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elips4sun elips4sun elips4sun® the organic look makes the difference – with a distinctive silhouette and exceptional design »unmistakable form with unique function.« the ellipsoidal shape with its curved edges between the ribbing has an extravagant look that stands out distinctively from the uniform appearances of conventional shade sail systems but the advantages don’t stop there this shape is not only eye-catching but also incredibly practical the convex edges allow for a wider sail which offers greater protection from sun and rain furthermore the system only requires a single mast which saves valuable space for maximum freedom of movement in the shade intelligent shading system also masters strong winds and rain in style the clouth profiles special handcrafted battens are responsible for the automatic arching of the sail rainwater runs right off the sides without pooling and the flexible ribbing easily absorbs gusts of wind in stronger winds a specially

elips4sun elips4sun ag101 round mast ø 101 mm with internal windpressure-relief mechanism and external weight a granite ball available in various models ig204 round mast ø 204 mm with internal wind elips4sun mast information model ag101 ig204 ig211h weight external internal internal 79° angle 90° angle 90° angle diameter ø 101.6 mm ø 204.0 mm 211 x 211 mm height 5,240 3,000 mm 3,000 mm yes yes yes concrete ground socket use c4sun use c4sun foundation ø 108 x 3 mm flange plate flange plate pressure-relief mechanism and internal weights ig211 square mast 211 x 211 mm with internal ball bravo wind-pressure-relief mechanism and internal included 5.8 weights installation angle all masts are also available in v4a stainless steel additional cost 5.3 dimensions 4.8 5,850 mm mounting options krinner length 700 mm c4sun cube yes yes c4sun projection in m ground screw width in m 4.8 5.3 wall brackets ag101 ig204 ig211 custom sizes available bravo ball included

square4sun square4sun straight lines with a distinctive character two different models – both one of a kind the square4sun is available in various models in order to offer you even more installation options this and sizes as a result it is easily adaptable to sail type is available in two models with different mast the architecture and requirements of the sur positions and cable-routing systems the masts of the roundings as well as to your personal tastes model »square4sun cross« are spaced slightly wider than these square sails with their large surface the fabric for an especially stable sail the masts of the area provide significantly more shading pro »square4sun line« are aligned with the front corners of tection and style than conventional products the sail the parallel lines formed by the cables accentuate the convex shape of the sail system components standard version • two stainless-steel v2a ag101 masts ø 101.6 mm l 5,240 – 5,840 mm including

trapez4sun trapez4sun trapez4sun® the best remedy for the humdrum of life lots of light fresh air and inspiration »nowadays individuality is the greatest luxury.« few products illustrate this better than the shade sails from c4sun the elegant trapez4sun shade sails have an eye-catching design that outshines all conventional systems the trapez4sun system was designed to suit your unique tastes and dynamic personality the sail has a distinctively tapered shape that creates an attractive contrast to minimalist architecture or the strictly symmetrical designs of surrounding structures turning style into an experience in any weather the trapezoidal sail is a real head turner – and is also the first choice for unusually shaped terraces requiring an effective and visually appealing sun-shading solution the system furls and unfurls fully automatically and the unique atmosphere of comfort and well-being under the arched sail turns every second spent outdoors into a magical

trapez4sun attractive shapes inspire – and open up new perspectives instead of following the trends c4sun prefers to set new trapez4sun enjoy freedom – wherever you are with smart home solutions from somfy and c4sun standards with innovative ideas and exceptional solutions like the trapez4sun – an inspiring shade sail that you can keep everything under control at all times with opens new horizons with its design ideal for anyone the tahoma system from somfy the global market leader who wants the time they spend outdoors to be filled with in home automation this system allows you to operate unique moments your c4sun shade sail system conveniently via remote control computer or smartphone app or you can simply leave it up to the wind and sun sensor which reliably monitors and responds to changes in the weather and light conditions around the clock system components standard version • two stainless-steel v2a ag101 masts ø 101.6 mm l 5,240 – 5,840 mm

unique4sun unique4sun unique4sun® one of a kind like your personality – and perfectly tailored to your requirements »turning individuality into a high-end solution.« for anyone who would rather set standards than settle for standard solutions c4sun is the right partner for customised shading concepts higher standards and more demanding projects require more professional consultation planning coordination and implementation this is the only way to implement maximum individuality as a long-term and reliable high-end solution that outshines all other systems you profit from our extensive experience in product development and quality improvement this applies not only to construction-related features and special characteristics but also to designs materials and the technologies we use from our daily work we know the strengths of the various components such as wind-pressurerelief systems drive systems and control options and custom-developed solutions for practically all

comfort comfort comfort relax and enjoy your valuable time outdoors – in pure luxury a standard feature of every c4sun system »we’ve taken care of the important things so that you can relax.« gusts of wind are elegantly absorbed by the clouth profiles and the specially developed wind-pressure-relief system and maximum comfort means always playing it safe in the worst conditions if the wind becomes so strong that it could potentially pose a hazard for people with a one-of-a-kind design principle and fascinating detail solutions that make your life easy enjoy the venience take for example the controls at the touch of a button on the remote control or wall-mounted transmitter the sail unfurls effortlessly your outdoor area is or the system itself the sail furls away automatically even the maintenance requirements will put you at ease transformed into a stylish stage and shade becomes the high-quality extremely weather-resistant materi a

comfort comfort »is there really such a thing as ultimate comfort?« the intelligent optional features and equipment for our you can either take the control in your own hands e.g sun-shading systems can provide you with mobile ac using rts radio frequency technology – or let the system cess to the basic control functions when you’re relaxing do all the work for example the optional soliris wind we were able to answer this question with a resounding in your car at work or on holiday across the ocean these and sun sensor continually monitors sun intensity and yes – and with clever comfort options that make your life options include the seamless integration of compatible wind speed if the measured values exceed the pre-set li easier even when you’re not at home drive and control components into existing bus home mits the sail will automatically furl or unfurl for more automation systems or in the tahoma smart home sys safety and perfect outdoor conditions

technology free choice always the best solution technology c4sun cube krinner ground screw ground properties can vary greatly even at a single with ground screws the masts can be anchored to the building site if this applies to the area under your the ideal solution for terraces particularly roof ter ground quickly cleanly and securely this patented foun planned shade sail e.g if various surface materials were races our cubes measure 80 x 80 x 40 cm and can be dation system from the german company krinner is an used you can simply combine any of the mounting solu placed anywhere on flat surfaces for safety purpos excellent alternative to concrete foundations the ground tions described here es they are either weighted with up to 400 kg of bal screws are driven into the ground quickly and easily using last material or anchored to the ground the choice special equipment the conical shape compacts the soil upon request we would be happy to develop a custom is yours as a place to sit or a

our company our company our company c4sun has become an innovation leader – with high-tech know-how and passion »all success stories begin in the same place the head.« accomplishing our goals with dedication creativity and innovative solutions in order to advance the project from the concept stage to it all began in 2011 with the development of the c4sun series production joh clouth began providing support concept an idea of rainer wronka‘s the principle a for the development of the company in 2011 based in highly aesthetic shade sail with an elegant dome shape hückeswagen germany this family-owned company is a that furls and unfurls fully automatically a customised global market leader and supplier to the paper industry solution for luxury terraces and sophisticated outdoor areas that outshines all other systems with its innova joh clouth invested not only capital but also its collec tive design and a completely new atmosphere of stylish tive know-how and a lot

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