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table of contents new who we are our brands 2 new products 4-5 cargo management continued receiver hitches receiver hitches atv receiver hitches ultra frame® class v receiver hitches titan® class v receiver hitches super titan® receiver hitches motorhome hitches receiver hitches hitch accessories front mounted receivers and accessories hitch accessories hitch balls ball mounts hitch accessories pintle hooks and accessories pins clips locks tube covers electrical wiring accessories a-1/a-16 a-3 a-8 a-6 a-9 a-10 a-11 a-12 a-13 a-14 a-15 a-16 b-1/b-22 b-3 b-4 b-5 b-12 b-13 b-14 b-16 b-17 b-22 c-1/c-58 c-3 c-20 c-22 c-28 c-29 c-34 c-35 c-43 c-44 c-47 c-48 c-54 c-55 c-56 c-57 cargo carriers and accessories cargo bags luggage carriers roof racks and accessories organizers nets cargo bars and automotive covers securing and accessories ramps i-8 i-14 i-15 i-17 i-17 i-18 i-19 i-22 i-23 i-26 i-27 i-32 receiver hitches hitch accessories electrical wiring accessories weight distribution systems fifth wheel hitches j-1/j-58 jacks j-3 j-34 couplers j-35 j-47 winches j-48 j-58 tail lights auxiliary lighting ag lighting and accessories clearance side marker lights id light bars license plate lights and brackets reflectors porch utility lights assist bars interior lights planograms technical ag lighting bulbs jacks couplers winches vehicle illumination t-one® connectors modulite® power modules converters 2/4/5-way flat connectors and accessories 6/7-way connectors and wiring vehicle trailer adapters/jumpers electrical accessories wiring diagrams ag lighting technical k-1/k-66 k-3 k-24 k-25 k-26 k-27 k-28 k-29 k-45 k-46 k-50 k-51 k-52 k-53 k-54 k-56 k-57 k-58 k-59 k-63 k-64 k-65 pin boxes l-1/l-6 hitch trailer couplers locks l-2 l-4 cable accessory locks l-5 l-6 locks gooseneck hitch systems d-1/d-18 weight distribution systems d-3 d-14 sway controls d-15 d-16 weight distribution accessories d-17 d-18 weight distribution systems fifth wheel hitches fifth wheel hitches fifth wheel hitch accessories fifth wheel hitch application guide pin boxes trailer accessories breakaway systems and accessories trailer brake replacement parts wheel protection trailer equalizer air ride suspension systems trailer accessories vehicle accessories hindsighttm camera system ramps anchoring systems tow bars towing mirrors transmission coolers and accessories battery post adapter isolators m-1/m-36 m-3 m-6 m-7 m-19 m-20 m-22 m-23 m-24 m-35 n-1/n-10 n-2 n-3 n-6 n-7 n-8 n-9 brake controls cargo management jacks couplers winches vehicle illumination locks e-1/e-30 e-3 e-11 e-12 e-14 e-15 e-30 f-1/f-10 pin box conversion f-3 f-4 pin boxes f-5 f-9 under-bed gooseneck hitch systems above-bed gooseneck hitches gooseneck hitch system accessories gooseneck hitch application guide proportional brake controls timed brake controls brake control accessories brake control wiring wiring harnesses gooseneck hitch systems g-1/g-18 g-3 g-8 g-4 g-8 g-9 g-10 g-18 h-1/h-16 h-3 h-6 h-7 h-9 h-10 h-11 h-12 h-15 tools testers o-1/o-4 wiring brake control circuit testers o-2 hitch installation tools o-3 product displays header signs/cards gondola wallpaper merchandising materials suggested planogram layouts merchandising brake controls p-1/p-42 p-2 p-7 p-7 p-8 p-9 p-12 p-13 p-40 q-1 q-2/q-4 q-5 trailer accessories vehicle accessories i-1/i-32 bike carriers and accessories i-3 i-7 cargo management warranties numerical product listing tools testers all logos names trademarks are copyrights of their respective companies reproduction of this catalog or any part thereof without the permission of cequent performance products inc is prohibited by law merchandising numerical product listing www.cequentgrou p c o m ©2010cequentperformanceproducts,inc.p/n98929-2011rev.a.11/10for2011 3 table of contents indemnification program .