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Contacts for Cadillac

In the United States:
Cadillac Customer Assistance Center
P. O. Box 33169
Detroit, MI 48232-5169
In Canada:
GM of Canada
1908 Colonel Sam Drive
Oshawa, Ontario
L1H 8P7, Canada
Mail Code 163-005

Inside the U.S.: 1-800-458-8006
Inside Canada: 1-800-263-3777
International Inquiries: 1-905-644-4112

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safety dr ive w it h con f idence the c ts was pa i nsta k i ng ly desig ned to help keep you and your passengers safe available proactive featu res such as for ward collision a ler t and side blind zone a ler t help to dete c t a nd a ler t t he d r i ver to avoid p otent ia l l y da ngerous d r iv i ng scena r ios safet y cage the safety cage inside the cts is constructed using ultra-high-strength steel and inc or por at escr umple zone s t o help ab s or b and manage c r a sh ener g y i t ’s e quippe dwith 10 s t andard air bags,1 including knee air bags 1 for the driver and front passenger and sideimpac t air bags 1 for re ar pas s enger s to help you feel well guar ded safet y features are no subs titute for the driver ’s responsibilit y to operate the vehicle in a safe manner the driver should remain at tentive to traf f ic surroundings and road conditions at all times read the vehicle owner ’s manual for more impor t ant safet y information 1 always use

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