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emergency rear sight flip-up front sight ar-15 m16 ar-308 flip-up sights instant back-up for targets at any range standard rear sight front sight 360 series rear sight firearm accessories rear battlesight hk-style front m4/m16-style front · ar-15/m16 battlesights reliable no-snag folding backup sights deployed height same as factory sights · · · · · · · · spring-loaded sight post flips up easily and stays deployed until you hit the retract button locks down securely and only ½ high when retracted apertures/posts are same height as factory sights simplifying integration of sights on your rifle no knobs or levers to catch on brush clothing or other gear rear battlesight has dual close and long-range sameplane apertures windage adjustable in ½ moa increments front sights clamp to handguard rail and are elevation adjustable in ½ moa increments hk-style has globe shaped hood that aids in fast target acquisition under stress m4/m16-style has deep grooves in sight post to ensure a firm grasp for fast deployment retail price · · · · · · · · pivot mechanism locks positively in the raised position and stays locked until you hit the pushbutton release folds down out of your sight path when not in use flip-style a2 aperture with same-plane calibration windage adjustable in .65 moa increments on carbines with 16 barrels and ½ moa on rifles with 20 barrels mctar-ers has large protective ears to guard the aperture from damage low-profile mctar-splp sight is less than ½ high folded designed to work with midwest industries flip-up rear sights all models have standard a2 front sight post mctar-ffr mounts on ar-15/m16 handguard rail mctar-ffg attaches to gas block rail mctar-10-affg is specifically designed to mount on the gas block rail of an armalite® ar-10® carbine with 16 barrel retail price ar-15/m16 flip-up sights quick-deploy backup sights for emergency situations · · · · · · · · · · clamp securely to picatinny accessory rails same height as mil-spec a2 carbine front and rear sights low profile won t snag on other gear when folded versatile .108 diameter aperture gives excellent field of view tritium model adds self-illuminating trijicon tritium inserts hk-style rotating drum lets you select close-range .160 cqb aperture or .70 apertures for 100 200 and 300 yard ranges calibrated for an m4 carbine firing m855 62-grain fmj clamps to gas block accessory rail a2-style .070 wide adjustable post is correct height for both rear sight models protective ears shield post from bending or breaking retail price rifle parts rear sights standard rear tritium rear 360 series rear front sights front sight l.e price l.e price 100-003-442cn 100-003-443cn 100-003-444cn 100-003-445cn 100-003-446cn 100-003-447cn rear battlesight black $119.99 rear battlesight dark earth $119.99 hk-style front sight black $99.99 hk-style front sight dark earth $99.99 m4/m16-style front sight black $99.99 m4/m16-style front sight dark earth $99.99 110.50 110.50 91.93 91.93 91.93 91.93 100-001-992cn 100-004-248cn 100-004-249cn 100-003-432cn 100-003-422cn 100-003-423cn 100-002-984cn mctar-ers emergency rear black $116.99 mctar-ers emergency rear drk erth $116.99 mctar-ers emergency rear od grn $116.99 mctar-splp flip-up rear black $124.99 mctar-ffr forearm rail front black $89.99 mctar-ffg gas block front black $89.99 mctar-10-ffg gas block front black $89.99 90.34 90.34 90.34 107.07 69.96 69.96 69.96 l.e price 080-000-509cn 080-000-523cn 080-000-510cn 080-000-521cn 080-000-524cn 080-000-525cn standard flip-up rear sight $79.99 tritium flip-up rear sight $99.99 360 series flip-up rear sight $139.99 front flip-up sight $49.99 front/standard rear flip-up sight set $109.99 front/360 series rear flip-up sight set $159.99 65.71 79.99 99.99 40.60 89.99 121.27 ar-15/m16 gen 2 mbus sight system reliable low-profile quick-deploy backup sights · · · · · · · spring-loaded mechanism locks securely in deployed or folded position clamps to picatinny mil-std-1913 rails uses only 1½ of rail space when deployed only 2½ long and ½ high folded lightweight impact-resistant polymer resists operational abuse streamlined contours won t snag on brush sling or other gear elevation-adjustable front sight mounts on forend not for use on railed gas blocks windage-adjustable rear sight will align with a2 front sight and has two apertures .185 for close range .070 for long range matech ar-15/m16/m4 usgi sight u.s army standard-issue rear sight for m4/m16a4 · · flips up at the touch of your thumb grooved a2-style knob for easy windage adjustments mbus gen 2 sights folded front/rear set rear only front only stock stock stock o.d stock black dark earth green foliage grn retail l.e price $89.99 100-006-941cn na na na $75.00 100-006-787cn 100-006-788cn 100-006-789cn 100-006-790cn $55.05 $44.39 100-006-791cn 100-006-792cn 100-006-793cn 100-006-794cn $37.95 $30.60 · click to one of eight range settings 200 300 350 400 450 500 550 and 600 meters retail price l.e price 100-003-702cn ar-15/m16 usgi backup iron sight $104.99 94.50 order hours m-f 7:30 am 5:00 pm cst · guntech hours m-f 8:30 am 4:30 pm cst 9