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In the United States:
Cadillac Customer Assistance Center
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In Canada:
GM of Canada
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Inside the U.S.: 1-800-458-8006
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International Inquiries: 1-905-644-4112

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latch lower anchors and top tethers for children system 7 by 14 4 by 4 and 12 door panel and interior panel retainer use of flashing signal of vehicles electrical and floor and box and cover v6 twin turbo door handle inside drivers rear door handle push button traffic lights gm manual transmission manual front suspension stabilizer link independent rear suspension independant rear suspension adaptive cruise control kit adaptive cruise control kits adaptive cruise control units door lock control box body sheet metal door lock control system body sheet metal repair panels independent rear suspension kits exterior door handle kit sheet metal panels chrome wheels and tires complete independent rear suspension chassis and suspension 18 tire and wheel packages driving lights with turn signals 14 tires and wheels wheels and tires heavy equipment mounted tires and wheels led lighting for exhaust tips rear seat video system disc adapter with disc mount cadillac steering wheel bose audio navigation system cadillac rear seats cadillac rear seat cadillac gm emblem chrome cadillac cadillac front suspension rear seat belt cadillac cadillac door handles cadillac rear axle steering column cadillac telescope cruise control units cadillac cadillac dual chrome exhaust tips gm cadillac park assist sensors cadillac electronic stabilizer system air suspension control valve for cadillac gm emblem bose remote control rear seat bose speaker grill keyless ignition sterling silver 10 speakers bose

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an aggressively low stance hints at the highest level of performance are a truer definition of

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p erformance 18 wield power wisely absolutely agile reframing performance read the road 1000 times a second poor weather superior handling the ct6 offers a choice of three remarkable powerplants the standard 2.0l i-4 turbo rwd offers an impactful 265 hp an available 3.6l v6 awd engine is the industry’s only v6 engine that combines 335 hp of performance with cylinder deactivation efficiency making it powerful and shrewdly efficient while the available 3.0l v6 twin turbo delivers 404 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque for instant acceleration and response an available active chassis system monitors each wheel independently adjusting vertical suspension damping within milliseconds the system includes active-on-demand all-wheel drive magnetic ride control and active rear steering for complete maneuverability and high-speed stability an innovative lightweight vehicle architecture is at the core of agile handling performance its innovative fusion technologies combine 13 highpressure aluminum

t echnology 22 stay connected or entertained more than at your fingertips charging convenience available onstar 4g lte and built-in wi-fi hotspot 1 allows you to connect up to seven devices at the same time up to 50 feet away so you can check email while your passengers watch their favorite entertainment cadillac cue puts a suite of information and entertainment offerings at your command including climate audio and the new collection to browse and select apps you install with wireless charging 3 and phone charging case you can power up your compatible phone anytime the vehicle is running your phone even smarter cadillac cue phone integration with apple carplay ™ 2 compatibility allows you to access your contacts apple music™ and other information from your iphone ® with a touch of the screen shown below you can also access siri,® so features are easily accessible to you or your front-seat passenger phone integration also offers android ™ auto 2 compatibility 1

e xterior 26 illuminating the way forward design is a matter of balance an enchanting welcome signature vertical lights are more than bold frames for beautiful design they employ advanced indirect fire led-powered multi-functional headlamps both streamlined and brighter than conventional or competing led technology these lights are a key facet of the vehicle’s sweeping silhouette by pushing the wheels to the four corners of the vehicle cadillac’s design and engineering teams have created more interior space along with a wide low stance this supremely balanced structure delivers superior control and driving dynamics approach after dark and your passive entry key fob automatically activates lights in the head and taillamps outside mirrors and door handles with available concierge lighting this inviting beacon improves visibility and sense of

i nterior 30 style and substance the science of silence sound worthy of its venue pleased to be seated each of the seven different curated interior themes are carefully selected to feature rich leathers exotic wood trims and galvano chrome accents these options are all fit and tailored to fully appreciate an enhanced interior and in addition to beauty these elements are engineered for longevity of the many innovations that make the interior quiet none is more important than an advanced body structure — a frame constructed using revolutionary alloys and fusion techniques the available bose panaray sound system was designed specifically for the ct6 making the most of its innovative technologies and 34 strategically placed speakers a first for cadillac this meshing of vehicle and audio design delivers an exceptional listening experience available extended comfort seats are crafted from premium materials unique seat contours support passengers while generous rear leg room gives

a vailablesafetyfeatures surrounded by safety innovation front side experience fewer surprises in the dark travel the straight and smart using thermal technology available enhanced night vision shows people and large animals ahead using monitors to sense lane boundaries lane keep assist gently turns the steering wheel if the system anticipates the vehicle is leaving the lane unintentionally or without using your turn signal working in conjunction with the safety alert seat lane departure warning sends a visual alert in the cluster and a warning pulse through the seat cushion help keep an eye on pedestrians front pedestrian braking available as part of the driver awareness and convenience package uses a camera to scan the road ahead if a pedestrian is detected the system alerts the driver and if necessary applies the brakes to help avoid or reduce the severity of a collision an intelligent wiper rainsense wipers automatically engage when rain is detected adjusting their speed to the

p latinum 38 2nd-row seats second to none microclimates large advantage these seats stand alone the articulating rear seats standard with platinum feature unmatched seat travel and tilting cushions as well as massage heat and ventilation functions and a variety of armrest media controls such as 2 usb ports 1 and an hdmi port the available quadzone climate system divides the interior into four sections allowing each passenger to tailor their individual temperature and airflow available air ionization keeps exterior dust and odors out of the cabin exclusive with platinum 20-way adjustable front seats both heated and ventilated also offer fifteen unique massage settings in addition the armrests are equipped with usb ports 1 not compatible with all

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