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Contacts for Cadillac

In the United States:
Cadillac Customer Assistance Center
P. O. Box 33169
Detroit, MI 48232-5169
In Canada:
GM of Canada
1908 Colonel Sam Drive
Oshawa, Ontario
L1H 8P7, Canada
Mail Code 163-005

Inside the U.S.: 1-800-458-8006
Inside Canada: 1-800-263-3777
International Inquiries: 1-905-644-4112

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rear window defroster switch heat control switch front split folding bucket seat covers seat power 10 way driver 4 way passenger seats front and rear signal lights front and rear signal light wood leather steering wheel limited slip differential engine block heater driver side door window brake caliper rear rear window defroster switch rear window defrost switch tire inflation kit side door window steering wheel chrome trim electronic parking brake power rear window antilock brake system door handle inside drivers push button traffic lights body sheet metal body sheet metal repair panels cruise control switch on steering wheel 6 way power seat controller sheet metal panels lap and shoulder seat belt radar controlled adaptive cruise control remote mount to direct mount chassis and suspension parts of the body part of the tire parts of the catalog cadillac steering wheel cadillac steering wheels steering wheels cadillac steering column cadillac telescope cadillac automatic transmission rear seat belt cadillac cadillac door handles rear seats cadillac rear seat cadillac cadillac power window switch bose speaker for cadillac wireless headphones wireless headphone dvd wireless headphone gm emblem bose wireless headphones blu ray theft deterrent cameras headliner sail panels row row dvd player dvd player dvd power rear sunshade

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e xtraordinarycomfortandconfidencew it h it ssophistic at edexterior spaciouscabinandprogres si v e tech nolog y t he 2016 x ts is t he embod i ment of ef for tless elega nce a r e sp on si v e eng i ne a nd s u sp en sion plu s s up er b ha nd l i ng ma ke everyrideinthextsar ef



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intelligent interior lighting illuminating design available ambient interior lighting casts a subtle glow complementing t he cabi n’s sleek l i nes a nd met ic u lou s deta i ls

exterior innov at ivelightingpl at inumgrillea well-lit welcome when you unlock the xts with your a bold statement the sleek lines of the platinu m key fob af ter dark lights in the head lamps outside collection g r ille are accented by the new cad illac mirrors and available light accents on the door handles crest br ing ing bold st yling center stage illuminate casting a soft glow and improving visibility around the vehicle as you

technology reconfigurable gauge cluster rearse at enter ta inmentsystema cr isp clea r d isplay c u stom i zed for you on select a welc om eddi ver sion w it h a n ava i lable blu -rayâ„¢ xts models you can adjust the gauge cluster to show compat ible dua l-play capable dv d player a nd t wo the driv ing information most relevant to you and w ith seat-mou nted 8 f l ip -up screens rea r-seat passengers this enhanced available 12.3 display staying informed have access to f i rst class enter ta i n ment a nd w it h feels effor tless t wo sets of w i reless headphones i ncluded f ront a nd rea r passengers ca n enjoy t he jou r ney t hei r way 1 r e q uir esacompat ib lemob il edev ic e activeonstarserv ic eanddataplan 4 g lt eserv ic e a v ail able in selectmarkets visitonstar comforcoveragemap d e t ail sandsystem limitations 2 thesystemwirelesslychargesonepma orqi compatiblemobiledevice to checkforphoneorotherdevicecompatibility seemy cadillac c o m 3 ve hicleuser

safety keep one step ahead using radar and camera technolog y available sa fet y feat u res i n t he x ts ca n a ler t you to i mp end i ng objects a nd veh icles g iv i ng you ex tra ti me to help avoid col l isions safetyalertse at securit y you can feel an available safet y aler t seat sends vibrations through the r ight lef t or bot h side s of t he dr iver ’s s e at c ushion aler t ing you to potent ial r isk s as well as t he direc t ion f rom w hich t hey ’re c oming

safety steel safet y cage auto-dry brakes designed to help defend beneath the exterior of the optim ized bra k ing even in inclement weather xts lies a high-streng th steel a lloy safet y cage w ith auto-dr y brakes are activated once the w indshield strategically placed cr umple zones that help manage w ipers are engaged they sweep moistu re away impact energ y if the u nex pected happens f rom the bra ke rotors helping to keep you safer in wet cond

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