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book series more information on ser ies international humanitarian law series editors-in-chief h.e judge sir christopher greenwood and professor timothy l.h mccormack the international humanitarian law series is a series of monographs and edited volumes which aims to promote scholarly analysis and discussion of both the theory and practice of the international legal regulation of armed conflict issn 1389-6776 march 2017 hardback xxiv 436 pp isbn 9789004328808 price € 149 us 172 e-isbn 9789004328815 e-price € 135 us 156 international humanitarian law series 50 holding unpol to account detention of nonindividual criminal accountability state actors engaged in of united nations police personnel hostilities the future law associate professor ai kihara-hunt university of tokyo celebrating volume 50 brill nijhoffc ata lo g 2 017 humanrights ai kihara-hunt’s holding unpol to account individual criminal accountability of united nations police personnel analyzes whether mechanisms that address criminal accountability of united nations police personnel serving in peace operations are effective and if there is a problem how it can be mitigated 6 august 2016 hardback xlvi 866 pp isbn 9789004292048 price € 325 us 390 e-isbn 9789004292055 e-price € 325 us 390 international humanitarian law series 48 australia’s war crimes trials 1945-51 by dr georgina fitzpatrick prof tim mccormack melbourne law school and dr narrelle morris melbourne law school this unique volume provides a detailed analysis of australia’s 300 war crimes trials of principally japanese accused conducted in the immediate aftermath of the second world war august 2016 hardback xiv 438 pp isbn 9789004310636 price € 165 us 198 e-isbn 9789004310643 e-price € 165 us 198 international humanitarian law series 49 edited by gregory rose university of wollongong australia and bruce oswald melbourne school of law in detention of non-state actors engaged in hostilities the future law rose and oswald explore the armed forces’ international legal obligations for management of detainees who are insurgents saboteurs or terrorists in asymmetrical armed conflicts february 2016 hardback xiv 274 pp isbn 9789004308831 price € 145 us 188 e-isbn 9789004308848 e-price € 145 us 188 international humanitarian law series 47 status and treatment of deserters in international armed conflicts june 2015 hardback xviii 306 pp isbn 9789004288560 price € 140 us 192 e-isbn 9789004288577 e-price € 138 us 196 international humanitarian law series 46 starvation as a weapon domestic policies of deliberate starvation as a means to an end under international law heike niebergall-lackner simone hutter the study examines the treatment and protection provided to deserters under human rights law international humanitarian law and refugee law in international armed conflicts these questions are discussed in view of the legal duties of soldiers and their criminal responsibility under international law in starvation as a weapon simone hutter explores the legality of state policies using deliberate starvation as a means to an end against the own population under international human rights law and humanitarian law.