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what to expect from bullseye glass color variation while bullseye strives for consistent colors our glass is a handmade product and colors may vary slightly between production runs and from images in this catalog some colors may change slightly upon repeated firing or with extensive heatwork we recommend that you test samples of glass using the same firing cycles and processes to be used in finished pieces bullseye glasses are formulated for fired color unfired glass color may vary compatibility more questions see the about our glass section of bullseyeglass com for performance characteristics of specific glasses see also technotes 3 compatibility of glasses bullseye glasses are well known for reliable compatibility but it s important to understand the conditions of our factory testing especially if you intend to fire glass under unusual conditions colors that strike at bullseye we test glasses known to be fairly stable by firing them to a temperature of 1500°f 815°c and then

sheet glass 3 mm after a full fuse firing a solid sample indicates no change from unfired to fired each sample is 8 20 cm wide approximate color before firing approximate color before firing solid transparent 2 mm color after a full fuse firing 3 mm color after a full fuse firing aquamarine blue 001108-0030 -0050 sea blue 001444-0030 -0050 steel blue 001406-0030 -0050 aventurine blue 001140-0030 -0050 midnight blue 001118-0030 -0050 deep royal blue 001114-0030 -0050 caribbean blue 001164-0030 -0050 true blue 001464-0030 -0050 deep royal purple 001128-0030 -0050 gold purple 001334-0030 -0050 violet 001234-0030 -0050 deep plum 001105-0030 -0050 fuchsia 001332-0030 -0050 charcoal gray 001129-0030 -0050 oregon gray 001449-0030 -0050 light silver gray 001429-0030 -0050 olive smoke tint 001867-0030 gray tint 001829-0030 10 this style may not reveal or strike to its target color until fired for more information see page 2 hues of shift colors change depending on thickness and/or lighting

sheet glass collage accessory glasses arranged on the casting table then rolled over with molten glass for kilnforming stained glass or mosaics more styles available in the bullseye online store fracture-streamers fracture-streamers are tiffany reproduction glasses actual size of samples is 6 x 8 15 x 20 cm fired streamers are black unless otherwise noted autumn orange yellow and red 004111-0000 spring green and deep pink 004114-0000 light pink and white 004121-0000 white 004118-0000 winter white with clear streamers 004113-0000 spring blue green aqua and pink 004110-0000 summer green and yellow 004112-0000 green and white 004117-0000 light pink green and white 004116-0000 deep pink plum spring green and aqua with pink streamers 004128-0000 blue and white 004119-0000 black black streamers 004136-0000 autumn orange yellow and red on lacy white 004011-0000 spring green and deep pink on lacy white 004014-0000 spring blue green aqua and pink on lacy white 004010-0000 black 004100-0000

accessory glass frit made from crushed screened and magnetically cleaned bullseye compatible sheet glass use bullseye s versatile palette of frits for • • • • kilnforming techniques like drawing with glass painting with glass and powder printing kilncasting and pâte de verre torchworking and blowing to create surface color and pattern frit shown is medium mesh opalescent color after a full fuse firing fired color requires 3 mm thick coverage deep red 000224 red 000124 woodland brown 000203 cinnabar 000309 burnt orange 000329 umber 000310 butterscotch 000337 golden green 000227 dark forest green 000141 olive green 000212 spring green 000126 jade green 000145 pea pod 000312 mint green 000112 teal green 000144 mineral green 000117 celadon 000207 packaged in 5 lb 2.27 kg 1 lb 0.45 kg and 5 oz 0.14 kg containers all colors are bullseye compatible and available in powder fine medium and coarse mesh sizes 0008 powder 0.2 mm and finer 0001 fine ranges from 0.2 to

accessory glass rods opalescent rounded ends have been flameworked to indicate rods that strike some colors are shown on cores of french vanilla wrapped in clear darker transparent colors are presented on cores of dense white for your work at torch or kiln drawn from bullseye compatible glass bullseye rods are graded as either f recommended for both kilnwork and torchwork or t recommended for torchwork only since all bullseye rods are recommended for torchwork the f and t grades are relevant only to kilnworkers on these pages only t grade rods are marked unmarked rods are f grade rods may be purchased as singles or by the half-pound pound or ten pound quantity approximately eighteen to twenty rods per pound fourteen per pound for lustres for rod assortment packs see page 40 red 000124-0576 tomato red 000024-0576 pink 000301-0576-t petal pink 000421-0576 woodland brown 000203-0576 cinnabar 000309-0576 burnt orange 000329-0576 orange 000125-0576 moss green new 000241-0576 dark

to o l s supplies cutting tools toyo self-oiling cutter our most popular cutter at a great price random colors for the rainbow assortment order six cutting fluid sold separately 7010 toyo self-oiling cutter $25.20 7011 toyo cutters set of 6 $140.00 bohle silberschnitt self-oiling cutter high quality carbide wheel transparent oil tank heavy-duty brass grip piece plus the black plastic upper grip works as a fulcrum for breaking long cuts or pressing down lead flanges a versatile and well-made cutter at a great price 7155 $53.15 replacement cutter head for toyo self-oiling cutter 7034 $17.40 replacement head for bohle silberschnitt self-oiling cutter 7501 $22.00 toyo pistol-grip cutter exceptionally comfortable grip cutting fluid sold separately 7026 $34.20 bohle silberschnitt cutting fluid penetrates quickly into the score binds annoying glass particles promotes a clean break and helps ensure a smooth run and long life of the wheel 7157 1.7 fl oz 05 l $6.85 7136 one-liter refill

to o l s supplies molds from creative ceramics in europe the finest commercial slumping molds on the market slipcast from a specially formulated clay body these molds have an exceptionally smooth surface accept primer uniformly and do not crack under repeated use if handled properly note the measurements given here are for the outer dimensions of the mold this is to help you determine whether a given mold will fit in your kiln since they are handmade individual molds will vary in size never cut glass to fit until you have measured your mold see suggested slumping schedules at includes schedules for 101 molds round plates bowls plain plate 14.6 x 1.2 37 x 3 cm 8721 $92.35 saturn dessert plate 11.3 x 0.7 29 x 2 cm 8939 $64.50 round plate 12.8 x 0.7 33 x 2 cm 8928 $68.90 17.5 x 2.1 45 x 5 cm 8722 $151.10 round slumper 11.8 x 1.6 30 x 4 cm 8629 $61.90 large round slumper 14.8 x 2.6 38 x 7 cm 8628 $104.85 7.5 x 1 19 x 3 cm 8630 $33.90 classic 15.7 x 3.3

to o l s supplies caldera vitrigraph kiln paragon caldera kiln this versatile kiln can be used in three ways for test firing annealing lampworked beads and hand-pulling vitrigraph stringer order bead collar and vitrigraph conversion supplies separately bullseye edition special feature • sentry xpress 3-key controller with a ramp-hold mode other features • rapid firing to 2350°f 1287°c • top and bottom separate for complete portability 8823 $690.00 paragon caldera bead collar add a bead collar from paragon to your caldera for annealing lampworked beads with a hinged 7.5 x 2.25 191 x 57 mm door it adds 4.5 114 mm of height to the kiln measures 13 x 13 x 4.5 330 x 330 x 114 mm 8824 $134.00 paragon caldera kiln shelf made from cordierite 7 x 7 x 0.625 178 x 178 x 16 mm 8826 $15.50 vitrigraph conversion supplies to turn your caldera into a vitrigraph kiln just add a pot four supports and a vermiculite board with a center hole then get busy handpulling

media technical bullseye techbook even after almost 40 years of research and experimentation we re still learning new things about kilnformed glass instead of a textbook that would quickly become out of date we developed this threering binder that allows you to add new information as it develops includes our complete collection of technotes tipsheets make it projects quick tips and product information articles download updates and additions from our website for free about 60 pages with a multitude of illustrations 8030 $25.00 bullseye kilnforming notes pad get organized keep valuable records on your kilnforming projects using forms designed by bullseye technicians the three-hole-punch format fits standard binders as well as the bullseye techbook 8029 $3.25 video lessons bullseye s kiln-glass education online aims to inspire kiln-glass makers everywhere helping them to build foundational skills acquire new techniques and discover new forms and projects new video lessons added year

solid color transparent 001116-0030 -0031 -0050 -0051 001118-0030 -0031 -0050 -0051 001119-0030 -0031 -0050 -0051 001120-0030 -0031 -0050 -0051 001122-0030 -0031 -0050 -0051 001125-0030 -0031 -0050 -0051 001126-0030 -0031 -0050 -0051 001128-0030 -0031 -0050 -0051 001129-0030 -0031 -0050 -0051 001137-0030 -0031 -0038 -0050 -0051 001140-0030 -0031 -0050 -0051 001141-0030 -0031 -0050 -0051 001145-0030 -0031 -0050 -0051 001164-0030 -0031 -0050 -0051 001205-0030 -0031 -0050 -0051 001207-0030 -0031 -0050 -0051 001215-0030 -0031 -0050 -0051 001232-0576 001234-0030 -0031 -0050 -0051 turquoise blue dbl-rol turquoise blue dbl-rol irid rbow turquoise blue thin turquoise blue thin irid rbow midnight blue dbl-rol midnight blue dbl-rol irid rbow midnight blue thin midnight blue thin irid rbow sienna dbl-rol sienna dbl-rol irid rbow sienna thin sienna thin irid rbow yellow dbl-rol yellow dbl-rol irid rbow yellow thin yellow thin irid rbow red dbl-rol red dbl-rol irid rbow red thin red thin irid rbow

3722 se 21st avenue portland or 97202 503.232.8887 888.220.3002 toll free within the u.s 82 bullseye projects 300 nw 13th avenue portland or 97209 503.227.0222 bullseye resource center bay area 4514 hollis street emeryville ca 94608 510.595.1318 bullseye resource center los angeles opening spring 2016 143 pasadena avenue suite b south pasadena ca 91030 bullseye resource center new york 115 hoyt avenue mamaroneck ny 10543 914.835.3794 bullseye resource center portland 3610 se 21st avenue portland or 97202 503.227.2797 bullseye resource center santa fe 805 early street building e santa fe nm 87505 505.467.8951