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free poster offer coins challenge support snipers fighting terrorism on our behalf contents page show your support for military snipers serving our country by purchasing these beautiful brass-finished coins issued by a non-profit all-volunteer organization commemorative of police and military snipers proceeds from sales of the challenge coin will purchase optics scope mounts and other tactical gear not available to snipers serving overseas through regular supply channels funds from sales of the commemorative coin aid families of snipers lost in action front of coin bears a representation of the purple heart america s oldest military decoration specs die-struck from brass/copper alloys four-color enameling 1¾ 4.4cm diameter #100-002-503ce challenge coin 2z00hdz 15.00 #100-002-504ce commemorative coin 2z00txc 15.00 at the customer is always support america s proud military and law enforcement traditions with handsome full-color wall posters if you re a dealer military or law enforcement personnel you can receive a poster valued at $14.95 absolutely free just place any size order from this catalog include the stock number for the poster you d like and we ll ship it with your order printed on 36 x 11 ¾ high-quality stock suitable for mounting and framing history of the american soldier depicts the evolution of the american fighting man s uniform from the revolutionary war to the current gulf conflict accompanied by a 70-point timeline of u.s military history history of the american police officer shows law enforcement uniforms and badges from colonial times to the present day limit 1 poster per customer order while supplies last #100-002-989ce history of the american soldier poster free #100-003-285ce history of the american police officer poster free ar-15/m16 1-20 61-63 designated marksman rifle 21-24 63-64 other tactical rifle 24-26 63-64 shotgun .26-29 64 pistol .29-34 64 lights lasers 35 64 mounts optics 36-42 64-65 tactical gear 42-44 range training gear 44-47 tools 47-54 cleaning .54-60 65 books videos .60-61 65 late new arrivals 61-65 national stock number nsn index 66 glock factory parts 66-68 your satisfaction guaranteed-period here s our pledge to you which has never changed if you aren t completely 100 satisfied with any purchase you receive from brownells for any reason at any time return it for a full refund or exchange no hassle no problem we don t bog you down in endless paperwork your complete satisfaction with each and every product we sell is what s most important to us gsa pricing available on products marked with the star contract gs-07f-0139t is a small business and veteran owned company government procurement ccr #829833 cage #12238 call for special procurement needs over 30,000 items in stock daily full-color 72-page catalog features everything you need to build maintain customize and accurize an ar-15 to suit your specific needs plus parts and extras for larger-caliber ar-type variants the folks here just can t resist the ar platform s unlimited possibilities so we ve included photos of dream builds by brownells staff showing you how much you can do with the products we offer whether you use your ar for tactical shooting precision target shooting or just keeping down the varmint population on the back 40 this catalog is for you #077-100-008ce dedicated to the colt 1911 auto clones and other variations ­ no rifle shotgun or other pistol stuff over 2,900 products you need for building maintaining and shooting the most popular pistol in history custom builds by well-known pros like ed brown wilson and cylinder slide plus our own staff of 1911 experts provide great ideas for your next project gun #077-100-004ce this information is not available for all items at time of catalog production nor does it imply that foreign merchandise is of lesser quality we will continue to gather this information to assist our customers in making informed buying decisions and will keep our website current with the latest information we do not artificially mark up our prices to cover potential increases from the manufacturers when notified of a price adjustment we change our price at that time as a result prices are subject to change without notice b a stock numbers shown in red indicate the product is made in the u.s.a the horizontal catalog format is a trademark of brownells.® holiday schedule we will be closed for the following 2009 memorial day mon 25 may independence day fri 3 july labor day mon 7 sept thanksgiving thurs 26 fri 27 nov christmas thurs 24 fri 25 dec order line hours gun tech hours walk-in hours 7:30 a.m to 5:00 p.m 8:30 a.m to 4:30 p.m 7:30 a.m to 4:30 p.m central time central time central time open monday thru friday order recording lines open 24 hours per day old john still has the right idea it s unwise to pay too much but it s worse to pay too little when you pay too much you lose a little money that is all when you pay too little you sometimes lose everything because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do the common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot it can t be done if you deal with the lowest bidder it is well to add something for the risk you run and if you do that you will have enough to pay for something better ­ john ruskin call toll free to order 800-741-0308 · fax 800-264-3068 200 south front street montezuma iowa 50171 641-623-5401 641-623-4000 641-623-3896 fax line international orders office © 2009 brownells