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one solution many possible applications busch-audioworld® is a complete system with perfectly matching components it is the ideal solution for varied applications the busch-audioworld® system consists of a central unit in mini hi-fi format 2 different amplifier inserts and various speakers as well as a microphone control panel the busch-audioworld® central unit can be installed in the living room together with the hi-fi system 4 busch-audioworld® multiroom sound system table of

great sound in a tiny space in the mornings awaken to music in the bedroom listen to the latest traffic information in the bath and start the day off with music that puts you in a good mood over breakfast in the kitchen this is possible right now without a large space requirement or the need for a jumble of cables the new digitalradio for flush installation displays the time when it is switched off can be used as an alarm clock and even play back mp3 files or cds via a separate audio input in a separate flush mounted wall box radio reception is either via an external aerial or the integrated aerial to have more comfort with your own mp3 music files e.g from your ipod iphone or an other mp3-player the buschidock is the best solution for direct connections there are different adapters included in delivery for apple ipod iphone -types with docking connector in addition the busch-idock is working as charger too all other mp3-players are connectable via stereo jack 3,5 mm a new

everything designed for flush mounted installation like socket outlets digitalradio with busch-idock and loudspeaker insert busch-idock the radio and speaker can be installed separately too busch-audioworld® 3gang combination with busch-idock digitalradio and speaker switch series solo® colour davos made for ipod means that an elec tronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to ipod and has been certi fied by the developer to meet apple performance standards works with iphone means that an electronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to iphone and has been certified by the developer to meet apple performance standards apple is not responsible for the operation of this device or its compliance with safety and regulatory standards busch-idock busch-audioworld® multiroom sound system

mature technology obvious comfort the days are gone when you had to set up a stereo system or radio in every room of the house in order to listen to music busch-audioworld® can be used in every room via the amplifiers music is played on demand and in stereo quality via the central unit 01 02 03 01 bang olufsen beocenter 2 02 radio/tv satellite co-axial socket outlet 03 rj 45 connection socket 8 busch-audioworld® multiroom sound system music in every room archive

on/off switch tuner frequency display save channel programme menu switch all subscribers on/off function key ­ delete programming frontal view central unit with integrated stereo radio tuner iec antenna socket 2 x 2 cinch for external source switch input switch all subscribers on/off system data connector for audio bus link rear view ports for connecting an external hi-fi system are on the rear of the central unit as well as an iec antenna socket and an rj-45 socket for the audio bus link the heart of the system is a compact central unit which is designed as mini hi-fi component this central module consists of an integrated stereo radio tuner with 8 memory spaces and two aux inputs for external music sources such as the hi-fi system in the living room in adjacent rooms two stereo channels e.g a radio channel and an aux input can be played back the busch-audioworld® central unit is controlled via the device itself as well as via the amplifier inserts operation of the entire system

variety of functions for wide-ranging applications busch-audioworld® can be adapted flexibly to your individual requirements do you not only wish to listen to music but also use the device as an intercom system there are suitable control covers available for just this purpose and they can be combined with various busch-jaeger switch ranges the busch-audioworld® system can be combined with nearly all busch-jaeger switch ranges in all colours carat® pur edelstahl solo ® busch-axcent® alpha future® linear reflex si si linear 10 busch-audioworld® multiroom sound system flexible system archive

busch-audioworld® ­ compatible and flexible busch-audioworld® is inserted seamlessly into your existing music system the busch-audioworld® central unit is connected to the stereo system in adjoining rooms different speakers can be connected to the amplifier inserts depending on the installation location existing speakers can also be used in some cases this means you save costs and effort and yet enjoy greater comfort throughout the house 01 02 03 12 busch-audioworld® multiroom sound system multifunction loudspeaker connection archive

built-in 5 12,7 cm speaker for damp locations built-in 5 12,7 cm speaker for dry locations in offices with suspended ceilings the built-in 5 speakers can be used 04 01 speaker connection box 02 speaker connector 03 2gang combination switch/speaker module 04 external speaker by bang olufsen multifunction loudspeaker connection busch-audioworld® multiroom sound system 13 archive

busch-audioworld® ­ commercial solutions the busch-audioworld® range also includes many commercial solutions for example it can be used in doctors surgeries or shops shops today offer their customers an atmosphere in which they feel at ease this includes the right music played pleasantly busch-audioworld® offers an audio input to which you can connect a cd player or pc in most cases music is played back via several built-in speakers an mdrc amplifier is required for this to which up to 16 speakers can be connected customers in the shop can therefore enjoy discreet 01 02 evenly distributed music throughout the shop the system can be operated in two ways either via an amplifier insert or via an electronic potentiometer which has the external appearance of a dimmer operation of the mdrc amplifier via the electronic potentiometer is just as simple as it looks you press the rotary knob to switch the mdrc amplifier on and off and you turn it to adjust the volume 03 04 14

in addition to playing music in the different rooms in doctors surgeries or legal practices the intercom function is a useful means of communication doctors can make their patients waiting time seem shorter by playing music suitable speakers can be installed in the waiting room with the microphone control panel selective announcements can be made to the waiting room or the indi vidual treatment rooms the individually assignable switches of the microphone control panel ensure quick and easy operation of course it is also possible to respond from the treatment rooms via the intercom amplifier insert 05 the busch-audioworld® microphone control panel offers 8 function switches and a built-in speaker 01 audio input flush mounted 02 mdrc modular din rail component amplifier 03 busch potentiometer 04 intercom amplifier with display 05 busch-audioworld® microphone control panel practical applications busch-audioworld® multiroom sound system 15 archive

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