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latch lower anchors and top tethers for children system centerpoint surround sound bose speaker system immobilizer theft deterrent system auto theft deterrent system twin turbo v8 v6 twin turbo v8 twin turbo infrared night vision power folding mirrors front driver side seat belt change front driver side seat belt power 10 way driver 4 way passenger seats rear seat audio system power rear window independent rear suspension complete independent rear suspension general motors all products safety and security center address chassis and suspension rear seat entertainment system controller head up display instrument panel support tire and wheel on the side cadillac steering wheel rear seat cadillac rear seat belt cadillac cadillac front suspension rear seats cadillac performance cadillac differential cadillac automatic transmission high performance cadillac differential gm powertrain side mirror theft deterrent seat cushions bose 8 speaker system bose speakers spoke wheels airbag sensor bose remote control bose audio system bose sound system seat belt airbag sensor sterling silver braking wheels night vision rear vision mirrors airbag sensor front auto wheels booster seat gm turbo v6 engines front spoke wheels rear steering bose audio system installed leather seat cushions airbag seat position sensor

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4.2l blackwing v81 cadillac ct6 2019 an engine so powerful we gave it a name cadillac’s all-new twin turbo v8,1 appropriately named blackwing is available on premium luxury and platinum models for truly breathtaking performance a higher-output iteration of blackwing comes standard in the ct6-v.1 both engines are mated to an all-new 10-speed automatic transmission with awd 1 mid-2019 availability c t6 -v 1 inmanhat ta nnoirme ta llic shownwitha va ilableequipment c t6 -v p re p ro ductionmodelshown ac tualp ro ductionmodelmay va r

b o s e pa n a r ay cadillac ct6 2019 thirty-four strategically placed bose speakers exclusively designed for the ct6 the available bose panaray audio system makes the most of its innovative technologies an immersive sound is formed from the union of vehicle and audio design it relays a dynamic range and clarity delivering an outstanding and uncompromised listening experience for all this sound fills the cabin while a new brushed stainless-steel custom pattern decorates select speakers throughout the cabin a b o ve t h e 34 spea ke r s a va ilablewiththebosepana ra yaudiosys te m r ig h t thenewcen te r a r ra ypat te r n re vealsitselfwhenthesys te mison

performance cadillac ct6 2019 no matter which engine you select enjoy a smooth responsive drive with driver selectable modes choose from tour sport snow/ice and on ct6-v 1 — track each mode provides a unique driving experience making commutes comfortable or turns tight 220 lb s saved standard on all v6 and v8 models all-wheel drive delivers enhanced control 1 when you accelerate and turn helping keep you in command — especially in wet road conditions with the available active chassis package every wheel drives steers and with magnetic ride control adjusts vertical suspension damping within milliseconds offering you complete maneuverability the lightweight ct6 architecture featuring fusion-joining technology is at the core of its agile handling and cabin quietness with stats such as 220 lbs saved over traditional steel construction 62 percent aluminum composition 62 aluminum 12 pat en ts and 12 patents the ct6 body has innovative bones 1 mid-2019 availability leftandabove

exterior styling cadillac ct6 2019 inspired by performance the sport and v-series 1 exterior finishes flash a dark theme that is expressed over the mesh grille the window surroundings are black while the spoiler rockers and side moldings are body-color the available 20 v-series wheels are ultrabright with midnight silver painted pockets for an overall darker look an aggressive design makes the headlamps slice through the air and employs bi-led high low-beam projectors these lights help your visibility and are a key facet of the vehicle’s sweeping silhouette the taillamps mirror the front design but present a rear exterior that is stylish and unmistakably cadillac approach the vehicle after dark with your passive entry key fob and lights will activate in the headlamps taillamps outside mirrors and door handles with available concierge lighting decisive sharp and magnetic design you’re driven to from its bold-faced grille to its sleek long and low proportions the look is

interior comfort convenience cadillac ct6 2019 conduct a moment at your tempo discover an interior teeming with modern comforts curated the available quad-zone climate system divides the aesthetics and savvy controls that result in the epitome interior into four sections allowing passengers to tailor their of service from its elegant materials and careful assembly individual temperature and airflow an available air ionizer to its many amenities and supreme comforts the space helps reduce airborne contaminants in the cabin such as dust evokes a new level of craftsmanship pollen and odors for the comfort of all occupants together these features create an inner sanctuary 20 way ava il a bl e adjustabl e fron t se ats for your extended comfort the seats inside the ct6 are crafted from premium materials and have unique contours standard on platinum 20-way adjustable front seats both that provide cushion and support with generous rear heated and ventilated also offer 15 unique massage

technology connectivit y cadillac ct6 2019 a with the mycadillac mobile app 2 and a paid subscription you can lock and unlock remote-start and get select vehicle information from anywhere you have reception plus next-generation 5-watt wireless charging 4 with a larger charge area for better phone compatibility allows you to power up your compatible smartphone anytime the vehicle is running in the unfortunate event that your vehicle is tampered with available surround vision recorder 1 technology could help capture the disturbance when enabled the system automatically records from select cameras if a door handle is pulled or when the alarm is activated cadillac’s innovative available rear camera mirror 1 may allow you to see a wider less-obstructed field of vision than with a traditional rearview mirror this next-generation display uses a new selector switch that b allows you to zoom in or tilt the view to your preference 1 safety or driver-assistance features are no substitute

f e at ur e s a nd options cadillac ct6 luxury 2019 premium luxury drivetrain interior engine 2 .0l turbo t1 4-cylinder sidi active fuel management with auto stop/start 3 .6l v6 sidi dohc vvt active fuel management with auto stop/start drivetrain r ear-wheel drive 2.0l t1 all-wheel drive 3.6l transmission 10-speed automatic with electronic precision shift chassis and suspension brakes 4-wheel anti-lock 4-wheel disc on 2.0l t heavyduty on 3.6l brake lining wear indicator 2.0l t1 1 driver selectable modes tour sport and snow steering power-assist electric-variable suspension high-arm multilink sla front suspension 5-link independent rear suspension exterior capless fuel fill door handles body-color exhaust dual-outlet with chrome tips grille bright accents with galvano surround lighting a mbient lighting on instrument panel and doors led headlamps daytime running lamps led light pipe signature led taillamps mirrors outside heated power-adjustable manual-folding with

f e at ur e s a nd options cadillac ct6 2019 p l at inum sport c t 6 -v 1 e njoy p r emium l u xur y f e at ur e s t he s e enhanc emen t s e njoy p r emium l u xur y f e at ur e s t he s e enhanc emen t s e njoy s p or t f e at ur e s t he s e enhanc emen t s engine 3.0l v6 twin turbo di vvt dohc active fuel management with auto 4.2l v8 twin turbo high output 1 di vvt dohc active fuel management 3 .0l v6 twin turbo di vvt dohc active fuel management with auto stop/start with auto stop/start stop/start drivetrain all-wheel drive audio system bose panaray 34-speaker sound system 4.2l v8 twin turbo1 di vvt dohc active fuel management with auto interior trim carbon-fiber deco brake linings performance with wear indicator 5 stop/start paddle shifters magnesium brakes brembo® high-performance sport exterior cooling system extra capacity engine active rear steering audio system bose panaray 34-speaker sound system grille sport black mesh finish with galvano surround comfort and

wheels cadillac ct6 2019 luxury premiumluxuryandpl at inum 1 8 m u lt i spokealloywheelswithbrightsi lv erfinish 1 9 m u lt i spokealloywheelswithsterlingsi lv erfinishstandardonlux ur yandpre mium l u x ur y 2 0 ltmodelsstandardonlux ur y 3 6 lmodels av aila bleonlux ur y 2 0 ltmodels 2 0 split spokealloywheelswithu lt rabright manoogian finish 2 0 p l at inumtwin 5 spokealloy wheels with manoogian finish and chrome inserts av aila bleonpre mium l u x ur y 3 6 land 4 2 l t t1 models av aila bleonp la t in um 3 0 lttand 4 2 l t t1 models 1 9 m u lt i spokealloywheelswithu lt rabrightmachined pearl nickel finish standardonpre mium l u x ur y 3 6 land 4 2 l t t,1 p la t in um 3 0 lttand 4 2 l t t1 models av aila bleonpre mium l u x ur y 2 0 l t models sport and v-series1 1 9 m u lt i spokealloywheelswithu lt rabrightmachined midnightsi lv erfinish 2 0 v-s eriessplit 5 -s pokealloywheelswithu lt rabrightmachinedfinish midnightsi lv erpockets standard on

cadillac ct6 2019 exterior colors blackr av encrys ta lwhitetrico at 1 s at insteelme ta llic 2 manh at ta nnoirme ta llic 2 stellarblackme ta llic 4 radiantsi lv erme ta llic 3 shadowme ta llic 4 bronzeduneme ta llic 4 redhorizontintco at 1 1 available at extra charge 2 available at extra charge no additional charge on platinum 3 not available on sport or ct6-v 4 available at extra charge no additional charge on platinum not available on sport or ct6-v c t6 p re miumluxuryinmanhat ta nnoirme ta llic shownwitha va

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