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In the United States:
Cadillac Customer Assistance Center
P. O. Box 33169
Detroit, MI 48232-5169
In Canada:
GM of Canada
1908 Colonel Sam Drive
Oshawa, Ontario
L1H 8P7, Canada
Mail Code 163-005

Inside the U.S.: 1-800-458-8006
Inside Canada: 1-800-263-3777
International Inquiries: 1-905-644-4112

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latch lower anchors and top tethers for children system tri zone climate control steering rack and pinion 18 forged aluminum wheels power rack and pinion immobilizer theft deterrent system auto theft deterrent system run flat tires steering column lock gm power steering column carbon fiber hood gm tire inflation kit tire inflation kit 18 premium painted wheel dual zone climate control manual transmission titanium connecting rods 4 cylinder turbo engine front disc brakes center console floor shifter short throw shifter v6 twin turbo tire and wheel dual disc clutch lap and shoulder seat belt general motors all products 12 engine cooling fan bose sound system zf rack and pinion safety and security center address forged aluminum wheels high gloss finish wood rack and pinion window working rack and pinion steering rack and pinion power steering kit rack and pinion steering kit independent rear suspension chassis and suspension rack and pinion kit engine and transmission steering column cadillac telescope cadillac steering wheel spare tire cadillac rear seat cadillac bose audio speaker cadillac rear seat belt cadillac bose audio navigation system cadillac cadillac exhaust tips cadillac automatic transmission gm powertrain gm tilt steering column keyless ignition side mirror theft deterrent wheel lugs gm roadside assistance cell phones

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a d va ncedaerodyna mi c s m a gne ticr id econtrolcad il l a c at s 2019 a more dynamic aerodynamic the active aero grille shutters underbody aero shield and integrated led center 1000 times a second available magnetic ride control reads the road up to 1000 times a second and brake lamp that doubles as a spoiler help the ats coupe elude the air for enhanced efficiency and control automatically adjusts the suspension to the changing road surface so you can handle a highly responsive vehicle regardless of road

performance c a d il l a c at s 2019 driving to look forward to and to be remembered as soon as you press down on the pedal you’ll feel one of two powerful engine choices that are matched by impressive handling the first engine is the standard 2.0l turbo a powerful 4-cylinder turbo engine that lets you push performance the second incredibly responsive power plant is an available 3.6l v6 engine that delivers 335 hp and boasts force available magnesium paddle shifters allow you to move effortlessly through the transmission’s eight gears without a manual clutch giving you control without taking your hands off the wheel a five-link independent rear suspension helps the vehicle stay firmly planted on the road delivering increased control to the driver 335 hp ava il able 3.6l v 6 e n gine 8 speed au tomat ic transmission starting power is matched with brembo® front-brake stopping power carved from lightweight aluminum alloy these brakes offer a host of advantages including

technology c a d il l a c at s 2019 4g lte avail able cadill ac wi-fi hotspot1 7 up to se ven avail able wi-fi-connected devices tech that makes your experience everything you want the cadillac user experience 4 puts a suite of information simply connect your iphone ® with apple carplay™ 3 and and entertainment offerings including climate audio access your contacts apple music™ and other information setting controls and available 3d gps navigation,5 at your from your iphone ® with a touch of the screen you can also command plus it offers connected apps,6 where you can ask siri,® so features are easily accessible to you or your select and install a range of apps from music to audiobooks front-seat passenger to weather data plan rates apply in the driver’s seat you can project the information that even your key fob is intelligent adaptive remote start uses matters most to you with the available head-up display the key fob to start your engine from up to 100

safety c a d il l a c at s adaptive cruise control–advanced forward collision alert lane keep assist with lane departure warning 2019 surrounded by available safety innovations set your space firmly reassuring grabs your attention subtly available adaptive cruise control–advanced during emergency braking or sudden maneuvers cadillac’s available patented safety alert employs both radar and camera sensors to available automatic seat belt tightening seat sends a discreet pulse to the left right maintain a set selected following gap between activates when conditions revert to normal the or both sides of the driver’s seat indicating you and the detected vehicle ahead seat belts ease automatically the direction of the threat — left right front truly forward thinking travel the straight and smart available forward collision alert monitors using a camera sensor to monitor lane be alerted even in reverse traffic ahead alerting you if a potential collision

inn o vat iveperformancecad il l a c at s -v 2019 agile and powerful make an inspiring combination the ats-v 6-speed manual transmission is standard and the v-series’ stunning stance also plays a crucial role in equipped with an incredibly satisfying short-throw shifter performance its aerodynamically designed front splitter and and dual-disc clutch combined with features such as front hood vent steer air around and over the vehicle to reduce no-lift shift launch control and active rev matching it is lift the iconic mesh grille is engineered for maximum airflow perfect for harnessing the v-series’ power to the engine a dramatic rear spoiler creates downward force to help keep the v-series’ tires planted firmly on the roadway there’s also an available 8-speed automatic transmission that features performance algorithm shifting automatically activated by intense g-forces this technology seamlessly selects the best gear for quicker shifts and faster lap times

inn o vat iveperformancecad il l a c at s -v 2019 when you begin to take your ats-v to the track you’ll have advanced technology to help you review your run and become a better driver the available performance data recorder captures your track driving — recording video audio and performance data in real time that can be viewed on the cadillac user experience screen or saved on an sd card to watch later the system’s four overlays — sport track performance or tour — help analyze your skills the ats-v also offers competition-spec traction and stability controls performance traction management ptm integrates traction and engine control systems for improved and consistent cornering enter track mode and choose from five driver 9 control modes 189 mph top track speed selectable levels of control wet dry sport 1 sport 2 or race facingpage a b o ve theper fo rmanceda ta reco rd erin tra ckmode below “ v ” d e ta i l s thispage acommons ig h

comfort convenience perfect execution is the only acceptable standard at first thought you might not consider a track-capable performer to also have the finest amenities but that’s what separates the ats-v from the pack you’ll find craftsmanship comfort and an array of technologies applied with precise and exquisite vision every time you step inside the tailored interior of the ats-v is refinement pushed tastefully further leather appointments and trim options offer timeless style along with subtle racing aesthetics for instance v carbon-fiber veneers are engineered for beauty and designed with a mirror-matched pattern to accentuate an advanced cockpit c a d il l a c at s -v 2019 18 way ava il a bl e fron t sport se ats 4 se at color opt ions when it comes to seating the ats-v takes a confident place on the podium supple strong and striking the semi-aniline leather seating surfaces and steering wheel available in the v-series are created using a process that retains the

at s -v f e at ur e s a nd optionscad il l a c at s -v 2019 2019 at s -v s ta nd ardfe at ur e s drivetrain engine 3.6l v6 twin turbo direct injection di with 464 hp and 445 lb-ft of torque transmission 6-speed manual cooling system extra capacity differential electronic limited-slip elsd exhaust quad stainless steel outlets rear-wheel drive chassis and suspension brake linings performance1 brakes brembo 6-piston front 4-piston rear 4-wheel disc anti-lock braking system abs auto-dry function with ferritic nitro-carburized rotors calipers gray brembo steering power rack-and-pinion suspension special ride and handling with magnetic ride control tires michelin ® pilot ® super sport summer-only tires 2 exterior carbon fiber package c arbon-fiber front splitter carbon-fiber hood vent carbon-fiber rear diffuser carbon-fiber rear spoiler door handles body-color fascias front and rear body-color glass solar-ray light-tinted solar-absorbing windshield grille performance lighting p

wheels c a d il l a c at s 2019 at s 18 premium pa in t ed forged alloy in c lu dedon at sandlux ur ymodels sizes 18 x 8 front and 18 x 9 rear includes all-season run-flat tires 1 p225/40r18 front and p255/35r18 rear 18 polished forged alloy in c lu dedonpre mium l u x ur y available on ats and premium per formance models sizes 18 x 8 front and 18 x 9 rear includes all-season run-flat tires p225/40r18 front and p255/35r18 rear includes performance summer-only 1,2 run-flat tires p225/40r18 front and p255/35r18 rear premium performance only 1 8 u lt rabrightmachined finished pa in t ed a l loy included on premium per formance available on luxury and premium luxury models sizes 18 x 8 front and 18 x 9 rear includes all-season run-flat tires p225/40r18 front and p255/35r18 rear includes performance summeronly 1,2 run-flat tires p225/40r18 front and p255/35r18 rear premium performance only a t s -v 18 premium pa in t ed a luminum 18 polished face forged alloy standardon

at sexteriorcolors at s -v exteriorcolorsradiantsi lv erme ta llicblackr av enblackr av e n velocity red s at insteelme ta llic 1 redobsessiontintco at 1 wav e m e ta llic 1 s at insteelme ta llic 1 crys ta lwhitetrico at 1 darkadri at icblueme ta llic 1 crys ta lwhitetrico at 1 stellarblackme ta llic 1 1 available at extra