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smith enterprise ar-15/m16 ar-308 vortex flash eliminator · · · · · · primary weapons systems ar-15/m16/ar308 tactical compensator tames muzzle jump to help you control rifle during rapid fire internal blast chamber and side-venting ports help reduce felt recoil and muzzle jump for better control during rapid fire also keeps flash out of the shooter s line of sight maintains proper gas pressure so it won t impair gas system operation fsc556 fits rifles chambered in .223/5.56 mm sm556 is a specialized adapter version of the fsc556 that accepts the gemtech halo and knight s armament qdssnt4 suppressors fsc30 fits rifles chambered in calibers from 6.8mm up to .308/7.62mm · · · · · · · battlecomp enterprises ar-15/m16 battlecomp cuts muzzle climb suppresses flash · firearm accessories dissipates gas suppresses muzzle flash · · · · · · hides nearly 100 of muzzle flash even during full auto fire helix design helps align exiting combustion gas to improve accuracy with all bullet types grooved to accept a smith enterprise direct connect sound suppressor thread-on design requires no washer ar-308 models fit ar-style .308 rifle and tactical bolt actions with 5/8 24 tpi muzzle threads 9mm smg fits ar-15 carbines and submachine guns chambered in 9 x 19mm retail price l.e price 851-000-032cn .308 vortex flash eliminator 5/8 24 x .735 851-000-084cn .308 vortex flash eliminator 5/8 24 x .635 851-000-067cn 9mm smg vortex flash eliminator 851-000-047cn ar-15/m16 g6-a2 vortex flash eliminator $52.99 48.37 $91.99 73.83 $89.99 75.86 $59.99 48.28 yankee hill machine .223 phantom 5c2 comp flash hider tames muzzle rise · · dedicated comp/flash hider combo aggressive front end cuts for cqb maneuvers specs steel black matte finish includes washer fsc556 fits ar-15/m16/m4 and clones chambered in .223/5.56mm with ½ 28 tpi rh muzzle threads 218 5.4cm long x 78 2.2cm diameter 2.2 oz 62g wt sm556 2732 5.6cm long x 78 2.2cm diameter 2.5 oz 71g wt ½ 28 tpi rh thread fsc30 fits ar-style rifles in 6.8mm .270 and .308/7 .62mm 2¾ 7cm long x .960 2.4cm diameter 3.6 oz 101g weight 58 24 tpi rh thread includes ½ 28 adapter retail price l.e price multi-purpose muzzle device helps you stay on target between shots during rapid fire engagements reduces flash signature to preserve night vision in low-light engagements and prevent giving away your position less concussion than standard a2 hider makes a smaller dust signature when shooting prone 1.0/1.5/2.0 fit .223/5.56 rifles with ½ 28 tpi muzzle threads 1.5 is pre-drilled for permanent pinning to a 14.5 barrel to extend it to a civilian-legal 16.1 oal 2.0 accepts add-on muzzle devices that fit over standard a2 flash suppressors including gemtech halo and aac omni suppressors does not accept blank firing adapter bfa ba fits barrels chambered in calibers up to .308/7.62mm including 6.5 grendel 6.8 spc 7.62x39mm and .300 aac blackout machined stainless steel resists blast erosion matte black exterior finish rifle parts specs all models include required crush washer and/or shims 1.0/1.5/2.0 fit .223/5.56 barrels with ½ 28 tpi muzzle threads 1.0/2.0 ­ 1¾ 4.5cm oal 1.5 ­ 218 5.4cm oal ba ­ 258 6.7cm oal fits barrels with 58 24 tpi muzzle threads chambered in calibers up to .308/7 .62mm retail price le price 100-003-302cn fsc556 ar-15/m16 compensator $104.99 90.28 100-006-643cn sm556 ar-15/m16 compensator/suppressor adapter $128.99 106.38 100-003-564cn fsc30 ar-308 compensator $119.99 99.95 100-008-526cn 100-008-527cn 100-008-528cn 100-008-529cn battlecomp 1.0 battlecomp 1.5 battlecomp 2.0 battlecomp ba $139.99 $145.00 $155.00 $209.99 114.29 121.42 128.58 170.38 ar-15/m16 kx3 flash suppressor redirects concussion forward to provide much better flash suppression than standard military a2 suppressor · virtually eliminates side blast to protect nearby personnel during cqb building entries and when shooting from inside vehicles · lessens felt recoil and reduces muzzle rise to help keep sights on the target for fast follow up shots and superior recoil management on full-auto assault rifles especially with barrels 13 or shorter easy to install with the same wrench used to remove the factory flash suppressor crush washer included · · · · · hides flash and tames muzzle rise helps eliminate dust signature when shooting in the prone position for threaded barrels only includes crush washer .223 model has grooved base rings that accept training attachments and sound suppression devices for le and military personnel chisel-shaped front notches keep muzzle planted on your attacker during cqb situations reduces muzzle flash muzzle rise while it helps protect nearby personnel from side blast · · specs steel mil-spec phosphate coating .223 ½ 28 tpi 2¼ 5.7cm long 78 2.2cm diameter 2.1 oz 60g wt retail price l.e price specs heat-treated steel phosphate finish matte black ½ 28 tpi threads 3¼ 8.3cm o.a.l 111/32 3.4cm diameter 7 .2 oz 204g weight fits ar-15/m16/m4 rifles in 5.56mm 223 retail price l.e price 100-002-071cn comp/flash hider $30.99 21.79 100-003-335cn kx3 flash suppressor $129.99 120.99 order hours m-f 7:30 am 5:00 pm cst · guntech hours m-f 8:30 am 4:30 pm cst 5