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In the United States:
Cadillac Customer Assistance Center
P. O. Box 33169
Detroit, MI 48232-5169
In Canada:
GM of Canada
1908 Colonel Sam Drive
Oshawa, Ontario
L1H 8P7, Canada
Mail Code 163-005

Inside the U.S.: 1-800-458-8006
Inside Canada: 1-800-263-3777
International Inquiries: 1-905-644-4112

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seat power seat switch door panel and interior panel retainer view of inside of the cruise rear window defroster ventilator brake caliper rear turn signal lever w cruise driver side door window rear window defroster switch rear window defrost switch side door window steering wheel chrome trim tire inflation kit rear window defroster switch heat control switch side door window vent push button traffic lights adaptive cruise control kit adaptive cruise control kits adaptive cruise control units door handle inside drivers cruise control switch on steering wheel body sheet metal 6 way power seat controller body sheet metal repair panels push button hazard light switch satellite radio with home bose radio sheet metal panels cruise control switch and lever tri zone climate control chassis and suspension kit for 4 wheel drive to 2 wheel drive cadillac steering wheel gm emblem chrome cadillac steering column cadillac telescope rear seats cadillac rear seat cadillac bose audio navigation system cadillac rear seat belt cadillac cadillac door handles bose speaker for cadillac cruise control units cadillac cadillac power window switch cadillac automatic transmission gm emblem headliner sail panels sail panels heater panel door brembo brake caliper power rake tire sealant sterling silver rear defroster knob sliding panel doors wood shift knobs turn signal lever steering column lever

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stitches and seams bind a generous

a suspension that constantly reads the road tells a story of confidence and control that never

i nterior take comfort in a heritage of craftsmanship the xts interior features the latest in modern amenities the spacious cabin boasts clean lines exquisite materials and an unmatched attention to detail for truly remarkable comfort step inside offeredfe at ures c u r at edinteriortrimoptions • h e at e d ventil at edfrontse at s • 2 2 w ay adjus ta blefrontse at s • rear passengerxtspr emium l u xur y in t er ior in k ona br ow nwith je t black ac c en t s show nwith available equipmen t comforts • memorypackage • bose®

i nterior 16 comfort at your control a true welcome sound worthy of its venue the available tri-zone climate system allows the driver as well as front and rear passengers to precisely control their personal comfort while enjoying uninterrupted leg room an available memory package automatically recalls the preferred positions of the driver seat power telescoping steering wheel and outside mirrors moving these features accordingly the available 14-speaker bose ® studio surround sound system is optimized specifically for the

e xterior 20 shining a light on design details innovation you can see a stunning conclusion style comes full circle high-intensity discharge hid headlamps emit a crisp white light providing illumination superior to traditional lighting the available intellibeam system automatically switches between high and low beams while available illuminated outside mirrors and welcoming door handles create a beacon as you approach the vehicle intellibeam headlamps automatically turn high beams on or off according to outside conditions the system also disengages high beams when approaching headlights or taillights are within range the signature led taillamps showcase the dramatically sculpted rear profile available 20 wheels make a powerful statement where the xts meets the

a vailablesafetyfeatures surrounded by safety innovation front inside truly forward thinking gain precious time forward collision alert monitors traffic ahead alerting you if a potential collision is imminent up to certain speeds front and rear automatic braking can sense imminent front and rear collisions and automatically engage the brakes if you have not already done so helping to reduce the severity of the collision the system may even help avoid a collision at very low speeds windshield wipers and brakes work together rainsense wipers automatically engage when rain is detected adjusting their speed to the rain’s intensity whenever wipers are activated auto-dry brakes automatically position the brake pads closer to the rotors to sweep away moisture and improve performance safe space adaptive cruise control uses both radar and cameras to maintain a set distance between you and the vehicle ahead rear strong enough to crumple hindsight is 20/20 the ultra-high-strength-steel

t echnology innovation that transports you a cabin you can speak to gives voice to a particular point of view about convenience and connectivity no matter where you sit — front rear driver or passenger — xts technological advancements reward offeredfe at ures cadillaccue ® • phoneintegr at i o n • enhancedsteeringwheel • availableons ta r 4 glteandbuilt inwi f i ® hotspot • ct x epudanis s p la t inum e t ur inis t er t ior s am in od je t er black e s ciawsi tsimin h l igh t w hea t ac c en t s wireless charging • reconfigurable gauge

p erformance poise and potency the xts offers a ride as controlled and confident as those who drive it inspired acceleration assured braking and responsive handling that engages both road and driver makes every trip a pleasure offeredfe at ures powerfulv 6 enginechoices • magneticridecontrol • xtsp la t inum in dar k a dr ia t ic blue me t allic show nwith available equipmen t brembo® front

x t s p la t inum in gr aphi t e me t allic show nwith available equipmen t

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