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highlighted titles more information on n e w se ries american classics in international law international l aw general editor w michael reisman yale law school from the earliest days of the republic american international legal scholars have produced a rich and comparably varied corpus of scholarship much of it has provoked significant innovations in international politics and all of it provides insights into american conceptions of international law and for better or worse the distinctive role many of the scholars believed the united states plays – or should play – in the international legal system the american classics in international law series is intended to explore that literature the series will present a number of thematic volumes of classic american articles on international law which are reproduced and discussed by eminent scholars in their respective fields • february 2017 • hardback xiv 534 pp • isbn 9789004338456 price €

international law – general • november 2016 • hardback xiv 366 pp • isbn 9789004316058 price € 132 us 158 • e-isbn 9789004328709 e-price € 132 us 158 • queen mary studies in international law 27 sovereignty in the exercise of the right to selfdetermination international l aw jane a hofbauer university of vienna in sovereignty in the exercise of the right to self-determination jane hofbauer explores to what extent indigenous peoples can be designated as sovereign entities through the exercise of different tiers of selfdetermination more information on • july 2016 • hardback 342 pp • isbn 9789004317406 price € 139 us 167 • e-isbn 9789004323667 e-price € 139 us 167 • queen mary studies in international law 24 • august 2016 • hardback xvi 316 pp • isbn 9789004283107 price € 149 us 179 • e-isbn 9789004325197 e-price € 149 us 179 • queen

international law – general international l aw • june 2017 • hardback approx 310 pp • isbn 9789004339583 price € 176 us 203 • e-isbn 9789004339590 e-price € 160 us 184 • international studies on military ethics 3 more information on • december 2016 • hardback xx 564 pp • isbn 9789004269491 price € 215 us 258 • e-isbn 9789004269507 e-price € 194 us 233 • leiden studies on the frontiers of international law 3 • january 2017 • hardback xxiv 472 pp • isbn 9789004304697 price € 170 us 204 • e-isbn 9789004304703 e-price € 153 us 184 • nottingham studies on human rights 6 military ethics and leadership international law and the protection of humanity the united nations special procedures system edited by peter olsthoorn netherlands defence academy essays in honor of flavia lattanzi edited by aoife nolan university of nottingham rosa freedman

international commercial trade investment law • july 2017 • hardback • isbn 9789004341470 price € 123 us 142 • e-isbn 9789004341487 e-price open access • nijhoff international investment law series 8 the independence and impartiality of icsid arbitrators current case law alternative approaches and improvement suggestions international l aw maria nicole cleis university of basel in the independence and impartiality of icsid arbitrators maria nicole cleis examines the standard of independence required under the icsid convention as evidenced in existing disqualification decisions and makes novel suggestions for reforms to ensure unbiased decisionmaking more information on • may 2017 • hardback • isbn 9789004337909 price € 204 us 235 • e-isbn 9789004337916 e-price € 185 us 213 • nijhoff international investment law series 7 towards consistency in international investment jurisprudence •

related titles more information on • july 2016 • hardback xxxvi 364 pp • isbn 9789004312012 price € 155 us 186 • e-isbn 9789004312029 e-price € 155 us 186 • studies in intercultural human rights 7 cultural rights as collective rights • january 2017 • paperback xii 90 pp in english german french and italian • isbn 9789004335554 price € 65 us 78 • annotated legal documents on islam in europe 12 • imprint brill annotated legal documents on islam in europe finland annotated legal documents on islam in europe switzerland edited by andrzej jakubowski polish academy of sciences compiled and annotated by sanna mustasaari university of helsinki compiled and annotated by raimond süess university of fribourg and rené pahud de mortanges university of fribourg cultural rights as collective rights offers a comprehensive analysis of the conceptualisation and operationalisation of collective cultural

brill research perspectives journals more information on new international l aw brill research perspectives brill research perspectives brill research perspectives in international water law in the law of the sea in law and religion b ri ll catalog 2017 24 editor-in-chief salman m.a salman iwra editors-in-chief donald r rothwell australian national university and davor vidas fridtjof nansen institute editor-in-chief norman doe centre for law and religion school of law and politics cardiff university international water law is a hybrid journal and reference publication for research output on shared freshwater resources population growth economic activities environmental degradation and climate change have exacerbated competition and ignited disputes over water resources both surface water and groundwater shared by two or more states the entry into force of the united nations watercourses convention has refocused the attention of the world community on shared water resources

yearbooks more information on new • december 2016 • hardback approx 1600 pp • isbn 9789004297562 price € 450 us 540 • e-isbn 9789004297579 e-price € 405 us 486 • yearbook of the european convention for the prevention of torture and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment 19 yearbook of the european convention for the prevention of torture and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment/annuaire de la convention européenne pour la prévention de la torture et des peines ou traitements inhumain ou dégradants cover available soon • august 2017 • hardback approx 375 pp • isbn 9789004339019 price € 250 us 288 • e-isbn 9789004339033 e-price € 227 us 262 • the asian yearbook of human rights and humanitarian law 1 the asian yearbook of human rights and humanitarian law volume 1 edited by javaid rehman international l aw volume 19 2010 council of europe/conseil de l’europe

journals african journal of legal studies international l aw founding editor charles chernor jalloh managing editor simon meisenberg b ri ll catalog 2017 32 the african journal of legal studies ajls is a peer-reviewed and interdisciplinary academic journal focusing on human rights and rule of law issues in africa as analyzed by lawyers economists political scientists and others drawn from throughout the continent and the world the journal which was established by the africa law institute and is now co-published in collaboration with brill nijhoff publishers aims to serve as the leading forum for the thoughtful and scholarly engagement of a broad range of complex issues at the intersection of law public policy and social change in africa ajls places emphasis on presenting a diversity of perspectives on fundamental long-term systemic problems of human rights and governance as well as emerging issues and possible solutions to them in addition to articles the journal welcomes reports on

journals journal of law religion and state editor-in-chief zvi zohar more information on the journal of world investment trade law • economics • politics international l aw editor-in-chief stephan w schill university of amsterdam b ri ll catalog 2017 36 the journal of law religion and state provides an international forum for the study of the interactions between law and religion and between religion and state it seeks to explore these interactions from legal and constitutional as well as from internal religious perspectives the jlrs is a peer-reviewed journal that is committed to a broad and open discussion on a crosscultural basis submission of articles in the following areas religion and state legal and political aspects of all religious traditions comparative research of different religious legal systems and their interrelations are welcomed as are contributions from multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives the journal of world investment trade

online resources foreign law guide handbook of wto/gatt dispute settlement online international law world order general editor marci hoffman university of california berkeley law library stewart and stewart washington d.c weston’s carlson’s basic documents acclaimed by librarians academics and researchers alike the foreign law guide flg is an essential database offering relevant information on sources of foreign law including complete bibliographic citations to legislation the existence of english translations and selected references to secondary sources in one virtual destination broad in content and global in scope the flg is an indispensable resource for comparative law research and a fundamental tool for developing a foreign and comparative law collection approximately 190 jurisdictions are systemically covered and updated by a global team of experts flg now offers coverage of the united states created by experts and updated regularly with international trade law

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