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1-4x24 tmcq reticle viper® pst rifle scopes consistent accuracy at extreme ranges in harsh environments stressful situations point blank point blank ar-15/m16 m-223 scopes legendary nikon clarity calibrated for 5.56 ammo for precise long-range shooting optics laser sights 2.5-10x44 ebr reticle · · · 6-24x50 ebr/mrad · · 6-24x50 ffp ebr/mrad · · one-piece 30mm tube machined from aircraft-grade aluminum for outstanding strength and rigidity sealed gas-purged waterproof dustproof shockproof fully coated lenses are protected with scratch-resistant armortektm coating illuminated reticle has 10 intensity levels with an off position between each setting ebr enhanced battle reticle features subtension lines for ranging holdover and windage corrections tmcq tactical milling close quarters reticle pattern is optimized for rapid closeand mid-range shooting moa minute of angle with subtension lines that equal approximately 1.05 at 100 yards nikoplex 8x32 nikoplex · · · 12x42 nikoplex bdc 600 · variable-power scopes are specifically engineered throughout for the ar platform ballistically calibrated at the factory to match the trajectory of 5.56mm 55-grain polymer-tipped bullets traveling at 3,240 fps user can recalibrate for other bullets/velocities high-resolution optics and multi-layer coated lenses give superb clarity and light-gathering capacity especially at dusk and dawn rifle scopes · · · · · · · · · · · mrad milliradian reticles have subtension lines equal approximately 3.6 at 100 yards ffp first focal plane models have reticle lines that stay valid at all magnifications turret stops prevent turrets from traveling more than one revolution below the sight-in zero dimensions 1-4x24 ­ 9.7 25cm long 16 oz 453g wt 2.5-10x44 ­ 12 30.5cm long 18.4 oz 522g wt 4-16x50 ­ 13 33cm long 22 oz 624g wt 6-24x50 ­ 15.5 39cm long 23 oz 652g wt all models powered by a single cr-2032 lithium battery included retail price l.e price 100-005-955cn 100-007-290cn 100-007-289cn 100-007-287cn 100-007-288cn 100-007-286cn 1-4x24 viper scope tmcq/mrad 2.5-10x44 viper scope ebr/mrad 4-16x50 viper scope ebr/mrad 4-16x50 viper scope ffp ebr/mrad 6-24x50 viper scope ebr/mrad 6-24x50 viper scope ffp ebr/mrad $499.99 $599.99 $699.99 $899.99 $749.99 $949.99 466.65 559.99 653.32 840.00 699.98 887.00 nikoplex models feature nikon s classic nikoplex cross-hair reticle and a rapid action turret that lets you dial your elevation in 50 yard increments from 100 to 600 yards in less than one revolution bdc 600 reticle has open-circle aiming points at 200 300 400 500 and 600 yards with hash marks between them for mid-range targeting between those settings 1-4 x 20 point blank model features a wide field of view and a reticle similar to a standard duplex crosshair with 3 moa center dot for fast instinctive shooting from 0 to 200 yards 120 moa windage/elevation adjustment range in ½ moa clicks 2-8 x 32 models offer variable 2x to 8x magnification with 80 moa windage/elevation adjustment range in ¼ moa increments 3-12 x 42sf long-range models have a side focus knob for instant parallax adjustment without taking your eye away from the rear objective 60 moa windage/elevation adjustment range in ¼ moa increments m-223 mount clamps to flattop receiver rail and provides optimum height and eye relief for all of the m-223 scopes can be used on other scopes with 1 o.d tubes flatline ops accu/leveltm achieve true vertical hold for dead-on accuracy · · · · · bubble level clamps directly to scope tube and helps you correct cant error quickly swings into horizontal position for use folds over top of the scope when not in use models available to fit 1 30mm or 34mm scope tubes strong arm mount attaches to accu/level s accessory dovetail for mounting a cosine indicator accepts flatline ops aci/adi or sniper tool designs indicators machined aluminum construction matte black hardcoat finish mounting screws included l.e price specs aluminum tube hard-anodized matte black all models 1 o.d tube 1-4 x 20mm ­ 10½ o.a.l 20mm dia objective lens parallax 100 yds fixed 4 eye relief 12 oz wt 2-8 x 32mm 11½ o.a.l 32mm dia objective lens parallax 100 yds fixed 4 eye relief 13.4 oz wt 3-12 x 42mm ­ 13½ o.a.l 42mm dia objective lens parallax adjustable from 50 yds to infinity 18.7oz wt m-223 mount 5 o.a.l 3½ center-to-center ring spacing 3.125 between ring edges 20 moa built-in elevation requires 3½ of rail space 5.5 oz wt l.e price 100-006-122cn 100-006-123cn 100-006-124cn 100-006-125cn 100-006-126cn 100-006-127cn 1-4 x 20 m-223 scope point blank reticle $289.95 2-8 x 32 m-223 scope nikoplex reticle $329.95 2-8 x 32 m-223 scope bdc 600 reticle $349.95 3-12 x 42sf m-223 scope nikoplex reticle $449.95 3-12 x 42sf m-223 scope bdc 600 reticle $459.95 m-223 flattop scope mount $99.95 no handling charge · no minimum order · one-rate shipping anywhere in the u.s 100-006-834cn 100-006-835cn 100-006-836cn 100-006-837cn flatline ops 1 accu/level $129.95 flatline ops 30mm accu/level $139.95 flatline ops 34mm accu/level $169.95 strong arm cosine indicator mount $58.95 order hours m-f 7:30 am 5:00 pm cst · guntech hours m-f 8:30 am 4:30 pm cst 31