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delco moraine power brake booster cutlass body parts body mount bushings 1969 olds cutlass supreme window price sticker 67 442 air cleaner front license plate bracket cutlass 1968 cutlass door 4 door hurst dual gate shifter parts 69 oldsmobile 442 front fender oldsmobile harmonic balancer repair sleeve oldsmobile front license plate bracket oldsmobile 12 bolt rear ends 1965 442 rear quarter panels oldsmobile 12 bolt rear end cover 1966 442 rear quarter panels oldsmobile radiator core support bushings gm coil springs part number gm coil springs part numbers 12 bolt rear end 442 hurst olds hood scoop hurst dual gate shifter hurst dual gate 2 shifter red inner fender liners delco moraine power brake hurst dual gate shifter cable 1965 tail light lenses dual snorkel air cleaner hose sl7072 side marker light set 1977 door sill plate rear main seal neoprene turn signal switch assembly boyne ring and pinion gear identification ring and pinion gear identification numbers old ring and pinion gears timken old ring and pinion gears old timken ring and pinion gears delco turn signal switch assembly 12 bolt rear end for 1965 chevy oldsmobile cutlass supreme script emblem oldsmobile cutlass supreme trunk cutlass 442 fender 1966 cutlass 442 oldsmobile cutlass supreme trunk lid 77 cutlass 442 69 cutlass 442 67 cutlass 442 75 cutlass 442 1973 oldsmobile cutlass supreme 1968 cutlass 442 wiring diagram 1970 olds cutlass 442 1971 cutlass 442 hood 1972 oldsmobile cutlass seat belts 1968 cutlass supreme parts 1967 oldsmobile cutlass supreme front fender wells convertible top motor oldsmobile cutlass power steering for 70 oldsmobile cutlass

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seat foam sets and spring assemblies original style seat foam buns these 1964-72 bench seat foam seat buns are duplicates of your originals not cheap one size fits all models that you have to glue together and trim to get your seatcovers on these seat buns will give you a better finished look and feel than any other seat bun available at any price bench seat $189 set one set does 1 bench seat each set includes two molded back rest cushions and one molded bottom cushion complete with attaching cloth bench seat foam seat bun set without armrest 1964-67 part fsb6467b 1968-72 bench seat foam seat bun set without armrest with armrest fsb6872b fsb6872bar bucket seat $69 set one set does one bucket seat bottom and one back complete with attaching cloth 1964-65 foam seat bun set 1966-67 foam seat bun set 1968-70 foam seat bun set 1971-72 foam seat bun set part fsb6465 fsb667 fsb6870 fsb7172 original style bucket seat spring assemblies do you feel like you re going to go through the floor

emblems all of the emblems listed are excellent reproductions that have been inspected and licensed by general motors and are the finest available anywhere our reproduction high pressure die cast emblems have the correctly painted or textured finishes as well as the g.m part numbers on them and cannot be told from original fasteners are included with almost every emblem listed 1964 442 side and trunk lid emblem part ff64 price 25.00 1965 442 side and trunk lid emblem 442 front grille emblem 442 dash emblem all models-hood rocket emblem cutlass front fender scripts vista cruiser front fender scripts vista cruiser tail gate rocket emblem 442 front 442 grille emblem 442 fender rocket ornaments pair 442 grille bar rocket emblem 442 rear quarter panel emblem 442 trunk lid emblem 442 dash emblem cutlass front fender scripts trunk lid rocket emblem cutlass trunk script vista cruiser front fender scripts vista cruiser tail gate rocket emblem ff64 fg65 de65 he65r ff65s ff659v tgr657v 25.00

trunk lids filler panels and rear spoilers cutlass and 442 trunk lids these trunk lids are made as original in the original gm tools and fit perfectly we have trunk lids for all 1970-72 2 and 4 door models 1970-1972 trunk lid all 2 doors except supreme and conv all convertibles and 4 door cars all supreme hardtops part price tlh7072 329.00 tlc7072 329.00 tls7072 329.00 rear deck filler panels these die stamped deck filler panels fit between the back window and the deck lid 1964-65 all 2 doors 1966-67 all 2 doors 1970-1972 supreme hardtops dfp6465 155.00 dfp6667 127.00 dfp7072 127.00 1969-72 w-35 rear spoilers these super show brandtm oldsmobile w-35 rear spoilers are by far the very best available they feature the detachable pedestals original mounting locations and by far the best out of the box finish guaranteed to pass judging at any club event yes-you can buy a cheaper reproduction-but the money you save on your spoiler purchase will more than be offset by the high cost of the

convertible tops accessories top boots convertible tops and accessories our convertible tops are made by the original equipment manufacturer for g.m these are the exact same top as came on your car from the factory we offer the 42 ounce vinyl as originally installed by oldsmobile positively the very best available and correct in every detail these tops will pass judging at any show and they carry a 78 month warranty against peeling cracking splitting and shrinking all glass windows have a lifetime warranty against separation of the glass from the vinyl a set of top pads a set of cables and a well liner are highly recommended with the purchase of any convertible top please state year and color when ordering most other factory colors are also available please inquire convertible top installations are expensive when you want the very best order from brothers automotive convertible top weatherstrips are also available-see the weatherstrip section we install convertible tops here and can

firewall and under the hood rubber parts hood to cowl seal 1964-67 hood to cowl seal 1968-72 hood to cowl seal-dense 1968-72 hood to cowl seal-sponge 1968-69 clip kit steel clips 1968-72 clip idt plastic clips part number 5070 5074 50741 5075 5077 price 12.50 ea 12.50 ea 12.50 ea 5.75 kit 5.75 kit inner fender a-frame seals 1963 inner fender a-frame seals 1964-65 inner fender a-frame seals 1966-72 inner fender a-frame seals w clips 1968-72 inner fender a-frame seals w staples 1973-77 inner fender a-frame seals with staples pair 1978-87 inner fender a-frame seals with staples pair fcd1 fcd2 fcd3 fcd4 fcd5 fcd6 29.00 pr 24.00 set 24.00 set 22.50 set 22.50 set 22.50 set 1964-67 hood to fender bumper 1968-69 hood to fender bumper 1970-72 hood to fender bumper hood to fender bumper htfb47 htfb1 htfb2 2.50 ea 2.50 ea 2.50 ea 1964-72 front hood adjustment bumper-correct originals 1970-72 rear of hood stationary bumper-correct originals front hood adjustment bumper hab42 hab02 4.75 ea 4.50 ea

engine components continued oil pans engine year 350 69-72 400-455 65-75 application all models all models part number 11-156 11-158 price 129.00 129.00 oil pan drain plugs engine all v8 all v8 year 65-77 65-77 application all with std size plug std size magnetic part number 11-160 11-162 price 4.49 6.95 engine oil level dipstick and dipstick tubes engine 350 400-455 350 350 400 400 455 455 year 68-73 68-75 68-73 74-75 65-67 68-69 69-73 68-75 application dipstick dipstick dipstick tube dipstick tube dipstick tube dipstick tube dipstick tube exc toronado pan dipstick tube with toronado pan part number 11-164 11-166 11-168 11-170 11-172 11-174 11-174 11-176 price 24.00 24.00 10.95 10.95 17.95 10.95 10.95 10.95 oil pumps and pickup screen assemblies engine all v8 all v8 all v8 all v8 year 64-83 64-83 64-83 68-78 application standard pump-less pickup screen pickup screen assembly all except below high volume pump-includes bolt-on screen with toro pan standard pump includes screen part

electrical switches and relays year 64-68 64-68 application dash switches are switches only knobs are not included back-up light switch-manual transmission part number 20-062 20-063 price 76.00 119.00 all 4 speed-includes wire harness assembly all 3 speed-includes wire harness assembly blower relay year 67-75 application all with air conditioning part number 20-064 price 24.00 brake light switches year 64-77 64-77 68-77 application all with power brakes without cruise control all without power brakes without cruise control all with cruise control part number 20-122 20-124 20-126 price 7.45 7.45 13.45 compressor hold-in relay located on right fender year 69-70 application all with air conditioning 3 prong part number 20-066 price 19.99 console glovebox light switches year 70-72 application all consoles with glovebox light part number cs7072 price 11.00 convertible top switches year 66-67 68-69 70-72 application all with power top all with power top all with power top part number ts6667

electrical vacuum advance units year 64-66 67 68 application 330 400 all 400 2 bbl 330 400 4 bbl 350 2 bbi 350 4bbl 400 2 bbl 400 4 bbi mt exc uhv ignition 400 4 bbl mt with uhv ignition 350 2 bbl 350 4 bbl 400 2 bbl 400 4 bbl at exc uhv ignition 400 4 bbl mt all 350 2 bbl 350 4 bbl including w-31 455 all 350 all 455 exc w-30 455 w-30 350 all 455 exc w-30 455 w-30 350 4 bbl 455 all 350 standard ignition exc california 455 w/o hei or h.p ist production 455 w/o hei or h.p 2nd production 455 all with hei 350 all 350 all exc california 350 403 all exc california part number 20-228 20-230 20-228 20-230 20-232 20-230 20-230 20-232 20-232 20-230 20-234 20-236 20-232 20-232 20-230 20-238 20-234 20-232 20-234 20-234 20-232 20-234 20-238 20-228 20-240 20-228 20-242 20-246 20-248 20-250 20-252 price 19.95 19.95 19.95 18.95 18.95 18.95 18.95 18.95 18.95 18.95 18.95 18.95 18.95 18.95 18.95 18.95 18.95 18.95 18.95 18.95 18.95 18.95 19.95 19.95 19.95 19.95 19.95 34.95 34.95 39.95 39.95 69 70 71 72

radiators hoses and heating/cooling continued fan clutch year 1966-67 1968-72 this original style fan clutch looks and functions just like your original application all v8 with a/c or h/d cooling all v8 with a/c or h/d cooling part number 15-076 15-078 price 69.00 89.00 a/c compressor with clutch assembly these are complete remanufactured a-6 style compressor and clutch assemblies please note you must replace the drier when changing the compressor year 1964-71 1972-76 application all all part number 15-080 15-082 price 195.00 195.00 a/c hoses year 1967-72 1967-72 1967-72 application a/c hose-discharge hose and muffler replaces gm 404250 a/c hose compressor to poa valve a/c hose liquid line from drier to throttle valve part number acd6772 acc6772 acl6772 price 169.00 119.00 99.00 compressor clutch assembly these are complete remanufactured clutch assemblies all include drive pulley and coil year 1965-77 application all with a-6 compressor part number 15-084 price 108.00 condenser

specialty stripes 1970-72 w-30 and w-31 stripe stencil kits and stripes 1970-1972 w-30 and w-31 cars originally had the hood body side and trunk stripes painted on for those of you who wish to paint your stripes on as original we offer these stencil kits for those of you who prefer a vinyl stripe we have the following stripe kits does the fenders doors quarters and trunk either way is much cheaper and more correct than having your body man try to lay them out with masking tape colors other than black or white are special order-allow 3 additional days for delivery 1970-72 w-30 and w-31 paint stripe stencil kit $185 kit part skh7072s hardtop part skc7072s convertible 1971-1972 442 hood stripe and stencil sets these 1971-1972 442 hood stripes are for non ram air cars only this previously unavailable stripe set perfectly replaces the original until now the only way to re-stripe the hood on your 1971 or 1972 442 was to tape off the hood and paint the stripes on-very time consuming and

ordering information ordering instructions and shipping charges following are the instructions for ordering from us and our shipping policy please call 1-800-442-part 7278 or 1-913-851-7977 to order or you can fax or mail a printout of our order form prepaid orders we accept cashiers checks money orders business checks and personal checks we reserve the right to hold personal checks for clearance orders paid by cashiers checks and money orders are processed the same day we receive them credit card orders we accept mastercard visa and discover cards we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law any illegal activities involving credit cards this includes fraud stolen cards unauthorized use etc shipping charges appropriate shipping and insurance charges will be added to your order and billed to your card if you wish to send in a prepaid order please call 1-800-442-part or 1-913-851-7977 with your order for accurate shipping charges truck shipments extra large or heavy items must be