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5.11 tactical apparel duty gear apparel tru-spec wh wh apparel blk blk performance polo shirts comfortable draws moisture away won t wrinkle fade fray or shrink · · · · · · · · · · neat and professional with a slight sheen stays looking good all day snag-resistant 100 polyester smartweavetm fabric won t wrinkle shrink lose it s shape or fade even after many washings no roll collar wicks moisture away from your body and dries fast antimicrobial treatment helps prevent growth of odor-producing bacteria dual reinforced pen/penlight pockets on left sleeve microphone clipping points under front buttons and on each shoulder gusseted sleeves provide full range of motion even when wearing a ballistic vest short sleeve available in white black dark navy silver tan s/t charcoal char le green more colors at long sleeve available in white black navy silver tan s/t and le green additional sizes available at navy 24-7 series® polo shirts ultra-comfortable durable soft breathable · · · · · · · · soft yet durable cotton/polyester micro knit fabric draws moisture away from the skin so you stay cool and comfortable reinforced half-moon neck yoke comfortable no-curl soft knit collar mic/sunglasses loop under front buttons divided pocket on left sleeve for two pens/pencils gusseted sleeves and side vents aid in freedom of movement back of shirt hangs lower to help keep it tucked in short sleeve available in white black dark navy silver tan heather gray classic green range red long sleeve in heather gray black navy additional sizes available at navy s/t s/t gray charcoal grn specs mens sizes small ­ 14 14½ neck 34 36 chest medium 15 15½ neck 38 40 chest large 16 16½ neck 42 44 chest extra large xl 17 17½ neck 46 48 chest 2xl 18 18½ neck 50 52 chest le grn specs 60 cotton/40 polyester knit mens sizes small s ­ 34 36 chest medium m ­ 38 40 chest large l ­ 42 44 chest extra-large xl ­ 46 48 chest 2xl ­ 50 52 chest red stk red short sleeve size s m l xl 2xl stk wh stk blk stk navy stk s/t stk char short sleeve 101-200-330cn 101-200-331cn 101-200-332cn 101-200-333cn 101-200-334cn 101-200-365cn 101-200-366cn 101-200-367cn 101-200-368cn 101-200-369cn l.e price 101-200-325cn 101-200-326cn 101-200-327cn 101-200-328cn 101-200-329cn 101-200-335cn 101-200-336cn 101-200-337cn 101-200-338cn 101-200-339cn 101-200-355cn 101-200-356cn 101-200-357cn 101-200-358cn 101-200-359cn 101-200-340cn 101-200-341cn 101-200-342cn 101-200-343cn 101-200-344cn stk le grn size s m l xl 2xl 101-000-403cn 101-000-404cn 101-000-405cn 101-000-406cn 101-000-407cn stk wh 101-000-410cn 101-000-411cn 101-000-412cn 101-000-413cn 101-000-414cn stk blk 101-000-417cn 101-000-418cn 101-000-419cn 101-000-420cn 101-000-421cn stk navy 101-000-431cn 101-000-432cn 101-000-433cn 101-000-434cn 101-000-435cn stk s/t 101-000-438cn 101-000-439cn 101-000-440cn 101-000-441cn 101-000-442cn stk gray 101-000-445cn 101-000-446cn 101-000-447cn 101-000-448cn 101-000-449cn stk grn 101-000-424cn 101-000-425cn 101-000-426cn 101-000-427cn 101-000-428cn l.e price retail price retail price stk 5.11 short sleeve performance polo shirt $39.99 38.67 stk 24/7 series short sleeve polo shirt $29.95 27.79 long sleeve size s m l xl 2xl stk wh stk blk stk navy stk s/t stk le grn long sleeve 101-200-380cn 101-200-381cn 101-200-382cn 101-200-383cn 101-200-384cn 101-200-390cn 101-200-391cn 101-200-392cn 101-200-393cn 101-200-394cn l.e price 101-200-370cn 101-200-371cn 101-200-372cn 101-200-373cn 101-200-374cn 101-200-375cn 101-200-376cn 101-200-377cn 101-200-378cn 101-200-379cn 101-200-385cn 101-200-386cn 101-200-387cn 101-200-388cn 101-200-389cn size s m l xl 2xl 101-000-459cn 101-000-460cn 101-000-461cn 101-000-462cn 101-000-463cn stk blk stk navy 101-000-466cn 101-000-467cn 101-000-468cn 101-000-469cn 101-000-470cn stk gray 101-000-452cn 101-000-453cn 101-000-454cn 101-000-455cn 101-000-456cn retail price retail price l.e price stk 5.11 long sleeve performance polo shirt $39.99 38.67 stk 24/7 series long sleeve polo shirt $29.95 27.79 60 le orders le tech support 1-800-741-0308