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In the United States:
Cadillac Customer Assistance Center
P. O. Box 33169
Detroit, MI 48232-5169
In Canada:
GM of Canada
1908 Colonel Sam Drive
Oshawa, Ontario
L1H 8P7, Canada
Mail Code 163-005

Inside the U.S.: 1-800-458-8006
Inside Canada: 1-800-263-3777
International Inquiries: 1-905-644-4112

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04 e s s en ceofxtss tat e of theart mee t s high a r t x t s premium c ollec t ion sapphire blu e me t

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i llumin at eddoorhandles 16 refined details are everywhere right down to the available illuminated door handles more than an accent their soft glow makes them easier to locate once you are in the vehicle they return to their nonilluminated state light in g a pe r f or m a nce thisim pr e s si v e deserves l igh t in gtom at ch puddle l amps subtle lamps located under the outside mirrors cast a light near the entrance of the car as part of the carefully choreographed lighting sequence so your path is well lit illumin at edsillpl at e s in the xts every detail was considered for example upon opening either front door in the platinum collection backlit sill plates are an inviting touch ambient interior l ighting available ambient lighting complements the led spotlights under the door pulls in front in the foot wells and from the overhead console casting a soft glow under the wood trim on the dash and front door panels it adds intrigue to the contemporary design of the cabin with the

22 in t er iordesigne ven t he f ine p oin t s h ave finerp oi n t s the first moments behind the wheel are in many ways the most inspiring—which is why we designed the xts to feel more like a perfectly tailored garment you wear it feel it think it there’s the wraparound instrument panel that blends seamlessly into the upper doors creating an uninterrupted sense of spaciousness to that add fine leather seating surfaces exotic woods and brushed metal that work in concert to further accentuate the cabin even the spacious backseat with unsurpassed-inclass rear legroom is slightly elevated so every passenger is afforded a seat with a view complementing rear-seat comfort is a new fold-down armrest with integrated controls for both the radio and available power sunshade it may feel as if every interior detail was designed to meet your personal specifications perhaps that’s because it was x t s pl at inum c ol l ec t i on je

28 c ue intell ige nce in i t s simpl es t f orm the intuitive cue1 driver interface blends map-integrated doppler weather3 reports cue innovative technology with highly intelligent design also streams pandora radio 4 and lets you preset to create an experience that s as effortless as it is up to 60 favorites including points of interest advanced it easily accesses every contact and song addresses phone numbers and more with cue ® 1 full funct io n alit yreq uir e s co m p at ible blu etoothandsm ar tphone so mede vic esreq uir e usb co nnect ivit y 2 ma p cov er ag e av aila ble in t h e unit e d st at e s u.s vir gin i sla n d s p u er t o rico andcanada 3 re q uir e s ac t iv e siriu sxm subs crip t io n 4 d at a pla n r at esap ply 1 on up to ten bluetooth -enabled smartphones the the customization and content possibilities are not available 3-d gps navigation system 2 has only endless but right at your

34 safe tyvi sion in e very sense of t he w ord the best safety features are those that help you avoid a distance between you and other vehicles and the available collision in the first place that’s why the xts offers the automatic front and rear braking detects large objects latest innovations in driver awareness and assistance to help you may not see to help prevent certain low-speed collisions inform you of potential hazards you may not even see using by applying the brakes for you as an alternative to warning radar technology and strategically placed cameras the xts is chimes the xts offers a safety alert seat that pulses giving ever-vigilant with its available forward collision alert lane you instant tactile feedback to alert you of select dangers on departure warning side blind zone alert,1 rear cross-traffic the road with all of this it s no surprise that the 2013 xts alert and front and rear park assist even the available was awarded a 5-star overall vehicle

40 p erf o rm ance p o w er t r a in p o wer t h at a ppe alsto you rleft br ainandr igh tfoot in equa l me a sures x t s pl at inum c ol l ec t i on withtw in t urb o v6 graphite me t alli c its performance matches its dramatic presence a 305 hp and precise direct-injection to deliver outstanding performance 3.6l direct-injection engine is standard on every xts and by any measure either engine you select is coupled to an is renowned for its smooth refined power ignite the newly advanced gen-ii automatic transmission that delivers crisp available 410 hp twin turbo v6 and you ll experience an smooth shifts in step with the engine s impressive output when entirely new level of exhilaration at its heart is a refined you call for power the xts answers immediately turbocharging system that combines variable valve timing 1 epa estimatedmpg 17 city 2 8 h ig hway f w d 17 city 26 h ig hway aw d new twin turbo v6 power a technological masterpiece twin turbochargers help the 3.6l

46 p remium coll ec tion it’s as close as you can get to a personalized fit tri-zone climate control means every inch of the car is perfectly heated or cooled the reconfigurable gauge cluster allows you to toggle between four distinct gauge cluster designs and choose which t he premium c ol l ec t i on design perfectly suits your driving experience and the richly detailed interior predic t i ons seem fr i vol ous when you ve a l re a dy comes complete with a 14-speaker bose ® studio surround ® sound system even the newly available 410 hp twin turbo v6 is just another example of how we’ve pushed se enthefuture refinement and performance to a whole new level head updispl ay brillianceth at looksahead bose studio surround sound system navig at ionsystem using head-up display technology similar to that found in fighter jets helps keep your eyes on the road by projecting customizable key driving and entertainment information in full color at eye level intellibeam

52 in t er iort heme s a nd colorsx ts jet black1 x t s premium c ollec t ion caram el with je tblackaccents 3 xtspl at inumcollection jetblackwithlightwheataccents 5 1 2 3 4 5 je t black available on x t s xtsl uxur y an dxts pr e mium colle c tions shale wit h cocoa acc ent s available on x t s xtsl uxur y an dxts pr e mium colle c tions c aram el wit h je t black acc ent s available on xtsl uxur y an dxts pr e mium colle c tions me dium t it anium wit h je t black acc ent s available on xtsl uxur y an dxts pr e mium colle c tions x t s pla t in u m c olle c t io n o nly nutella sapele raven sapele lineate x t s luxury c ollec t ion s h ale w it h c o co a a cce n t s 2 x t s premium c ollec t ion me diumtitaniumwith je tblackaccents 4 xtspl at inumcollection lightplatinumwithdarkurbanandcocoaaccents 5 nutella sapele raven sapele nutella sapele with

58 xtsfe at ure s a nd options dimensions 59.1 capaci t ies front re ar head room 39.0 37.8 cargo volume hip room 55.1 54.3 seating leg room 42.1 40.0 fuel fwd gal approx 18.6 shoulder room 57.9 56.3 fuel awd gal approx 19.5 18.0 cu ft 5 s ta ndardluxu ry premium 61 .7 111.7 7 2 .9 202.0 p l at inum 62.0 s ta ndardluxu ry premium p l at inum drivetrain 3.6l directinjection v6 vvt engine with 305 hp1 6,800 rpm and 264 lb ft of torque 5,300 rpm dual-zone for driver and front passenger 3.6l twin turbo directinjection v6 vvt engine with 410 hp @6,000 rpm and 368 lb ft of torque 2,000 rpm requires awd frontwheel drive tri-zone for driver front passenger and rear seating areas rear-window defroster interiorfe at ures continued allwheel drive advanced with torque vectoring includes electronic limited-slip differential elsd console front center with shifter storage bins storage tray dual hidden cup holders includes dual usb ports,9 sd card slot and