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In the United States:
Cadillac Customer Assistance Center
P. O. Box 33169
Detroit, MI 48232-5169
In Canada:
GM of Canada
1908 Colonel Sam Drive
Oshawa, Ontario
L1H 8P7, Canada
Mail Code 163-005

Inside the U.S.: 1-800-458-8006
Inside Canada: 1-800-263-3777
International Inquiries: 1-905-644-4112

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5 6 xts premium collection kona brown with jet black

an auditory ocean customized for the unique acoustic environment of the xts the 14-spe akerbose ® studio surround ® sound system in the premium and platinum collections washes over you in sonic waves the system uses two personal® surroundspeakers placed on the top of each front seat to provide an immersive and individual experience while proprietary speakers and a powerful amplifier enhance the rich detailed sound audiopilot ® noisecompensationtechnology continuously adjusts the music to compensate for background noise and vehicle speed 9

safety you can feel an available patented safety alert seat sends pulses through the seat cushion on the left or right side or simultaneously alerting you to a variety of potential hazards as well as the direction they’re coming from

protection optimal as solid as steel braking auto-dry2 brakes position the brake pads closer to the rotor sweeping away moisture once the windshield wipers are activated this helps keep the brakes drier optimizing braking performance the safetycage on the xts is constructed with high-strength steel alloys and strategically placed crumple zones and incorporates 10 standard airbags.1 prev enti vesafetyfeatures include electronic braking force distribution which helps balance the braking power between the front and rear brakes and the sta bilitr a k electronic stability control system 1 always use safety belts and child restraints children are safer when properly secured in a rear seat in the appropriate child restraint see the owner’s manual for more safety information 2 visit cadillac.com/autodry for limitations and details 17

a smooth oper ator fitted with advanced suspension technology and a 304-hp 3.6l direct-injection v6 the xts offers a powerful yet smooth drive dual-mode m agn et ic r ide con t rol assesses the road up to 1,000 times per second adjusting to provide responsive handling hiper strut technology helps keep the tires keyed to the surface delivering a comfortable ride additionally the engine is coupled to an automatic transmission that provides crisp clean shifts upgrade to either of the xts vsportmodels and you’ll get an exhilarating 410-hp 3.6l twin turbo direct-injection v6 with 369 lb ft of torque that is complemented by 20 wheels an exclusive grille and unique rear vsport badging 21

the exquisite with a chiseled body and an available range of striking grilles the exterior of the xts is the embodiment of elegance modeled with meticulous details to attract the rare connoisseurs who appreciate them 25 xts platinum collection dark adriatic blue metallic shape of luxury

brilliant illumination approaching the xts sets off beautifully chor eogr a phed l ighting designed to enhance nighttime visibility elements in the headlamps and outside mirrors along with available illuminating accents on the door handles acknowledge your presence and emit a soft glow to brighten the area around the vehicle the high-intensity discharge hid headlamps are available with intellibe amtechnology which automatically switches between low and high beams when either taillamps or oncoming headlamps are sensed in addition available adaptiveforwardlighting allows you to keep your eyes on the curve by peering around corners as you turn the steering wheel 29

the ideal com pl ement cast-aluminum chrome inserts the wheels on the xts proceed smoothly from artful design to stunning practicality 19 cast-aluminum with premium 19 cast-aluminum with multi-coat painted finish and sterling silver premium painted finish chrome inserts luxury collection standard includes p245/45r19 all-season tires includes p245/45r19 all-season tires 20 cast-aluminum with polished finish and chrome inserts platinum collection and vsport platinum includes p245/40r20 all-season tires 19 cast-aluminum with 20 cast-aluminum with premium polished finish multi-coat painted finish premium collection premium collection option includes p245/45r19 all-season tires included on vsport premium includes p245/40r20 all-season tires 33

paint finishes tintcoat tricoat a premium two-layer paint a meticulous three-layer application with the addition process that results in a of a tinted clearcoat lending dramatic hue-shifting color the finish an extra depth and brightness cocoa bronze metallic 1 2 59.1 61.7 111.7 72.9 202.0 62.0 xts dimensions front rear capacities headroom 39.0 37.8 cargo volume 18.0 cu ft hip room 55.1 54.3 seating 5 legroom 42.1 40.0 fuel fwd gal approx 18.6 shoulder room 57.9 56.3 fuel awd gal approx 19.5 37 graphite metallic radiant silver metallic black raven white diamond tricoat 1 black diamond tricoat 1 silver coast metallic3 dark adriatic blue metallic 1 2 crystal red tintcoat 1 1 available at extra cost 2 late availability 3 not available with medium titanium/jet black interior

x tsfe at uresandoptions standard luxury premium platinum vsport vsport premium platinum drivetrain 3 6l d irec t in j ec ti o n v6 v v t en gin e with 304 hp 6800 rpm and 264 lb ft of torque 5300 rpm 3 6l t win tu rbo d irec t in j ec tio n v6 v v t en gin e with 410 hp 6000 rpm and 369 lb ft of torque 1900 rpm fro nt-wh eel d rive all-wh eel d rive advan ced with to rq u e vec to rin g includes electronic limited-slip differential elsd 6 -speed auto mati c transmissio n includes steering wheel-mounted paddle shifting en g in e blo ck h e ater std std std std std std std std opt std std opt std std std opt std opt std opt std opt std opt std opt std opt std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std std