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In the United States:
Cadillac Customer Assistance Center
P. O. Box 33169
Detroit, MI 48232-5169
In Canada:
GM of Canada
1908 Colonel Sam Drive
Oshawa, Ontario
L1H 8P7, Canada
Mail Code 163-005

Inside the U.S.: 1-800-458-8006
Inside Canada: 1-800-263-3777
International Inquiries: 1-905-644-4112

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performance and electric drive 28 continuous damping control regen on demand perform a nce pack age drive modes c onquer ever y road c ont inuous damping c ont rol ta kecharge withregenondemand youpl ay a even more to look for ward to t he el r per formance cus tomize your ride choose from four dis tinct adjus t s t he c alibr at ion at all four w heels ever y more active role in saving energy when you lif t your packageelevateseveryr id ewithad di t io n a l dr i v ing m o de s tour s p or t moun t ain hold t o t wo millis ec onds maint aining op t imal vehicle r ide foot from the accelerator and engage the dual-side features lik ethesportleathersteer in gwheel help m anage t he ener gyus age s t or e d in t he c ont rol over v ar ying road sur f ac e s paddle cont rols behind the s teering wheel energy is per formance summer-only tires 20 spor t alloy bat ter y depending on t he t ype of drive or road channeled to the bat ter y keeping you moving where wheels performance 4

interior bose® technologydriver selec ta blepaneldispl ay 2 0 w ay adjus ta blese at ingeng ul fyourself in s o un d theprem ium apanelwithpersonality choosefromfourdriver f ull ycust omi z able c om for t av ailable 2 0 w ay driver selec ta b l e auto h e at edse at s 10 speakerboseso un dsystempl ay syourselectable in s t r um entpanel di s p l ay modesthata ll o w a dju s t able f r on t s e at s pr o v ide m anual t high comfor t on command enable the auto-heated favoritemus ic withcrystalclarity youtopr io ritize dr i v in g in format io nsuchasmphor suppor t and power-adjus t able seatback bols ter sseats andtheelrw ill m o ni tortheoutdoorme dia select io n to help keep t he driver and f ront pas senger in temperature and begin warming t he seat s as soon totalcomfort alsoav ail able in prem ium kona as you s t ar t t he vehicle used in conjunction wit h brow n s emi-a niline le at her s e at s adaptive remote st ar t you can ensure t he interior ambient lighting

safety peac e of m i nd c ome s st a nd a rd the e l r ut i l i ze s a net work of cameras and sensors to monitor the road aler ting you to potential hazards features like lane depar ture war ning side blind zone a ler t and front and rear park assist g ive you an edge when it comes to t he sa fet y of you a nd you r passengers safetyalertse at securityyoucanfeel thesafetyalertseatworks in c o n jun c t io nwiththeav ail ables afe tysyst em stos en d s ub t le p uls e s t hr ough t he le f t or r igh t side soft he dr i v er ’s s e at aler t ing you to potent ial cr ash r isk s as well as t he direc t ion f rom w hich t hey ’re c oming safet y features are no subs titute for the driver ’s responsibilit y to operate the vehicle in a safe manner the driver should remain at tentive to traf f ic surroundings and road conditions a t a ll t im e s readtheve hic leowner ’s manualformore im portantsafety in format io n

s tandardfeatures 2 016 elrfe at ur e s mechanical and powertrain brakes power 4-wheel antilock 4-wheel disc with abs electro-hydraulic 17 front fully regenerative to maximize energy capture dynamic 16 rear proportioning charge control programmable time of day to optimize off-peak charging hours charge cord 120-volt travel cord drive mode control switch tour sport mountain and hold modes drivetrain front-wheel drive 233 hp and 373 lb-ft of torque electric parking brake engine range extender 1.4l internal combustion engine 84 hp requires premium fuel front-wheel drive propulsion lithium-ion battery 17.1 kwh rechargeable energy storage system includes liquid thermal management system with active control regen on demand steering wheel paddle enabled regenerative braking stabilitrak electronic stability control system with brake assist and traction control suspension front and rear continuously variable real-time damping front hiper strut with specially tuned coil springs and side

a boutthisc ata l o g we have tried to make this cat alog comprehensive and factual we reser ve ther igh t however tomakechangesatanyt im e withoutnot ic e in prices color s materials equipment specif ications models and availabilit y specif ic a t io n s dim e n s io n s meas ur ements r a t in gsandothern um bers in this catalog and other printed materials provided at the dealership or af f ixed to vehicle s are approximate s bas ed upon de sign and engineer ing dr awings and protot y pe s and labor ator y te s t s your vehicle may di f fer due to var iat ions in manu f ac t ure and equipment sinc e s ome infor mat ion may have been updated sinc e t he t ime of pr int ing oc tober 2015 pleas e check with your cadillac dealer for complete details any variations in colors shown are due to reproduction variation in the printing process cadillac reservesther igh ttolengthenorshortenthemodelyearforanyproduct for any reas on or s t ar t and end model year s at di f ferent t ime

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