary on the united nations convention on the rights of the child article 33 protection from narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances march 2012 paperback xiv 94 pp isbn 9789004147324 price € 85 us 102 e-isbn 9789004216938 e-price € 81 us 104 a commentary on the

titles of interest more information on may 2017 hardback approx 800 pp isbn 9789004314368 price € 264 us 304 e-isbn 9789004314375 e-price € 240 us 276 the international legal order current needs and possible responses essays in honour of djamchid momtaz edited by judge crawford international court of justice judge koroma,world bank administrative tribunal professor mahmoudi stockholm university and professor pellet professor emeritus at université paris nanterre this volume of essays addresses some of the most significant issues of contemporary international law it particularly focuses on questions relating to international humanitarian law the law of the sea and human rights human rights september 2017 hardback approx 325 pp isbn 9789004339552 price € 154 us 178 e-isbn 9789004339569 e-price € 140 us 161 the limits of transition the south african truth and reconciliation commission 20 years on august 2017 hardback xiv 820 pp isbn

related titles more information on july 2016 hardback xviii 524 pp isbn 9789004284166 price € 225 us 313 e-isbn 9789004284173 e-price € 225 us 313 december 2016 hardback xviii 390 pp isbn 9789004280298 price € 225 us 313 e-isbn 9789004280304 e-price € 203 us 282 brill nijhoffc ata lo g 2 017 humanrights british influences on the role of legal advisers international law 1915-2015 in international law 20 november 2016 hardback vi 1020 pp isbn 9789004202658 price € 250 us 348 e-isbn 9789004315525 e-price € 227 us 316 human rights and dynamic humanism edited by robert mccorquodale biicl university of nottingham and jean-pierre gauci biicl the people for change foundation edited by andraž zidar university of bologna and jean-pierre gauci biicl winston p nagan john a.c cartner and robert j munro this is a contemporary analysis of the influence of the united kingdom on the creation development and enforcement of international law

b rill nijhoffc ata lo g 2 017 humanrights journals 24 more information on european journal of health european journal of migration and law law global responsibility to protect editors j.c.j dute herman nys and henriette roscam abbing managing editors elspeth guild paul minderhoud and ryszard cholewinski edited by alex j bellamy griffith university sara e davies griffith university and luke glanville australian national university the european journal of health law focuses on the development of health law in europe national comparative and international the exchange of views between health lawyers in europe is encouraged the journal publishes information on the activities of european and other international organizations in the field of health law discussions about ethical questions with legal implications are welcome national legislation court decisions and other relevant national material with international implications are also dealt with each issue of the european

journals more information on security and human rights the international journal of children’s rights brill nijhoffc ata lo g 2 017 humanrights editor-in-chief arie bloed executive editor emma oosten 28 editor-in-chief michael freeman brill research perspectives in family law in a global society editor-in-chief sanford n katz boston college security and human rights is a quarterly journal devoted to issues inspired by the work and principles of the organization for security and cooperation in europe osce it looks at the challenge of building security through cooperation across the northern hemisphere from vancouver to vladivostok as well as how this experience can be applied to other parts of the world it aims to stimulate thinking on the question of protecting and promoting human rights in a world faced with serious threats to security the journal founded in 1990 under the title helsinki monitor is a legacy of the helsinki process that was designed during the cold

yearbooks more information on 3 volume set december 2016 hardback 3166 pp isbn 9789004326590 price € 875 us 1,140 inter-american yearbook on human rights anuario interamericano de derechos humanos 30 december 2016 hardback xxxviii 478 pp isbn 9789004326583 price € 325 us 375 international labour law reports 35 international labour law reports volume 35 edited by jane aeberhard-hodges geneva switzerland october 2017 hardback approx 390 pp isbn 9789004341944 price € 200 us 230 e-isbn 9789004341951 e-price € 182 us 210 israel yearbook on human rights 47 imprint brill nijhoff inter-american yearbook on human rights anuario interamericano de derechos humanos volume 30 2014 israel yearbook on human rights volume 47 2017 edited by yoram dinstein and jeff lahav edited by inter-american commission on human rights/la comisión interamericana de derechos humanos the 2013 inter-american yearbook on human rights provides an extract of the principal

online resources resources online more moreinformation informationon international law e-book collection coverage human rights – refugee law – immigration law – health law – children’s rights – minority and group rights – humanitarian law – international criminal law coverage public international law – law of the sea – international trade law – international labour law – environmental law – european law – international relations – international organizations – terrorism – legal history – islamic law pocket books of the hague academy of international law online is the electronic version of the hague academy pocket books all titles can be purchased individually free marc records no drm one-time purchase ownership model unlimited site licenses brill mybook more information on ip validation plus shibboleth and athens