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armorer tools ar-15/m16/m4 armorer s kits complete kits to service law enforcement ar-type rifles the right way to service the ar-15 m16/m4 with all the tools needed to perform full maintenance and repair in the field or shop · saves you time by having the right tool for the job · standard kit contains the tools needed to work on ar-15 and the m16a1 through m16a4 rifle · premium kit contains all the tools of the standard kit plus 11 additional tools specifically needed for the m4 carbine · both kits come in a custom-fitted hard-side tool box that meets mil-spec mil-c-4150 ata specifications specs standard armorer s kit contains ballpeen and plastic/brass hammers firing pin protrusion gauge ½ square drive torque wrench shop apron vise jaws parts boxes bench mat 10½ long ½ square drive handle magna-tip #81 handle and stubby handle snap ring pliers barrel nut alignment gauge 5.56mm 223 headspace gauge chamber mirror cleaning rod w/adapter combination wrench roll pin punches carrier key bit kit roll pin holders starter/setter punches bolt catch pin punch 1/8 punch taper pin starter ¼ punch 5/32 center punch pivot pin detent depressor pivot pin detent installation tool broken shell extractor 445-6 bit red bit lb bit sight tools 3/8 square drive t-handle torque wrench additional tools in premium kit barrel vise jaws front sight bench block upper lower receiver vise blocks handguard removal tool magazine catch tool takedown pin removal tool bolt ejector tool magazine feed lip tool gas tube wrench bolt carrier carbon scraper and buttstock tool retail price l.e price remington 700 armorer s kit everything you need to service this popular marksman rifle · complete suite of indispensable tools for maintenance repair and adjustment of law enforcement 700s and other bolt action rifles built around the 700 action specialty tools include kleinendorst bolt disassembly tool ejector tool extractor rivet anvil kleinendorst firing pin disassembly tool and triggerguard screw torque wrench · · kits · · hex wrench set for scope rings and bases punches magna-tip screwdriver handle and bits hammer bench block universal bolt cleaning brush and bench mat everything comes packed in a rugged hard plastic tool box retail price l.e price 080-000-088cn remington 700 armorer s kit $423.99 344.63 remington 870 service kit all the right factory-type tools to keep 870s running · · · everything to take apart 870s make the necessary repairs or adjustments and put them back together includes specialized tools adapted from factory designs with input from the folks at remington 870-specific tools forend wrench magazine spring retainer tool menck magazine corkscrew tool trigger group pin pusher ejector spring/housing rivet staking tool set shell plate latch staker buttstock bolt wrench other tools magna-tip driver handle with a set of 870-specific screwdriver bits pin punch set nylon/brass hammer cleaning brushes a bench mat and more comes in a hard polymer tool box with plenty of room for the entire kit plus some extra tools of your own retail price l.e price 080-216-000cn brownells ar-15/m16 standard armorer s kit w/case $1,199.99 983.83 080-216-002cn brownells ar-15/m16/m4 premium armorer s kit w/case $1,406.99 $1,238.50 · · field tool pack for glock® dedicated go-anywhere toolkit for repair maintenance · · · · · comes with magazine tool specifically designed for easily removing glock floorplates rear sight mover front sight nut driver .050 hex wrench for aftermarket adjustable rear sights channel liner replacement tool glok blok vise block armorer s orange slide cover plate plus roll pin punches flat-tip screwdriver break-free clp 2 oz bottle and an array of nylon cleaning brushes including 9mm 40 45 caliber bore brushes cordura nylon case keeps tools secure and separated to minimize noise o.d green 11½ 29.2cm long 8½ 21.6cm high 3 7.6cm thick retail price l.e price 080-870-010cn remington 870 service kit $367.99 293.16 080-000-582cn field tool pack for glock $304.99 237.70 to sign up or view schedules visit 22 le orders le tech support 1-800-741-0308