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signal-processing modules when signal-processing output modules are installed into the power vector s last two module bays they automatically insert themselves into the mix bus signal path leading to the power amplifier stage when two of these output modules are installed their effects are cascaded with the second to last bay s module processing the signal first and then passing it to the module in the last bay.two benefits are gained by this innovation 1 the effects insert jacks are still available for use by external processing equipment 2 the signal-processing output modules act on the signal on the raw mix bus signal before any other user controls like volume bass and treble can affect it.this then ensures that signal level dependent processors such as the cmp1r compressor limiter and the ans1r ambient noise sensor modules perform as intended regardless of front panel control changes modular amplifiers power vector modular amplifiers v35 v60 v100 v150 v250 wall-mountable version

advanced input modules input modules mic1s mic1x mic2s mic2x tbl1s tng1s sax1r max1r brg1r tel1s bal2s output modules on page 24 bogen s eleven plug-in input modules provide a wide range of functions to support a variety of applications.these modules support different signal-source requirements including the ability to interface to balanced and unbalanced high and low-lovel inputs stereo or mono telephone systems and microphones shipping weight 1 lb each stereo aux input sax1r unbalanced stereo module · gain/trim control · bass treble controls · gate feature mutes lower priority modules · mutable by higher priority modules · variable ducking level when muted · fade back from mute · stereo-to-mono summing option · bus assignable · rca connectors microphone inputs mic1s mic1x low-impedance transformer-balanced microphone inputs · gain/trim control · bass treble controls · noise gate w/threshold duration control · limiter w/threshold control · 24v phantom power ·

advanced output modules signal-processing output modules ans1r cmp1r peq1r rio1s input modules on page 23 bogen s plug-in signal-processing output modules automatically insert themselves into the mix bus signal path leading to the power amplifier stage when installed shippng weight 1 lb each relay input/output rio1s · transformer-isolated balanced line-level input · 600-ohm or 10k jumper selectable input impedance · 8-ohm 750mw output · input and output level controls · relay responds to selectable priority level · external control of priority muting · n.o or n.c relay contacts · input can be muted from higher priority modules with signal fade back · output can gate with relay priority level · screw terminal strips · rj11 connection with line output and dedicated n.o relay contact ambient noise sensor ans1r · maximum gain control · ramp speed control · activity threshold control · ambient mic input threshold control · stereo aux input summed mono · aux level input

public address amplifiers gold seal series amplifiers gs35 gs60 gs100 gs150 gs250 dual band eq the unique dual-function equalizer can be used for acoustic shaping or for feedback control · acoustic shaping full range equalization is provided for correcting general frequency response issues that exist in the application venue.the full audio spectrum is covered on 1-octave centers with a boost/cut of 12 db in this mode the equalizer can be used to compensate for room acoustics or to satisfy the listening preference of the user · feedback control in this mode the equalizer s control range is reduced to cover only the lower half of the audio spectrum where feedback howls occur but the individual filters are now on closer 2/3-octave spacing.this allows narrower bands of frequencies to be controlled which is particularly useful to reduce feedback of live sources that can increase the effective loudness the system can achieve this amplifier series was designed with the sound contractor

public address amplifiers classic series amplifiers c10 c20 c10moh c20moh c35 c60 c100 these public address mixer amplifiers provide mixing of microphones telephone and auxiliary sources output jacks allow a tape recorder or an additional booster amplifier to be connected bogen s classic series amplifiers offer high-performance flexibility and reliability for most applications requiring a variety of inputs product features · 35 60 and 100 watt models as well as 10 and 20 watt models w optional built-in moh music-on-hold outputs · 4 inputs c35/60/100 models 1 mic lo-z 1 aux hi-z 1 tel plus 1 selectable mic or aux · 3 inputs all c10/c20 models 1 mic lo-z 1 tel plus 1 selectable mic or aux · aux muting w external contact closure or automatic w tel · tel input voice-activated vox mute over aux input · variable threshold for voice-activated aux mute · separate volume controls for each input plus overall bass and treble c35/60/100 models or tone all c10/20 models · outputs for

dual-channel power amplifiers m-class amplifiers m300 m450 m600 modular amplifier the m-class series of amplifiers are modular amps that can accept up to two input modules per unit.these modules offer a cost effective and convenient way to add a variety of features to a system a balanced line input module bal2s is shipped with each unit see page 23 modes of operation each model includes a 3-position switch that can be set to one of three modes of operation stereo mode 70v mono mode or dual mono mode · stereo in this mode the amp supplies two independent channels of low-impedance amplification.these channels can be used to supply left and right audio for stereo installations of 2 separate zones of amplification with different audio programs bogen s m-class amplifiers provide professional sound installers with exactly what they need from an amplifier 3 modes of operation stereo 4-ohm 70v mono dual mono 4-ohm 2 bays for a variety of input modules up to 600w/ch stereo 4-ohm or 1200w of

dual-channel power amplifiers black maxtm power amplifiers x300 x450 x600 bogen s black max amplifiers are designed to provide maximum performance in constant voltage speaker systems dual 70v transformerless outputs deliver exceptionally clean audio to speaker systems requiring two channels of audio up to 600w per channel in a single package high efficiency class h amplifier design and the auto-sleep feature aid in reducing power consumption on continuously-powered systems rear-mounted volume controls independent low-cut filters on each input and pluggable input terminal strips were specifically designed for the fixed install market built-in power sequencing for multiple black max amplifiers combats current in-rush problems of large audio systems massive power toroid and heat sinks heavy 14-gauge chassis patented back-slopetm ac voltage stabilization clip limiters and dc voltage over-current and thermal protection circuits make the black max both an efficient and reliable workhorse

mono-channel power amplifiers hta125a hta250a heavy-duty operation the hta line of amplifiers are designed to be workhorses large heat sinks and huge transformers allow these amplifiers to supply continuous full rms power to loads even at high ambient temperatures ­ up to 120° f the hta amplifiers are convection-cooled so they provide the ultimate in set-and-forget operation more amazing than the heavy-duty capability of the hta amplifiers is the quality of the output the frequency response will remain within 1 db and have less than 0.5 distortion over the entire audio range 20 hz ­ 20 khz what is so special about this the output is transformer-coupled few transformer-isolated amplifiers can even come close to these specifications an enormous output transformer using proprietary coil winding techniques is what allows the hta to reach this level of performance a power mosfet output stage completes the extremely reliable and durable performance of these amplifiers this type of

specialized telephone input the tpu-series 600-ohm transformer balanced input is perfectly suited to connect to paging ports and paging adapters such as bogen s tamb here are a few specially designed features · the background music will mute whenever paging activity is present on the telephone input even if control contacts are not available separate mute control contacts are also available · to avoid problems with noise on the lines falsely muting the background music a built-in vox threshold control not on tpu15a lets you decide what s a real signal and what s noise · because not everyone speaks at the same level the automatic level control feature keeps loud voices from booming out of the paging system s speakers telephone paging amplifiers tpu35b tpu60b tpu100b tpu250 tpu250 image tpu15a bogen s tpu-series of amplifiers are the ideal choice within the telephone paging industry with five models to choose from ranging in power from 15 watts to 250 watts each model provides

pro-matrix series digitally matrixed pre-amp pm3000 digitally matrixed amplifier pm3180 the pro-matrix products were developed expressly for the needs of restaurants lounges fitness centers and other venues that require numerous input sources but have areas with distinctly different audio requirements.the pro-matrix products provide 3 fully independent audio channels that can use any of the 6 different inputs in vastly different ways.the pro-matrix units are designed to be as easy for users to operate as a home stereo yet provide the installer a wide array of customizable features that are all password-protected from tampering what does the pro-matrix do the pro-matrix products are ideally suited for restaurants and similar venues it provides 4 aux and 2 mic inputs that can be distributed into 3 different zones the pro-matrix automatically switches the different audio sources based on a preset user-programmed priority hierarchy this allows the correct audio to reach the correct areas

mixers mic/line mixers cam8/cam8pro the bogen cam8 and cam8pro are 8-input dual-bus mic/line mixers that combine superb performance with a generous array of simple-to-use features in a single-rack space design both models feature 8 independently assignable inputs switchable between mic and line each input has a trim control a switchable low-cut filter and a main/auxiliary bus output selector phantom power is provided for condenser microphones solidly engineered the bogen cam8 and cam8pro mixers will provide many years of trouble-free operation the cam8pro also features a built-in compressor/limiter with adjustable threshold and ratio controls a bar graph output meter that indicates input signal levels and a headphone jack phone or fax your order toll-free tel 1-800-999-2809 · fax 1-800-999-9016 cam8 cam8pro product features · 8 independently assignable inputs · dual-bus design with main/aux output selector for each input · pluggable terminal strip connections · separate

mixers mic/line mixers cam2 mixer/pre-amplifier the cam2 is a 5-input mixer/pre-amplifier that meets a wide variety of applications and is particularly well-suited for expanding the number of inputs on bogen or other public address amplifiers.the cam2 provides four professional low-impedance balanced microphone inputs through xlr connectors and one auxiliary input individual phantom power switches for each input allow the use of both dynamic and condenser microphones on the same unit.a bridging input permits simple interconnection of multiple cam2 mixers for system expansion without the need to sacrifice any mixer inputs clipping indicators for each input and an output level meter provide information to the system operator about sound integrity.wide frequency response low distortion low-noise and high channel crosstalk isolation ensure superior sound quality the cam2 s balanced mixer output can be switched between line level 4 dbu or microphone level 50 dbu for compatibility with a