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latch lower anchors and top tethers for children system ignition switch with key with locking steering wheel voice and voice production door panel and interior panel retainer electrical and floor and box and cover air cooled system for engine power rack and pinion rack and pinion electric carbon fiber hood tire inflation kit rear window defroster ventilator gm tire inflation kit immobilizer theft deterrent system auto theft deterrent system steering column lock gm power steering column rear window defroster switch rear window defrost switch locked steering wheel center console floor shifter rear floor mat front split folding bucket seat covers seat rear window defrost hook up centerpoint surround sound bose speaker system titanium connecting rods exterior door handle short throw shifter body sheet metal repair panels tire and wheel packages v6 twin turbo front brake disc titanium connecting rod side view mirror mounting plates steering column lock and switch 18 tire and wheel packages zf rack and pinion tire and wheels safety and security center address rack and pinion power steering kit rack and pinion steering kits rack and pinion steering kit electric rack and pinion power steering kit rack and pinion lines 3 window to a 5 window rack and pinion mounting kit 3 position switch off on on disc adapter with disc mount custom rack and pinion parts of the catalog cadillac steering wheel steering column cadillac telescope rear seats cadillac rear seat cadillac bose audio navigation system cadillac rear seat belt cadillac

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performance woven with state-of-the-art

features innovative performance safety comfort and convenience

i nnovative 14 performance raw power at its most refined 6-gears immeasurable control the right gear right now designed specifically for ats-v the 3.6l 464 hp twin turbo produces 445 lb-ft of torque for acceleration best thought of in terms of lift-off combined with high-strength lightweight titanium connecting rods low-inertia titanium-aluminide turbine wheels and a patented low-volume charge-air cooler you travel from 0 to 60 mph in a lightning fast 3.8 seconds the ats-v tremec 6-speed manual transmission is standard and equipped with an incredibly satisfying short-throw shifter and dual-disc clutch combined with features like no-lift shift and active rev matching it is perfect for harnessing the v-series power the 8-speed automatic transmission standard on cts-v and available on ats-v features performance algorithm shifting automatically activated by intense g-forces this technology seamlessly selects the best gear for quicker shifts and faster lap times for even more control

i nnovative 18 performance the road a quick read programmed to respond instantly the rubber meets the road brilliantly at a rate of 1000 times per second magnetic ride control reads the road to adjust the suspension to surface wheel and weather conditions at 60 mph this v-tuned technology’s reaction time is so fast it reads every inch of pavement traveled for a more confident feel on the track and less feeling of things like uneven pavement and potholes on the road v-series zf electronic power-assist steering adjusts its timing for precise quick and deeply satisfying steering feedback manufactured in a high-security factory v-series michelin ® pilot ® super sport summer-only tires 1 feature a unique tri-compound design the outer shoulder is particularly resistant to the wear associated with aggressive cornering the tread’s center ribs are optimized for steering and handling and the inner shoulder is designed to slice through water providing grip on the road these

i nnovative 22 performance review your run cornering consistent commanding green light or green flag — go the available performance data recorder captures your track driving — recording video audio and performance data in real time that can be viewed on the cadillac user experience1 screen or saved on an sd card to watch later the system’s four overlays — sport track performance or tour— help analyze your skills the v-series vehicles offer competition spec traction and stability controls performance traction management ptm integrates traction and engine control systems for improved and consistent cornering enter track mode and choose from five driver-selectable levels of control wet dry sport 1 sport 2 or race launch control monitors traction activity and allows engine transmission and suspension to work together for maximum full-throttle acceleration off the line resulting in better 0-60 times for an even more detailed analysis the performance data

s afetyfeatures forward collision alert front park assist surrounded by safety innovation front side truly forward thinking travel the straight and smart lane keep assist with forward collision alert monitors traffic ahead alerting you if a potential collision is imminent while the following distance indicator shows the following time to the detected vehicle ahead in seconds in the driver information center dic forward collision alert and following distance indicator are standard on cts-v and available on ats-v using a camera to sense lane boundaries lane keep assist with lane departure warning gently turns the steering wheel if the system anticipates the vehicle is leaving the lane unintentionally or without using your turn signal working in conjunction with the safety alert seat lane departure warning sends a visual alert in the cluster and a warning pulse through the seat cushion when your vehicle crosses the lane marking lane keep assist with lane departure warning is standard on

c omfort 30 andconvenience spirited support pleased to be seated sound worthy of the venue available recaro front seats feature a handcrafted shape that cradles your body during cornering along with slip-resistant sueded panels and adjustable bolsters their design helps take the work out of staying in place during aggressive maneuvers v-series 18 or 20-way front sport seats come leather-trimmed with sueded microfiber inserts all v-series vehicles have heated power-adjustable seats and manual thigh support cts-v performance seats are also ventilated like our performance features bose premium sound systems are the professional’s choice and come standard on both models available in the ats-v and standard in the cts-v both offer bose centerpoint surround technology and active noise cancellation technology ® and memory pneumatic lumbar support helps counter the stresses associated with sitting especially on longer drives at s -v c oupe in je t black withsaffr on a c c en t s

c omfort 34 parking is a pleasure a brilliant look back v-series vehicles offer front and rear park assist systems that help make pulling into and out of spaces easier and when the desire of additional visibility conveniences arise the rear camera mirror available in the cts-v streams hd video from a tailgate camera directly to the rearview mirror offering a view a with 300 more field of vision than a traditional mirror b in addition curbview camera standard in the cts-v helps protect the front splitter from damage from curbs and other low objects the automatic parking system also standard in the cts-v helps drivers park by automatically steering the vehicle into detected parallel or perpendicular parking spaces while the driver does the gear selection acceleration and braking andconvenience a enhanced view with streaming hd digital mirror b traditional rearview

39 a t s v av ailable f e at ur e s 2 018 at s -v c oup e and s e dan f e at ur e s drivetrain engine 3.6l v6 twin turbo direct-injection di with 464 hp and 445 lb-ft of torque transmission 6-speed manual cooling system extra capacity differential electronic limited-slip elsd exhaust quad stainless steel outlets rear-wheel drive chassis and suspension brake linings performance1 brakes brembo ® 6-piston front 4-piston rear 4-wheel disc antilock braking system abs auto-dry function with ferritic nitrocarburized rotors calipers gray brembo steering power rack-and-pinion suspension special ride and handling with magnetic ride control tires michelin ® pilot ® super sport summer-only tires 2 exterior door handles body-colored fascias front and rear body-color glass solar-ray light-tinted solar absorbing windshield grille performance lighting p rojector halogen composite headlamps with daytime running lamps includes flash-to-pass and twilight sentinel led taillamps led center

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