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online resources more information on dead sea scrolls electronic library dead sea scrolls electronic library editors donald w parry and andrew c skinner in consultation with emanuel tov and eugene ulrich technical advisor ariel tov editor emanuel tov technical advisor ariel tov biblical texts non-biblical texts the dead sea scrolls represents perhaps the most significant historical manuscript discovery in recent history brill’s dead sea scrolls electronic library biblical texts and dead sea scrolls electronic library non-biblical texts offer a unique opportunity to study state of the art photographs of these ancient scripts and understand their meaning using the translations of text and interpretations for missing fragments brill catalog 2017 j ew ish st udies the dead sea scrolls electronic library biblical texts provides users with a comprehensive tool for the study of the biblical texts from the judean desert the “dead sea scrolls” for

online resources more information on world religion database the context of scripture online the prize-winning encyclopaedia of judaism is now available online more than 200 entries comprising more than 1,000,000 words this unique reference tool offers an authoritative comprehensive and systematic presentation of the current state of scholarship on fundamental issues of judaism both past and present the world religion database wrd contains detailed statistics on religious affiliation for every country in the world it is the major source to render a definitive picture of international religious demography the wrd provides both current and historical data as well as sophisticated forecasts of future developments the context of scripture illuminatingly presents the multi-faceted world of ancient writing that forms the colorful background to the literature of the hebrew bible the online version makes the content of this unique and valuable reference work even more accessible

history and culture more information on september 2017 hardback xl 697 pp isbn 9789004309425 price € 259 us 356 encyclopedia of jewish history and culture 1 encyclopedia of jewish history and culture volume 1 a-cl editor-in-chief dan diner on behalf of the saxonian academy of sciences and humanities in leipzig editorial staff markus kirchhoff head philipp graf stefan hofmann ulrike kramme regina randhofer frauke von rohden philipp von wussow consulting editors of the english edition cornelia aust philipp lenhard daniel mahla from europe and america to the middle east north africa and other non-european jewish settlement areas the encyclopedia of jewish history and culture covers the recent history of the jewish people from 1750 through the 1950s originally published in german as the enzyklopädie jüdischer geschichte und kultur by j.b metzler verlag stuttgart/weimar in 2011 the work includes approximately 800 entries that present the state of international

history and culture june 2017 hardback 288 pp isbn 9789004343191 price € 104 us 121 e-isbn 9789004345430 e-price € 95 us 110 commentaria 8 the way of lovers the oxford anonymous commentary on the song of songs bodleian library ms opp 625 an edition of the hebrew text with english translation and introduction more information on march 2017 hardback xii 203 pp isbn 9789004342293 price € 72 us 83 e-isbn 9789004342309 e-price € 65 us 75 jewish latin america 9 the new ethnic studies in latin america edited by raanan rein tel aviv university stefan rinke freie universität berlin and nadia zysman freie universität berlin april 2017 hardback xii 456 pp isbn 9789004341074 price € 135 us 156 e-isbn 9789004341883 e-price € 125 us 140 numen book series 157 the scientification of the “jewish question” in nazi germany horst junginger university of leipzig sara japhet and barry dov walfish brill catalog 2017 j ew ish st udies

language and linguistics more information on series studia semitica neerlandica editor-in-chief k.a.d smelik ghent university studia semitica neerlandica comprises of studies on the linguistics and literature of one of the semitic languages or the semitic languages as a whole studies on texts written in one of the semitic languages or texts that deal with the history and culture of groups speaking a semitic language also fall within the scope of this series issn 0081-6914          january 2018 hardback vii 336 pp index isbn 9789004343306 price € 110 us 127 e-isbn 9789004358409 e-price € 100 us 115 studia semitica neerlandica 69 hebrew texts in jewish christian and muslim surroundings edited by klaas spronk protestant theological university amsterdam en eveline staalduine-sulman vrije universiteit amsterdam

biblical studies and ancient near east more information on set october 2016 hardback 762 pp isbn 9789004337107 price € 229 us 297 textual history of the bible 1b textual history of the bible vol 1b april 2017 hardback 3 volumes isbn 9789004348974 price € 582 us 755 textual history of the bible 1 set textual history of the bible vol 1 1a 1b 1c edited by armin lange and emanuel tov edited by armin lange and emanuel tov volume 1 1a 1b and 1c the hebrew bible editors armin lange and emanuel tov volume 1b provides detailed entries on the on the different primary translations greek aramaic syriac latin and uniquely the secondary translations as well latin coptic ethiopic syriac armenian georgian christian palestinian aramaic old slavonic and arabic most of which were sourced from the greek the textual history of the bible thb is unique in providing for the first time all available information regarding the textual history textual character translation techniques

biblical studies and ancient near east july 2017 hardback xvi 297 pp isbn 9789004347885 price € 105 us 121 e-isbn 9789004347892 e-price € 95 us 110 magical and religious literature of late antiquity 6 jewish love magic from late antiquity to the middle ages ortal-paz saar utrecht university more information on march 2017 hardback xii 440 pp isbn 9789004337985 price € 176 us 203 e-isbn 9789004341319 e-price € 160 us 184 oudtestamentische studiën old testament studies 71 the command to exterminate the canaanites deuteronomy 7 arie versluis theological university apeldoorn the netherlands in jewish love magic from late antiquity to the middle ages ortal-paz saar explores the supernatural methods employed by jews in order to generate love grace or hate comparing them to contemporaneous graeco-roman and christian love magic subscribe to brill’s jewish studies newsletter in the command to exterminate the canaanites deuteronomy 7 arie

journals dead sea discoveries a journal of current research on the scrolls and related literature executive editor charlotte hempel university of birmingham book reviews editor molly zahn university of kansas thematic issues editor jutta jokiranta university of helsinki dead sea discoveries is an international journal dedicated to the study of the dead sea scrolls and associated literature the journal is primarily devoted to the discussion of the significance of the finds in the judean desert for biblical studies and the study of early jewish and christian history dead sea discoveries has established itself as an invaluable resource for the subject both in the private collections of professors and scholars as well as in the major research libraries of the world more information on european journal of jewish studies the journal of the european association for jewish studies formerly eajs newsletter intellectual history of the islamicate world edited by giuseppe veltri

journals medieval encounters more information on review of rabbinic judaism jewish christian and muslim culture in confluence and dialogue ancient medieval and modern formerly the annual of rabbinic executive editor ryan szpiech judaism university of michigan edited by alan j avery-peck brill catalog 2017 j ew ish st udies a quarterly published by the international organization for the study of the old testament editor in chief j joosten university of oxford book review editor s weeks durham uk the review of rabbinic judaism the first and only journal to focus upon rabbinic judaism in particular will publish principal articles essays on method and criticism systematic debates auseinandersetzungen occasional notes long book reviews reviews of issues of scholarly journals assessments of textbooks and instructional materials and other media of academic discourse scholarly and educational alike the review fills the gap in the study of judaism which is left by the prevailing

authors index 9 10 13 13 9 17 12 16 8 14 7 16 15 15 9 brill catalog 2017 j ew ish st udies 12 8 15 15 16 13 10 12 10 24 11 8 akhiezer g historical consciousness haskalah and nationalism among the karaites of eastern europe karaite texts and studies volume 10 almagor e and maurice l eds the reception of ancient virtues and vices in modern popular culture beauty bravery blood and glory bareli a and cohen u the academic middle-class rebellion socio-political conflict over wage-gaps in israel 1954-1956 berger n the jewish museum history and memory identity and art from vienna to the bezalel national museum jerusalem bos g mensching g and zwink j medical glossaries in the hebrew tradition shem tov ben isaac sefer almansur with a supplement on the romance and latin terminology brooke g.j and smithuis r eds jewish education from antiquity to the middle ages studies in honour of philip s alexander burton m the semantics of glory a cognitive corpus-based approach to hebrew word meaning

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