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GM of Canada
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Inside the U.S.: 1-800-458-8006
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trailer cooler rack and cooler power folding third row seat tilt telescopic steering wheel sensor tri zone climate control electric power steering rack and pinion digital temperature indicator sensor and warning alarm and l door panel and interior panel retainer side by side 22 cup and cup holder cadillac escalade second row bucket seats centerpoint surround sound bose speaker system steering column electric power electronic power assisted steering rack interior door handle interior door handles electronic climate control head body sheet metal side mount spare tire mount body sheet metal repair panels rack and pinion steering heavy duty in lbs in ft lbs sheet metal panels port side back to back seats paint for aluminum wheels trailer coil over shocks coil over shocks customize the center console interior door handle with lock control most rear seat entertainment system 10 in lbs in ft lbs small back to back seats rack and pinion slide ft lbs to in lbs in lbs to ft lbs chassis and suspension universal rack and pinion cadillac steering wheel steering column cadillac telescope gm emblem chrome cadillac rear seat cadillac spare tire cadillac cadillac door handles rear seat belt cadillac cruise control units cadillac cadillac electronic stabilizer system bose speaker for cadillac rear seats cadillac cadillac automatic transmission cadillac escalade parts gm emblem bose wireless headphones hydra matic 4wd transfer case tire sealant

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there is no looking away because there have been no

as nimble as it is commanding it puts the control in

e xteriora declaration on the subject of automotive design dramatic angles and powerful planes meld seamlessly with arresting lighting and chrome details a stylishly bold grille is framed by all-led signature headlamps that feature five crystals fully stacked while available cornering led lamps project light into curves when the vehicle is turning the result is a vision that is impossible to ignore offeredfe at ures sign at uregrille f o r wa rdlighting • a d va ncedrear lighting • 22 wheels • invisible rear wiper • capless fueling system • illumin at

i nterior craftsmanship on this scale is rare indeed attention to detail after detail that is the escalade cabin crafted with a care and precision reminiscent of fine tailoring trims and leathers meet with flawless seams and peerless stitching in every case these materials have been painstakingly curated to work together beautifully — so whether you choose a hand-finished turin leather steering wheel or the available full-leather kona brown seats your cabin expresses your taste perfectly in addition to stunning craft the cabin features a variety of comforts such as heated front and rear seats as well as front seats that cool offeredfe at ures bose ® centerpoint ® surroundsoundwithactivenoisecancell at i o n • rearse at enter ta inment • t r i -z oneclim at econtrol • surroundvision • autom at icparkassist • rearcameramirror • head updispl ay • reconfigureablegaugecluster • o n s ta r 4 g lt eandbui lt inwi f i ®

i nterior 24 commanding connectivity your phone even smarter the escalade is truly a vehicle for connecting to the world available onstar 4g lte and built-in wi-fi hotspot 1 allows you to connect up to seven devices up to 50 feet away while wireless charging can power-up these mobile devices cadillac cue ® 2 not only puts a suite of information entertainment and communications functions at your command — by touch or voice — but also allows for phone integration with apple carplay ™ 3 compatibility which allows you to access your contacts apple music™ and other information from your iphone.® you can also access siri,® so features are easily accessible to you or your front-seat passenger 1 requires a compatible mobile device active onstar service and data plan 4g lte service available in select markets visit onstar.com for coverage map details and system limitations data plans provided by at&t 2 cadillac cue functionality varies by model full

p latinum 28 supple and strong comfort that moves you first-class entertainment regardless of where you’re sitting semi-aniline leather makes the first and second-row seating surfaces as well as the leather-wrapped steering wheel and instrument panel supple yet more resistant to wear sueded microfiber headliners and door trim along with exclusive wood accents complete the cabin platinum’s multi-directional massaging front seats also feature 18-way power adjusters for second and third-row passengers the rear seat entertainment rse system features dual screens in the front head restraints and tri-play capability allows different screens to play different

p restigeutility at this level utility becomes elegance form and function lead the way this unmatched luxury suv is equipped with a variety of ingenious features that allow it to do more and please more including the extended wheel base esv offeredfe at ures cargocapacity • power foldingthird rowse at s • e s c alade esvp la t inum in r adian t silv er me t allic show nwith available equipmen t hands freepowerliftg at e •

p erformance 38 as smart as it is powerful 4-wheel drive — many advantages steady as you go read the road 1000 times a second the 6.2l 420 hp v8 is paired with an intelligent 8-speed automatic transmission that moves between gears in the smoothest most efficient fashion serving best-in-class standard horsepower engine technologies like continuous variable valve timing multi-port direct injection and active fuel management also ensure this power-plant’s 460 lb-ft of torque are harnessed efficiently available 4-wheel drive allows you to select between an auto mode switch between 2wd and 4wd hi for everyday driving or a 4 low mode for more challenging conditions stabilitrak automatically helps enhance control particularly during emergency maneuvers by adjusting the brakes and engine torque to keep you grounded magnetic ride control reads the road up to 1000 times a second and automatically adjusts the suspension to road surface and weather conditions the result is a highly

a vailablesafetyfeatures 43 surrounded by safety innovation front inside maintain an intelligent space firmly reassuring adaptive cruise control uses both radar and cameras to maintain a set distance between you and the detected vehicle ahead during emergency braking or sudden maneuvers available automatic safety belt tightening activates when conditions return to normal they ease automatically truly forward thinking forward collision alert monitors traffic ahead alerting you if a potential collision is imminent while following distance indicator shows the following time to the detected vehicle ahead in seconds in the driver information center dic grabs your attention subtly cadillac’s patented safety alert seat sends a discreet pulse to the left right or both sides of the driver’s seat indicating the direction of the threat — left right or front an intelligent wiper gain precious time rainsense wipers automatically engage when rain is detected adjusting their

47 ownerbenefitsourownersdeserveitall that ’s w h y 2 0 1 7 vehiclesarebackedbya comprehensive suiteofownerbenefits to learnmore visit cadillac.com/escaladeownerbenefits wheels onstarwith av ailable on s t ar 1 y ou c an ge t imme diat e help outsmar t and avoid vehicle thef t reach de s t inat ion s s t ay c onne cted e v en manage yourvehicle ’ shealth to learnmore visit cadillac c o m /o nstarab ou t t hi s c ata l o g we have t r ied to make t his c at alog c omprehensive and f ac t ual we re s er ve theright however tomakechangesatanytime withoutnotice i n pr ic e s c olor s mater ials equipment speci f ic at ions models and availabili t y specif ic a t io n s dim e n s io n s meas ur ements r a t in gsandothern um bers in this catalog and other printed materials provided at the dealership or af f ixed to vehicle s are approximate s bas ed upon de sign and engineer ing dr awings and protot y pe s and labor ator y te s t s your vehicle may di f fer

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