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firearm accessories halo trek item 5.56 nato suppressors helps conceal your location ­ quick-attach screw-on models · fa762 suppressor sound flash suppression for .308/7.62 rifles · · item protects shooter and team members from hearing damage conceals shooter s position by reducing or eliminating muzzle flash noise dust signatures · preserves night vision enables faster assessment of bullet impact on target · required adapters sold separately fa762ss features barrel overlap design extra-tight suppressor bore is ideal for sniper rifles adds 5.5 14cm to original barrel length requires 2.75 7cm of clear barrel aft of muzzle fa762k features an end-mount design that does not overlap the barrel adds 5.6 14.2cm to original barrel length sale restricted to military law enforcement and nfa customers only · · · · · attaches securely to muzzle for quiet stealthy operation · use with full-power mil-spec/saami g5 quickmount ammunition · full-auto rated · halo model mounts to 5.56 nato birdcage type rifle flash suppressor in seconds ­ no tools required lightweight durable stainless steel inconel® and titanium construction non-reflective matte black finish trek model keeps a short profile ideal for carbines quickly threads onto barrels that are 10.3 or longer with ½ 28 tpi g5 attaches using the quickmount sold below to barrels 11 or longer adds 5.5 14cm to barrel oal quickmount for the g5 sound suppressor acts as a flash suppressor when the g5 is not installed attaches to standard ½ 28 tpi threads sale restricted to military law enforcement and nfa customers only · · · rifle parts specs high-temperature stainless steel alloy matte black finish fa762ss ­ 9.8 24.9cm long 1.5 3.8cm o.d 19 oz 539g fa762k ­ 8.4 21.3cm long 1.5 o.d 19 oz compatible surefire muzzle adapters required sold separately retail price l.e price 152-000-105cn surefire fa762ss rifle suppressor $1,985.00 $1,713.99 152-000-103cn surefire fa762k rifle suppressor $1,985.00 $1,849.99 specs halo ­ 7 .2 18.3cm oal 1.5 3.8cm o.d 21 oz 595g wt trek ­ 5.7 12.7cm oal 1.5 3.8cm o.d 17 .3 oz 490g wt g5 ­ 7 17 .8cm oal 1.5 3.8cm o.d 18.8 oz 533g wt quickmount ­ 2.1 5.3cm oal .862 2.2cm o.d 2.6 oz 73.7g wt retail price l.e price .308/7.62 muzzle adapters for mounting surefire fastattach® sound suppressors · mb762ssal/re 100-008-555cn 100-008-414cn 100-008-415cn 100-008-416cn gemtech halo 5.56 suppressor gemtech trek 5.56mm suppressor gemtech g5 5.56mm suppressor gemtech quickmount $750.00 $535.00 $900.00 $190.00 720.00 490.00 857.00 95.00 · · · blackside 45 suppressor compact high-efficiency sound flash control for .45 caliber pistols advanced frequency shifting baffle system produces outstanding suppression of sound and muzzle flash · requires only a small amount of light oil for maximum efficiency · uses no bore-obstructing wipes or mesh and can be used dry 0.0578 28 rh threads fit glock 21 and 1911 government model positive front stop threading reduces thread wear and aids in proper alignment on barrel made of stainless steel and lightweight aluminum alloy with matte black anodized finish compact 7.6 19.3cm oal 1.37 3.5cm od 10 oz 283.5g wt sale restricted to military law enforcement and nfa customers only retail price fh762k03 · · · · ca762ssal/re · · · · · easy-to-install muzzle devices serve a secondary function as muzzle brake flash hider or compensator when sound suppressor is not attached all models fit ar-type .308/7.62 rifles with 5/8 24 tpi muzzle threads mounting hardware and instructions included made from hardened stainless steel with matte black finish mb762ssal/re muzzle brake reduces muzzle rise and felt recoil to help you make fast reliable follow-up shots fits barrel with maximum .775 o.d extending 2.15 behind muzzle threads fh762k03 flash suppressor minimizes muzzle flash to conceal the shooter and maintain night-adapted vision fh762k flash suppressor fits knight sr-25 m110 sniper rifle and similar semi-auto/bolt action 7.62 rifles cca762ssal/re compensator provides a balance of flash reduction and muzzle control fits barrel with maximum o.d .775 extending 2.15 behind muzzle stock 100-008-426cn 100-008-441cn 100-008-447cn 100-008-445cn model mb762ssal/re fh762k03 fh762k ca762ssal/re length/o.d 4.2 10.6cm 865 2.8 7.1cm .865 2.7 6.9cm 865 3.8 9.7cm 865 l.e price 100-008-553cn gemtech blackside 45 suppressor $740.00 695.00 add l bbl length 1.6 4.1cm 2.2 5.6cm 2 5cm 1.3 3.3cm l.e price 149.00 129.00 129.00 129.00 6 le orders le tech support 1-800-741-0308