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ventilation solutions exhaust balanced hepa balanced january

today s tightly constructed homes seal in more than you think attic insulation fibers construction dust bedroom dust and dander on sheets and carpets odors fumes from dry cleaning and other solvents bathroom odors window condensation mold and mildew aerosol fumes living room dust and dander on furniture and carpets carpet cleaning fumes and particles fireplace smoke and ash kitchen cooking pollutants carbonmonoxide from gas cooktops waste bin odors cleaning chemical fumes what gets in stays in insulation advancements whole-house wraps and airtight doors and windows are proven construction solutions to help manage your heating and cooling budget however they also affect the quality of your indoor air while tightly sealed doors and windows keep the heat and cold from entering the home they also trap stale air inside fresh air ventilation is critical for odor moisture and carbon dioxide removal odors and gases cannot be removed by filtration systems alone and can make indoor air 100

the key to improving indoor air quality bacteria viruses eliminating or minimizing sources of indoor air pollution fungi awareness and information are the keys to better understanding mites indoor air quality eliminating smoking indoors and regularly allergic rhinitis and asthma cleaning and maintainingrespiratory your hepa equipment are good first infections steps to removing contaminants in your home optimum zone chemical interactions control indoor humidity while humidity is not a pollutant it can create a range of problems from health concerns to structural problems maintain indoor relative humidity between 40 to 60 percent to minimize mold mildew and other possible hazards percent of relative humidity 0 10 20 bacteria viruses 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 intermittent and whole-house ventilation proper ventilation ozone production has two main components intermittent ventilation removes pollutants at the source through manually operated bathroom fans and kitchen range hoods rapidly

exhaust stale air from any room · roansmartsense enables b independent ventilation fans in your home to work as a coordinated system it s an economical solution for fresher air · roansmartsense automatically b coordinates the operation of ventilation fans running them intermittently throughout the day when necessary · hemasterbroansmartsense t control monitors total run-time manual and automatic to deliver optimal ventilation from as many as ten fans · roanultrasilent operation b means the smartsense system can be installed in a family room home office or even a bedroom ® ® ® tm 1 exhaust ventilation tm here s why broan smartsense makes sense ® broan ultra silent ventilation fans are barely audible so they can be used in any room up to ten fans can be connected to the master control install in any room broan ultra silent fan tm exhaust vent broan smartsense control ® exhaust vent the broan smartsense intelligent ventilation system ® broan ultra silent ventilation fans that

broan ultra silent fans tm · ngineeredforcontinuous e energy-efficient operation ·ultra-silentoperation:0.3and0.7sones · ix-inchductingguaranteessoundandcfm s performance ratings broan ultra silent fan tm use this chart to determine the recommended continuous ventilation rateincfmcubicfeetperminuteforhomesofvarioussizes number of bedrooms 0­1 2­3 4­5 home square footage master broan smartsense control broan ultra silent fan tm 1500 30 1501 to 3000 45 60 ® broan smartsense control exhaust vent 45 60 75 ® 3001 to 4500 4501 to 6000 60 75 90 75 90 105 chart numbers in cubic feet per minute for more details see ashrae code 62.1-2004 and 62.2-2004 up to ten fans can be installed on one broan smartsense ventilation system ® combine two-fan and three-fan kits as needed smsk102 two-fan kit smsk103 three-fan kit 80 cfm fan l w h 11-3/8 10-1/2 7-3/4 1 2 110 cfm fan l w h 11-3/8 10-1/2 7-3/4 1 1 smartsense controls 2 3 ® phase coupler 1 1 broan smartsense is the smart choice to

bring the fresh air in · nowthesquarefootageof k your home and then select the appropriate model to meet fresh air volume needs · eatrecoverysystemscapture h the heating or cooling energy you have already purchased and transfer it from the stale outgoing air to the incoming fresh air · nergyrecoverysystemsprovide e the additional benefit of humidity management in humid climates excess moisture from incoming fresh air is transferred to the outgoing stale air in cold climates desirable humidity from the outgoing stale air is transferred to the dry incoming fresh air you ll keep humidity levels at the optimal 40 to 60 · fdust,allergensordandercause i discomfort choose a balanced ventilation model to introduce fresh air and provide hepa filtration with antimicrobial protection our hepa models are available with heat or energy recovery systems 2 balanced ventilation how to choose your balanced ventilation system for homes up to 2,500 sq ft model ae60 our basic fresh air system draws

3 hepa balanced ventilation the electronic wall control for thegseh3k andgshh3k provides superior functionality in manual and programmable modes the stylish backlit lcd displays mode outdoor temperature pre-filter,hepaandcorefiltermaintenance requirements and provides four operating modes using simple buttons and icons for homes up to 7,500 sq ft heat recovery models use outgoing stale air to temper incoming fresh air to minimize energy expenditures the closed system transfers the heat without contaminating the fresh air it is best suited for cooler climates hrv100h for homes up to 4,500 sq ft hrv200h for homes up to 7,500 sq ft for homes up to 6,000 sq ft hepa high efficiency particulate air with antimicrobial protection is the most effective filtration available capturing 99.97 of airborne particles these systems provide year-round air filtration plus energy saving features matched to any climate hepa fresh air energy recovery model gseh3k provides heat recovery and the

broan the leader in residential ventilation speakers ironing centers chimes heaters ventilation fans trash compactors ceiling fans bath cabinets range hoods intercoms decorative backsplashes central vacuums broan is america s leading brand of residential ventilation products including range hoods decorative backsplashes ventilation fans heater/fan/light combination units indoor air quality iaq fresh air systems built-in heaters whole-house fans attic ventilators and trash compactors ® nutone is america s leading brand of residential built-in convenience products including door chimes central vacuum systems stereo intercom systems ceiling fans home theater speakers bath cabinets ironing centers and ventilation fans ® broan-nutone,llc,926w.statestreet,hartford,wi53027· 800-558-1711 in canada call 888-882-7626