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firearm accessories emag 30-rd magazine fits almost any ar-type weapon platform mag pouch · compatible with all ar-15/m16 variants hk 416 fn scar sa-80 beretta arx-160 imi tavor and other .223/5.56mm weapons that use ar-type mags ar-15 m16 pmag 20 30-round magazines dependable nearly indestructible store fully loaded without losing reliability · ar-15/m16 20 30-round magazines no jams or misfeeds on the range field or under fire · choice of mil-spec stainless steel spring ss or dry-lube-coated chrome silicon spring cs that s less prone to spring set and corrosion-resistant certified to 500 hour salt spray standards available in 20-round straight or 30-round curved body magazines · · · · · · · fits all pouches and couplers for usgi m16/m4 magazines maglevel window and bright orange indicator instantly show you ammo status crush-resistant polymer body and pmag anti-tilt follower ensure reliable feeding flared floorplate for fast extraction from mag pouch easy to remove for cleaning also accepts pmag ranger floorplate available separately snap-on top cover keeps out dirt prevents feed lip stretching during long-term storage also serves as a floorplate removal tool and feed lip gap gauge meets nato stanag 4179 compatibility requirements retail price · · compact straight-body 20-round model makes a tactical rifle easier to store and retrieve nsn #1005-01-576-5164 · · curved-body 30-round model is available with solid body or in maglevel configuration with windows on both sides and a bright orange indicator to display ammo level retail price tactical models have chrome-silicon spring magpul® generation iii self-levelling follower and/or magpul ranger® floorplate with an easy-to-grasp loop for fast removal from pouches retail price l.e price l.e price l.e price 100-004-886cn magpul 30-rd emag each $22.99 21.31 100-006-963cn magpul 30-rd emag 10-pak save $199.99 100-003-119cn 100-003-305cn 100-003-581cn 100-003-580cn 100-003-144cn 100-003-304cn 100-003-593cn 100-003-592cn 100-003-541cn 100-003-544cn 100-003-542cn 100-003-543cn 30-rd pmag black 30-rd pmag dark earth 30-rd pmag o.d green 30-rd pmag foliage green 30-rd maglevel pmag black 30-rd maglevel pmag dark earth 30-rd maglevel pmag o.d green 30-rd maglevel pmag foliage green 20-rd pmag black 20-rd pmag dark earth 20-rd pmag o.d green 20-rd pmag foliage green $14.99 $14.99 $14.99 $14.99 $17.99 $17.99 $17.99 $17.99 $13.99 $13.99 $13.99 $13.99 12.97 12.97 12.97 12.97 16.55 16.55 16.55 16.55 12.60 12.60 12.60 12.60 078-000-107cn 30-rd ar-15/m16 mag cs $14.99 10.49 078-000-113cn 30-rd ar-15/m16 mag ss $14.99 10.49 078-300-025cn 30-rd ar-15/m16 mag 25 or more per each $12.50 10.49 078-000-160cn 20-rd ar-15/m16 mag cs $14.99 10.49 078-000-159cn 20-rd ar-15/m16 mag ss $14.99 10.49 078-200-025cn 20-rd ar-15/m16 mag 25 or more per each $12.50 11.00 080-000-489cn 30-rd tactical mag w/gen iii follower $11.99 10.64 080-000-490cn 30-rd tact mag w/magpul gen iii follower ranger plate $17.99 13.67 080-000-541cn 20-rd tactical mag w/ranger plate only $15.99 10.82 iphone® 4 field case gives iphone the magpul look black drk earth od green · · · foliage green orange pink ribs like those on magpul pmag magazines for grip features a flat back that keeps the phone from rocking when set on flat surfaces iphone 3g/3gs models available at ar-15/m16 60 100-round magazines more firepower fewer mag changes during operations · · · · · · · · keeps your gun running longer saves time lost to mag changes compatible with all ar-15/m16/m4 far less bulk and weight than drum-type high-capacity mags hardcoat anodized aluminum body is less than two standard magazines wide seats fully-loaded on a closed bolt · minor trimming of case is required to access the ringer silent button on the verizon iphone 4 retail price l.e price 100-006-732cn 100-006-734cn 100-006-949cn 100-006-735cn 100-006-733cn 100-006-736cn iphone 4 field case black 9.99 iphone 4 field case dark earth 9.99 iphone 4 field case o.d green 9.99 iphone 4 field case foliage green 9.99 iphone 4 field case orange 9.99 iphone 4 field case pink 9.99 7.99 7.99 7.99 7.99 7.99 7.99 60-rd fits most dual-mag pouches nesting nylon followers fully support the round stack l.e price 2 152-000-096cn surefire ar-15/m16 magazine 60-rd $90.30 152-000-097cn surefire ar-15/m16 magazine 100-rd $118.57 le orders le tech support 1-800-741-0308