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optics laser sights reticle red dot sights xps/exps3 holographic sights ar-15/m16 cqb t-dot holographic sight t aiming point eliminates guesswork accurate for long range and perfect for close-quarters · · · · · · · · parallax free two-eyes-open shooting optic is based on the popular eotech exps2 65 moa illuminated circle reticle includes dots for targets at 50-200 and 500 yards t dot ­ at bottom of circle ­ indicates 7-yard aiming point for cqb calibrated specifically for 5.56 nato military ammunition 20 brightness setting ensure reticle is easy to see in daytime and low-light operations qd throw-lever mount attaches/detaches easily to any milstd 1913 picatinny rail built-in riser enables co-witnessing of a2-type iron sights in lower 1/3 cqb t-dot window includes cr-123a battery up to 600 hour battery life holographic sights fast heads-up targeting ­ close quarters long range · · · · · · · · · · variable-intensity heads-up display with holographic reticle is visible in any light as long as you can see through any portion of the window the entire reticle is visible superimposed on the target light signature is not visible from the front so it won t give away your position versatile rugged all-weather construction with sealed water and shock-proof electronics integral mount for attaching to picatinny receiver rail 512 basic eotech model runs on two aa batteries 552 552.xr308 and 553 night vision compatible with brightness range of 1,000:1 with nv switch engaged 552.xr308 is ballistic drop compensated reticle for .308 caliber with marks calibrated for 600 900 and 1200 meters 553 incorporates throw lever quick-detach mount for instant installation and removal 516 and 556 have left-side-mounted control buttons for easy access with the g23.fts magnifier installed 556 is also night vision compatible with brightness range of 1,000:1 with nv switch engaged g23.fts magnifier add-on optic increases the reach of any eotech sight out to 600 meters without compromising close-range effectiveness mounts directly behind the sight and flip-to-side mount lets you flip the magnifier out of the way instantly by hitting the release lever most compact eotechs yet ­ night vision compatible · · · · · · · · · · · · · instinctive aiming with red reticle projected on the target in the viewing window buttons on the left side let you adjust reticle brightness level for current light conditions clamps to directly picatinny mil-std 1913 quick-release lever folds along the side of the base base provides enough elevation to co-witness with iron sights through viewing window up to 600 hours of continuous operation on one cr-123 battery auto-shutoff after 8 hours resettable to 4 hours to preserve battery life xps2-0 base model without nv capability reticle is 65 moa circle with 1 moa center dot xps3-0 nv compatible reticle is 65 moa circle with 1 moa dot exps3 battery compartment is above the base so the sight can be mounted closer to the delta ring exps3 models nsn #1240-01-587-9345 exps3-0 reticle is a 65 moa circle with a 1 moa center dot exps3-2 reticle is 65 moa circle with two vertically aligned 1 moa dots ­ top dot for targets out to 200 yards lower dot for ranges out to 500 yards exps3-4 reticle is 65 moa circle with four vertically aligned aiming dots calibrated top to bottom for 0-300m 400m 500m and 600m · specs aluminum housing hardcoat anodized 3.5 l x 2.4 w x 2.8 h 11.2 oz 317g wt 40 moa adjustment range ½ click value operating temperature range -40° to 150°f submersible to 10 ft depth l.e price 100-009-536cn brownells cqb t-dot holographic sight $549.99 train at our facility or yours we offer standard and custom courses at our state-of-the-art big springs shooting complex in searsboro iowa or for the least disruption of your operations and personnel our instructors can go to your facility through our mobile training program specs aluminum housing matte black finish 3.675 long x 2.25 5.7cm wide x 2.75 7cm high 11.2 oz 317g wt magnification 1x windage and elevation adjustment range 40 moa in ½ moa clicks ½ at 100 yards brightness adjustment range 146,000:1 brightest to lowest 30 brightness settings including 10 nv settings brightness range in nv mode 1,280:1 submersible to 10 ft l.e price specs lens 316 thick 3-layer shatterproof laminate glass reticle size 1 moa dot and 65 moa ring 512 552 552 xr308 5516 13.5cm long 11516 wide 238 high 11.5 oz 326g wt requires two aa batteries included 553 41516 12.4cm long 11516 wide 2¾ 7 .1cm high 12.2 oz 345g wt requires two cr-123a batteries included 516 556 518 13cm long 218 5.4cm wide 2¾ 7cm high 11.9 oz 337g weight requires two cr-123a batteries included g23.fts 4.4 11.3cm long x 2 5.1cm diameter at widest point 16.5 oz 500g weight actual magnification 3.25x eye relief 2 5.1cm field of view 6° l.e price 100-005-734cn 100-005-735cn 100-006-647cn 100-004-277cn 100-004-498cn eotech exps3-0 holographic sight $619.00 eotech exps3-2 holographic sight $619.00 eotech exps3-4 holographic sight $619.00 eotech xps2-0 holographic sight $489.00 eotech xps3-0 holographic sight $579.00 100-001-738cn 100-000-909cn 100-003-196cn 100-002-871cn 100-003-473cn 100-003-475cn 100-004-286cn 512 eotech holographic sight $415.00 552 eotech holographic sight $519.00 552.xr308 eotech holographic sight $569.00 553 eotech holographic sight $679.00 516 eotech holographic sight $489.00 556 eotech holographic sight $579.00 g23.fts magnifier $549.00 28 le orders le tech support 1-800-741-0308