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action proving dummies inert factory spec dummies for safe function testing manufactured to exact specifications including diameter and length dimensions weight and balance of factory loaded ammo these dummies have the proper functioning characteristics to reliably check magazine feeding action timing extraction and ejection of all guns the only professionally accepted and safe way to check gun functioning live ammo should never be used except for actual test-firing on the range after you have checked the gtn with dummies the very reasonable cost per dummy is an added incentive to use them regularly the blackened case makes them distinct and instantly recognizable as dummies especially useful when demonstrating how a particular gun functions they absolutely eliminate the chance of an accidental discharge a b centerfire rifle dummies stock #367-223-005ce #367-223-020ce #669-308-005ce #669-308-020ce stock #367-900-010ce #367-900-050ce #367-040-010ce #367-040-050ce #367-345-010ce #367-345-050ce #367-145-010ce #367-145-050ce caliber .223 rem .223 rem .308 win .308 win per 5 20 5 20 price 7f07a38 9.82 7f25a98 34.65 7f10c48 14.93 7f32c74 43.66 price 7f11b75 15.66 7f48b04 64.05 7f13a87 18.51 7f57a59 76.79 7f15v21 20.29 7f61v85 82.49 7f14a35 19.12 7f55a18 73.59 tools for remington 870 1100 11-87 brownells remington/mossberg forend wrench piloted to prevent stock or nut damage wrench adapted from remington factory design with pilot that keeps teeth square to the forend nut virtually eliminating damage to wrench forend or forend nut but if one of the wrench teeth should ever break turn the sleeve around there s another set models for remington 870 or mossberg 500 a b .1cm long overall 5 12.7cm specs steel 12 gauge 63/4 17 long handle 20 gauge 77/8 20cm long overall 5 12.7cm long handle replacement sleeve sold 1 each 080-870-202ce 12 ga 870 forend wrench 8k35x72 49.99 #080-777-004ce 12 ga 500 forend wrench 9a33z99 49.97 #080-870-002ce 20 ga 870 forend wrench 8k28u03 39.97 #080-777-008ce 20 ga 500 forend wrench 8k27b19 34.97 #080-870-212ce 12 ga 870 repl sleeve 9a14x96 19.97 #080-777-104ce 12 ga 500 repl sleeve 9a14d96 19.97 #080-870-003ce 20 ga 870 repl sleeve 8k13u78 17.22 #080-777-009ce 20 ga 500 repl sleeve 8k13b78 17.22 brownells 1911 auto bushing wrench brownells can t mar tm tools · can t damage finishes · virtually unbreakable · pocket-sized · versatile double-ended design every 1911 owner and gun shop needs a wrench to remove the barrel bushing from the 1911 autos ours fits all the calibers and variations colt-made including factory officers acp plus copies made from super tough abs t grade polymers brownells can t martm wrench has more thickness and heft than other synthetic wrenches it gets out even the most tightly fitted match-grade bushing without scarring or marring the finish of the gun s bushing or slide virtually unbreakable the can t martm wrench carries easily in pocket or field kit specs 51/2 14cm long 11/4 3.2cm wide .187 4.75mm thick weighs 1 oz 28 g 080-045-045ce can t martm bushing wrench 8k02u75 5.75 centerfire handgun dummies caliber per 9mm luger 10 9mm luger 50 .40 s&w 10 .40 s&w 50 .45 auto 185 hp 10 .45 auto 185 hp 50 .45 auto rn 10 .45 auto rn 50 the right factory-type tools for 870 work add-ons available for 1100 11-87 with the help of the fine folks at remington the armorer and gunsmith can now have a kit with tools we have adapted from factory designs for repairing and maintaining what has probably become the world s most popular pump shotgun the remington 870 special thanks has to go to the entire remington organization for recognizing the importance of proper tools to everybody who repairs and maintains these workhorse guns the end result is a 21-piece tool kit that makes it easier for the armorer or gunsmith to repair the 870 at the bench or in the field even though some of the tools may seem like overkill keep in mind that the designs are based on the factory s years of experience and are intended to stand up to constant use if an 870 is in need of repair you ll have the right factory-type tools to take it apart make the repairs and put it back together your satisfaction is guaranteed 080-870-010ce brownells 870 service kit complete with tool box 8k286u98 364.99 #080-870-001ce brownells 870 service kit tools only no box 8k285u66 361.11 brownells 1911 armorer s tool kit the tools you need to do quality work on 1911s brownells mainspring housing pin tool pops this stubborn pin out easily makes removing the 1911 auto mainspring housing pin it s held in by a detent a snap round plastic handle fits your palm nicely one rap and the pin is out speeds any disassembly/reassembly job whether doing repairs or using the stone and try method for trigger pull work fits all 1911 autos specs plastic handle rc50 steel shank approximately 3 7 .6cm long #080-850-000ce mainspring housing tool 8k16y42 24.97 site-lite gets you close to point of aim without firing a shot laser boresighter saves range time and ammo highly accurate laser system lets you zero your scope to point-of-aim at 100 yards before you go to the range quick and easy to use just place the special laser target 25 feet away and aim the laser at it then adjust the scope till the crosshairs align with the target works equally well with red dot scopes and iron sights laser is mounted to a cone shaped aluminum spud an o-ring and a powerful magnet hold the spud centered in the bore no special adapters to buy and no metal contacts the rifling a system of adapters and o-rings lets one unit fit all firearms from .22 to .50 caliber plus 12 and 20 gauge shotguns also includes the srl100 adapter that slips over the boresighter s lens to convert it into a highly accurate scope reticle leveler by refocusing the laser to a horizontal beam for precise crosshair alignment srl100 also available separately sl-100 standard model for use indoors where you have control over ambient lighting sl-150 ultra-mag has an ultra-bright 635mm laser for better visibility in bright ambient light conditions choose this model if you plan to use your boresighter outdoors specs aluminum includes 2 adapters 9 o-rings 2 cardboard target cards srl-100 adapter instructions and plastic storage case sl-100 61/8 15.6cm oal without adapter 41/8 10.5cm long spud uses 2 #357 lr-44 batteries included sl-150 ­ 65/8 16.8cm oal 4¼ 10.8cm long spud uses 1 cr2 lithium battery included srl-100 ­ includes calibrated laser target bubble level and instructions #100-000-843ce sl-100 laser boresighter 8k93c27 116.60 #100-002-429ce sl-150 ultra-mag laser boresighter 8k133d95 166.95 #100-002-430ce srl-100 reticle leveler 8k20d27 25.95 this kit includes the 21 most essential tools necessary to assemble disassemble improve performance and to do general maintenance on 1911-style pistols plus we put them in a heavyduty case and added a large bench/field mat to protect guns parts and your bench 080-000-183ce 1911 armorer s tool kit 8k269p26 299.99 glokblok the glok blok for glock® holds pistol securely for easy cleaning maintenance using both hands solid high-strength vise block holds glock pistols securely for easy cleaning and maintenance keeps both hands free for detailed precision work and helps eliminate the chance of dropping the pistol and causing damage slides into the mag well and locks tight using the factory latch without marring or scratching durable polymer composite construction is resistant to most solvents fits all 9mm and .40 cal glock pistols a b specs polymer black stem 4¼ 10.8cm long x 1¼ 3.2cm wide #100-003-691ce glok blok 6b29x95 39.95 individual tools are available on the web at 1100/11-87 add-on pak expands the versatility of the 870 kit adds six tools necessary to repair and maintain the popular remington 1100 and 11-87 #080-187-000ce 1100/11-87 add-on pak for armorer s kit 8k69d71 79.99 anodized bushing wrench brownells 1911 auto individual tools are available on the web at brownells pocket-sized prevents scarring action 870/1100 pin pusher non-marring aluminum gets the tightest bushings loose the perfect tool for every 1911 owner s range bag or cleaning kit precision machined for a close fit to government model and officers acp bushings the extra thick contoured handle fits comfortably in your hand has plenty of heft for a good solid grip turns the tightest bushings without slipping a b specs aluminum red anodized 51/2 14cm long 11/4 3.2cm 1 wide 4 6.35mm thick 080-045-200ce anodized bushing wrench 8k15x58 19.49 glend arms tac ractm armorer s tool for glock® handy field expedient combo tool black delrin® grip plug includes a steel pin punch and ejector removal punch to detail-strip your glock snaps into the grip recess specs delrin body steel punches #350-000-002ce armorer s tool for glock 5c18p97 23.95 fitted punch removes trigger group pins quickly and easily with no chance of slipping off and gouging the receiver as with ordinary flat punches tough black plastic handle won t mark or mar either convenient pocket-size specs 6 3/8 16.2cm overall 2 5/8 6.7cm punch 080-870-110ce pin pusher 8k13x99 19.99 50 mil/le supply group order/quotes 1-800-741-0308