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mil-comm weapon care products m14/m1a bore guide superior cleaning lubrication for extreme-use weapons proven performance in extreme temperatures and on a wide variety of weapon types has earned these ptfe-based synthetic lubricants the approval of the u.s military defense contractors and foreign militaries specially formulated lubricants minimize the accumulation of sand dust and powder fouling to keep your firearms in fire-ready condition provide superior corrosion protection for all firearm metals in all types of environments tw25b grease is available in a re-sealable syringe or squeeze tubes and is recommended for heavy wear parts exposed areas and for bore protection self-migrating mc2500 oil is available in needle-nose syringe or pump spray bottle making it the perfect lube for trigger mechanisms and hard-to-reach areas mc25 cleaner degreaser is available in a pump spray bottle and breaks down gun lubricants and burnt-in powder residue on contact with a non-acidic non-toxic water-based formula a b specs tw25b grease ½ oz syringe 1½ oz or 4 oz tube rated for -90ºf 67ºc to 450ºf 232ºc mc2500 oil .4 oz syringe or 2 oz pump spray bottle rated for -85ºf 67ºc to 450ºf 232ºc mc25 cleaner degreaser 4 oz pump spray bottle #100-003-115ce tw25b grease ½ oz syringe 1b06h21 9.99 #100-003-336ce tw25b grease 1½ oz tube 1b07y89 12.08 #100-003-337ce tw25b grease 4 oz tube 1b15y73 24.15 #100-003-116ce mc2500 oil .4 oz syringe 1b06h21 9.99 #100-003-118ce mc2500 oil 2 oz spray bottle 1b06h21 9.99 #100-003-117ce mc25 cleaner degreaser 4 oz spray bottle 1b06h21 9.99 item eliminates muzzle damage cleaning rod wear centers and supports your cleaning rod close to the rifle s muzzle taper machined to provide an exact fit inside the flash suppressors on m14/m1a match rifles specs aluminum 35/8 9.2cm long max rod diameter .260 #022-100-014ce m14/m1a bore guide 2b11c65 14.85 .50 caliber cleaning kit cleans your .50 cal safely effectively a dewey cleaning rod plus brownells top-quality patches brushes and mops provide a complete cleaning package for your .50 caliber centerfire rifle easy-to-carry 2-piece rod includes a 43 long nylon-coated section to protect the rifling anti-flex 19 long stainless steel section provides plenty of length for oversize actions ball bearing handle allows rod to rotate freely specs kit includes 2-piece stainless/coated cleaning rod 62 157 .5cm long #50j brass jag brass loop 8-32 female adapter 100 3 #5 patches 3-pak nylon bore brushes 3-pak bronze bore brushes 3-pak cotton bore mops #084-000-117ce .50 caliber cleaning kit 4h48u59 67.82 brownells masen authentic issue kits for field use mil-spec cleaning kit a&o mfg ar-15/m16 bolt carrier carbon scraper makes it easy to remove carbon from bolt carriers tool steel scraper quickly removes carbon buildup in ar-15/m16 bolt carriers dual edges clean in both directions b a specs tool steel black matte finish 23/4 7cm long 1/2 12.7mm 3 wide 16 4.8mm thick #100-001-451ce bolt carrier carbon scraper 7a15v96 19.95 genuine cleaning components make a great takealong kit for range and field use kit includes sectional cleaning rod with combo handle patch loop bore brush chamber brush doubleended parts brush oiler bottle and storage pouch fits snuggly inside the trap-door compartment on a2 buttstocks a b specs rod/handle steel parkerized bore brush bronze chamber brush bronze w/stainless steel lug recess bristles oil bottle plastic parts brush nylon bristles plastic handle fits .223 caliber #555-000-005ce m16 cleaning kit 6e14v23 17.67 sinclair ar-15 cleaning link locks ar-15 open for fast easy cleaning lets you easily clean and lube the action or swab out barrel from the breech hold-open link separates upper and lower receiver assemblies locks them solid prevents the receiver from constantly flopping closed stainless steel and delrin link installs in seconds is impervious to solvents specs delrin and stainless steel #988-003-001ce ar-15 cleaning link 8h11v50 15.10 ® ar-15/m16 buttstock cleaning kit brownells brownells handgun cleaning kit convenient portable kit with high quality components cleans protects your handgun stow this convenient cleaning kit in your range bag or keep it handy at the bench and you ll have everything you need to safely clean the majority of pistols and revolvers 6 long all brass dewey cleaning rod with 8-32 tpi loop prevents damage to delicate rifling while you scrub away stubborn powder lead and copper fouling from your handgun bore kit also includes 3 top of the line brownells special line brass core bore brushes 25 of our 1¾ square 100 cotton flannel cleaning patches our premium nylon gun/parts cleaning brush and a ¼ oz bottle of brownells friction defensetm gun oil for superior lubrication and protection of metal surfaces money and time saving kit comes complete with a handy nylon carry pouch to keep all components together ­ ready whenever you need them 25-pak of replacement cleaning patches available separately specs kits available for 9mm 38 357 .40 41/10mm and .44 45 calibers cleans handguns with barrels up to 6 15.3cm long #080-000-497ce 9mm 38 357 handgun kit 8k11x95 14.95 #080-000-498ce .40 41 handgun kit 8k11x95 14.95 #080-000-496ce .44 45 handgun kit 8k11x95 14.95 #080-000-512ce 25-pak 1¾ patches 8k01h83 2.74 hoppe s bore snake fast pull-through cleaning rod brush patch all in one scrubs and cleans in a single step apply bore cleaner to the front of the cord and oil to the end drop cord into the bore and pull through five times the built-in bench-quality phosphor bronze brush and braided floss scrub clean and oil the bore in just minutes washable and reusable lightweight design folds neatly away for easy storage and carry specs braided nylon cord nylon floss stock fits price 664-100-022ce .22 rifle 3e15d16 18.95 #664-100-300ce .30 rifle 3e15d16 18.95 #699-000-008ce .50 54 rifle 3e15z16 18.95 #664-200-332ce .30 32 pistol 3e14d36 17.95 #664-200-938ce 9mm 357 pistol 3e14d36 17.95 #664-200-400ce .40 pistol 3e14d36 17.95 #664-200-445ce .44 45 pistol 3e14d36 17.95 #664-300-012ce 12 ga shotgun 3e15d96 19.95 ar-15/m16 upper receiver cleaning kit deluxe kit wool brownells the right tools for a difficult cleaning job make short work of cleaning heavily fouled ar-15 upper receivers right down to the locking lug recess specially sized and shaped bronze receiver brush and mop quickly loosen stubborn carbon residue from the bolt carrier way and locking lug recess choose kit with wool or cotton mop standard kit for cleaning upper receiver bolt carrier way deluxe kit features a longer rod and a chamber brush that lets you thoroughly clean the bolt carrier way plus the chamber and locking lug recess a b specs standard kit includes bronze receiver brush mop and brass cleaning rod with plastic handle overall length 61/2 16.5cm long threaded 5/16 27 tpi deluxe kit includes bronze receiver brush mop ar-15 chamber brush thread adapter and brass cleaning rod with plastic handle overall length 141/4 36.2cm long threaded 8-32 tpi replacement brush and mop are threaded 5 16 27 tpi #084-223-015ce standard kit wool mop 4h14c45 19.25 084-823-115ce deluxe kit wool mop 4h18y77 25.95 #084-000-028ce standard kit cotton mop 4h13c95 18.60 #084-000-029ce deluxe kit cotton mop 4h20c21 25.95 #084-223-003ce replcmt receivr brush 4h03c38 4.97 #084-223-004ce replacement wool mop 4h06c23 9.97 #084-000-027ce replacement cotton mop 4h05c73 7.49 cord for easy pulling from either end of the weapon a b specs kit includes 37/40mm aluminum-wound bronze bore brush cotton bore mop 22 55mm nylon pull cord mil-spec m16 parts brush and 3 7 .6mm x 6 15mm silicon gun cloth #234-000-068ce 37/40mm pull-through kit 4c22t35 27.95 compact field-ready kits that go wherever your rifle goes our crew of tactical weapons experts developed these fine 5.56mm cleaning kits to give the m16/ar-15 shooter a handy carry-along system that fits snug in the storage compartment of a-1/a-2 buttstocks standard kit includes a governmenttype 5-piece cleaning rod with loop bronze bore brush bronze chamber brush double-ended parts cleaning brush and a heavy nylon pouch tapered correctly for a rattle-free fit deluxe kit adds a solvent-resistant nylon chamber brush 25-pak of milspec cleaning patches and 1/4 oz brownells friction defensetm gun oil for superior weapons lubrication and corrosion protection detailed instructions in both kits guide you through the cleaning process specs for 5.56mm 223 caliber only fits a-1 and a-2 style buttstocks both kits include 5-piece cleaning rod bore brush bronze chamber brush parts cleaning brush buttstock pouch and instructions deluxe kit adds nylon chamber brush 25-pak cleaning patches and friction defense gun oil #084-000-229ce standard buttstock cleaning kit 4h12x69 16.01 #084-000-233ce deluxe buttstock cleaning kit 4h16a27 21.41 dewey mil/le pistol cleaning kit essential cleaning gear for service pistol calibers cleaning dewey 37/40mm grenade launcher pull-through cleaning kit quickly get grenade launchers riot guns clean without the fuss don t scrounge together cleaning items from other kits just to clean your grenade launcher convenient pull-through kit contains everything you need to effectively and easily clean grenade launchers and riot guns 22 long nylon cord can be shortened to any length necessary plus the solid brass ends accept all standard 5/16 27 tpi accessories like shotgun brushes and bore mops nylon pull bead slides along the instructional video available online caliber-specific kits for basic cleaning of service pistols in calibers commonly deployed with military and law enforcement agencies available for 9mm 357 38 and .40 each kit includes 6 brass cleaning rod brass loop and bronze bore brush to protect your weapon s rifling a ½ oz bottle of shooter s choice fp-10 for thorough cleaning and lubrication a gb-5 double-ended military parts brush and a siliconeimpregnated wipe-down cloth compact zippered vinyl storage pouch stows easily in a pack or vehicle a b specs kits available for 9mm 357 38 and .40 caliber pistols and revolvers includes 6 15.2cm long cleaning rod with 8-32 tpi female threads brass loop bronze bore brush ½ oz 14.8ml shooter s choice fp-10 cleaner double-ended nylon parts brush cotton flannel patches silicone-impregnated wipe-down cloth and zippered 5 12.7cm x 10½ 26.7cm storage pouch #234-000-072ce 9mm 357 38 pistol kit 4c15t95 19.95 #234-000-073ce .40 pistol kit 4c15t95 19.95 57