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matching cotton rich c ot to n ric ea h men’s women’s s y to -ir on styles 55 cotton 45 polyester easy iron short sleeve women’s paduli semi fitted short sleeve men’s rosello classic fit short sleeve • chest pocket rosello • short sleeve with adjustable cuff paduli extended size range now available e blue paduli blouse semi fitted short sleeve codes colours 2216a white 2216e blue sizes 4 30 regular codes colours 2216b pink 2216d black sizes 6 24 regular rosello shirt classic fit short sleeve codes colours 7541a white 7541b pink 7541d black 7541e blue sizes b pink paduli adjustable cuff detail a white 14.5” 20” d black paduli blouse rosello shirt match men’s alba rapino shirts women’s palena blouse see pages 30 31 32 and 33 for more information brook taverner corporate tailoring sb35