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broan ventilation fans ­ selection guide broan makes the perfect ventilation fan for every home decor and budget

broan ventilation fans ­ questions facts why do the windows and mirrors fog even when the fan is running if windows and mirrors are very cold condensation can still form on these surfaces and if your bathroom is sealed tightly replacement air may not be entering the room fast enough to displace the moist air be sure to undercut your door sufficiently to draw fresh air into the room fan placement can also be a factor your fan should be located far from the replacement air source to ensure the moist air is drawn out first finally too many twists and turns in the ducting will significantly reduce the ability of the blower to remove moist air make sure your ductwork is as short and straight as it can be with gradual turns rather than tight corners where necessary why is water dripping from the grille of the fan dripping water is either condensation usually due to cold ductwork or improper duct installation or a problem with the seal on a wall or roof vent insulated ductwork can help

broan ventilation fans ­ ultra silent broan ultra silent series bath fans a bath fan needn t call attention to itself especially when you don t want it to overpower the design of your bath or powder room more important it shouldn t call attention to itself when it s working so we developed the ultra silent series to provide our quietest bath fans yet with an energy efficient option it simply does its job quietly in every sense of the word tm tm tm qtxe qtre and qtr fan features · nearly silent operation <0.3 to 1.5 sones · qtxe qtre and housing project packs include hanger bar · 50 cfm to 150 cfm system for fast flexible installation for all types of construction · qtxe features 6 ducting for superior performance · motor engineered for continuous operation · ul listed for use over bathtubs or showers when connected · qtre and qtr models feature 4 ducting to a gfci protected branch circuit · qtre and qtxe models are energy star qualified · fits 2 x 8 ceiling construction

broan fans ­ utility through-wall fans · housing adjusts to fit walls from 4-1/2 ­ 9-1/2 thick · specially designed polymeric fan blade · built-in damper minimizes backdrafts for energy efficiency · paintable polymeric grilles · accessorize with wall switch or variable speed wall control vertical discharge · installs easily between ceiling joists · built-in backdraft damper · galvanized steel housing · strong steel mounting brackets with keyhole slots for fast installation model 512m · 6 through-wall · louvered exterior wall cap with built-in bird screen · 6 diameter flexible aluminum duct included model 504 shown · 10 vertical discharge · fits 10 round duct ­ use model 472 transition/damper available separately for 8 round duct performance will be reduced model 505 · 8 vertical discharge · 8-1/4 diameter housing model 508 · 10 through-wall model 509 and 509s · 8 through-wall · model 509s features an integral on/off rotary switch ­ no wall switch to

broan ventilation fans ­ high capacity 200/250/300 cfm high capacity fan features · 8 round duct connector · ceiling mount models available in 240v add ex to model · single impact-resistant centrifugal blower wheel number and 277v add c to model number model l300kmg has a metal wheel · models l200l l250l and l300l are ul listed for use over · 20 gauge galvanized steel housing bathtubs or showers when connected to a gfci branch circuit · duct horizontally or vertically · use broan electronic variable speed control to adjust blower · in-line ducting available with separate adapter speed and sound level available separately polymeric grille metal grille in-line ventilators model l200 shown · 120v 1.8 amps model l250 · 120v 2.1 amps model l300 · 120v 2.6 amps model l200mg shown · 120v 1.8 amps model l250mg · 120v 2.1 amps model l300mg · 120v 2.6 amps model l300kmg · suitable for kitchen installations · 120v 2.6 amps · metal wheel · order aluminum filter laf1 sones 1.7

broan ventilation fan/lights ­ ultra silent series tm ultra silent humidity sensing fan/lights with sensaire technology broan sensaire technology detects rapid increases in moisture levels at the ceiling where steam and humidity naturally rise and automatically turns the fan on with a fan this quiet automatic shutoff saves worry and money sensaire technology is a perfect solution for high traffic bathrooms the kids bathroom or for anyone who leaves the house before humidity is properly vented tm ® ® ® qtx110sl qtxe110sflt models if you listen very closely you ll discover it s also a ventilation fan hands-free solutions to fighting excess humidity and mold broan s ultra silent humidity sensing fan/light turns the fan on and off automatically to help prevent cosmetic and possible mold problems associated with excess moisture tm · detects a rapid rise in humidity · humidity is sensed at the ceiling level · sensitivity level is adjustable · easy-to-set shut-off timer 5­60

broan ventilation fan/lights ­ decorative broan took recessed lighting a step further by incorporating powerful ventilation in the same design these fan/lights disappear into the ceiling with other recessed lights so they are practical decorating solutions for any room in the house in the bath they control humidity and in a utility room kitchen or high-traffic family room they keep the air fresh and comfortable recessed fan/light · high efficiency centrifugal fan delivers 70 cfm at 1.5 sones · trim matched to designs of major recessed light manufacturers · put multiple units in larger rooms · model 744 uses a 75 watt bulb either r30 or br30 for standard applications · model 744fl uses a 14 watt r30 shaped fluorescent bulb · ul listed for use over bathtubs or showers when connected to a gfci protected branch circuit model 744 also requires a par30l or par30ln type bulb · 6-7/8 high housing appropriate for new construction and 2 x 8 ceiling joists · 4 round duct connector

broan heater/fan/lights heaters heater fans · designer white polymeric grilles complement virtually any décor · two or three-function wall controls are available separately · 1300-watt heaters · fan light and heater function independently or together · type ic · fits 2 x 6 ceiling construction model 655 659 hfl695 656 bulb heater fans silent warmth and superior ventilation trust broan bulb heater/fans and bulb heaters for energy-saving warmth and instant comfort without ever having to touch your central thermostat these units deliver superior performance and excellent ventilation in a compact package bulb heater/fan features · quiet highly efficient polymeric blower wheels · polymeric dampers prevent backdrafts and eliminate mechanical noise · polymeric 4 round duct connectors with tapered sleeves simplify ducting · operate fan and heater independently or together · attractive white polymeric grilles · compact steel housings with adjustable mounting brackets with

broan ventilation fans ­ wall control decorator wall controls model 69w 69v · single-function controls · 120v 15 amps model 68w 68v · two-function controls · two independent 120v 15 amp rocker switches 20 amps total · fits single-gang box · blister packs available p68w p68v model 65w 65v 66w 66v 67w 67v · three-function controls · three independent 120v 15 amp rocker switches 20 amps total · fits single-gang opening · blister packs available p65w p65v p66w p66v p67w p67v · controls available in white w or ivory v · wall plates available in polished brass finish 65w 65v white 66w or ivory 66v polished chrome finish 67w 67v model 77dw 77dv · four-function controls · single switch provides three settings for fan sensor on-auto-off on sensing models · remaining switches for light/nightlight · works with qtx110hl heater/fan light/nightlight · controls available in white w or ivory v · fits single-gang opening · blister packs available p77dw model 64v 64w · fan/light

broan ventilation fans ­ ducting accessories ducting kits model rvk1a flexible roof ducting kit · includes model 636 roof cap · 4 diameter metal duct connector · 2 duct clamps · 4 to 3 reducer · 8 of 4 flexible aluminum ducting model wvk2a flexible wall ducting kit · includes white polymeric louvered wall cap · 4 diameter metal duct connector · 2 duct clamps · 4 to 3 reducer · 5 of 4 flexible aluminum ducting filters model 99010042 aluminum filter · fits utility ventilator models 503 503mg 505 505mg 509 509mg 509s and 509smg model 99010271 aluminum filter · fits utility ventilator models 12c 12cmg 502 502mg 504 504mg 508 508mg 510 510mg 511 and 511mg metal grille kit model 97011308 · steel baked white enamel finish · fits fan models 670 671 676 684 688 and 689 · grille size is 10-1/4 square elbows model 415 adjustable elbow · fits 7 round duct model 418 adjustable elbow · fits 10 round duct model 419 adjustable elbow · fits 6 round duct model 428

broan the leader in residential ventilation speakers ironing centers chimes heaters fresh air systems trash compactors ceiling fans medicine cabinets range hoods intercoms decorative backsplashes central vacuums broan is america s leading brand of residential ventilation products including range hoods decorative backsplashes ventilation fans heater/fan/light combination units indoor air quality iaq fresh air systems built-in heaters whole-house fans attic ventilators and trash compactors ® nutone is america s leading brand of residential built-in convenience products including door chimes central vacuum systems stereo intercom systems ceiling fans home theater speakers bath cabinets ironing centers and ventilation fans ® broan and nutone are proud to be energy star partners ® broan-nutone llc 926 w state street hartford wi 53027 · 800-558-1711 in canada call 888-882-7626 ©2008 broan-nutone llc · printed in usa · 04/08 9985