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recent raves reviews hc 978-0-7636-2667-9 ages 4­7 $16.99 20.00 can hc 978-0-7636-3722-4 age 10 and up $16.99 20.00 can hc 978-0-7636-4909-8 ages 5­7 $16.99 19.00 can hc 978-0-7636-4758-2 age 14 and up $17.99 20.00 can a kirkus reviews best children s book h the horn book h publishers weekly h kirkus reviews h booklist h bulletin of the center for children s books h school library journal h kirkus reviews h kirkus reviews h publishers weekly h school library journal h kirkus reviews h publishers weekly hc 978-0-7636-4963-0 age 10 and up $18.99 21.00 can h bulletin of the center for children s books h school library journal hc 978-0-7636-4405-5 ages 4­8 $16.99 19.00 can hc 978-0-7636-4907-4 age 2 and up $16.99 20.00 can h publishers weekly pw best children s book of 2010 a kirkus reviews best children s book h publishers weekly hc 978-0-7636-4437-6 ages 4­8 $15.99 19.00 can h kirkus reviews h booklist h school library journal hc 978-0-7636-4102-3 ages 4­8 $16.99 19.00 can hc

august what mysteries hide inside this ancient cambodian temple when local children lead the author through the ruins he discovers a little-known secret more traveling photographer books by richard sobol hardcover breakfast in the rainforest a visit with mountain gorillas hc 978-0-7636-2281-7 pb 978-0-7636-5134-3 in 1100 ce the mighty khmer people of cambodia built the world s largest religious monument the sprawling stone temple of angkor wat now thousands visit the crumbling ruins each year to see the last remains of the ancient and mysterious khmer civilization photographer richard sobol explored these fascinating ruins searching among the fallen moss-covered stone slabs and wall carvings for clues that might link the ancient khmer people to present-day cambodian culture a personal narrative and illustrative photography document his pilgrimage capturing the historical legacy and mystery contained within the walls of angkor wat a glossary maps and key facts are included richard

september hardcover e picture book age 3 and up preschool and up 32 matt tavares s lavish illustrations illuminate this definitive edition of a beloved seasonal classic also illustrated by matt tavares twas the night before christmas by anonymous midi hc 978-0-7636-3118-5 the horse is ready the air is bracing and everyone is bundled into the gingerbread pirates by kristin kladstrup hc 978-0-7636-3223-6 sleigh so let the wind blow and the snow start to fall this family is off to grandfather s house for a delicious feast matt tavares with his keen eye for detail fresh and surprising perspectives and all the warmth and coziness of a big holiday dinner illuminates the original text of lydia maria child s verse about thanksgiving day which has marked the over the river and through the wood by l maria child illustrated by matt tavares 93/4 x 115/16 32 pages start of the holiday season for generations of children lydia maria child 1802­1880 was an activist and writer of novels pamphlets

september hardcover a deft and dog-loving poet teams up with a caldecott-winning artist in a fun fetching haiku collection for anyone who s ever loved a dog also by michael j rosen the cuckoo s haiku and other birding poems hc 978-0-7636-3049-2 a corgi dozes with paws in the air a bloodhound burrows into a scent a border collie tracks a herd of cows a wagging spaniel leaps for joy in simple charming haiku poet michael j rosen portrays twenty beloved dog breeds from the pug to the dalmatian to the golden retriever complete with interesting facts about each breed and illustrated with mary azarian s striking woodcuts this keepsake volume is sure to set h a rare gift for young and old alike publishers weekly starred review the hound dog s haiku and other poems for dog lovers by michael j rosen illustrated by mary azarian picture book 77/8 x 811/16 56 pages ages 6­10 grades 1­5 woodcuts with acrylic paint september lc 2008940378 isbn 978-0-7636-4499-4 $17.99 20.00 can any dog lover s

october novelty e by christophe merlin novelty age 3 and up preschool and up acrylic $14.99 17.00 can 60 what s wrong with mr bear s car lift the flaps and find out fresh retro art tunes up a fun interactive book that kids will be eager to take for a spin welcome to mr bear s garage his car has broken down so it s a lucky thing he s a mechanic but where did all his helpers go in the trunk behind the door and where is that strange noise coming from nostalgically illustrated and lovingly crafted each spread of this delightful book features nested flaps and foldouts revealing missing characters special tools and a few unexpected mechanical secrets so roll up your sleeves check under the hood and get ready for a humorous hands-on adventure from the mechanic s shop to the road and back again under the hood christophe merlin has always dreamed of being a race-car driver the best result he s ever had in a race however is a broken ankle and a year off which he dedicated to drawing the author

november hardcover e lala salama picture book age 3 and up preschool and up oils 74 for sleepy little ones everywhere newbery medalist patricia maclachlan offers a lyrical tanzanian lullaby that follows a loving family through their day when my son and his family lived in tanzania we would correspond via e-mail or skype daily most often my son would sign off with `lala salama i adopted the phrase in this book as a way of wishing for every child to go to sleep at night hearing comforting words `sweet dreams sleep peacefully good night i love you lala salama patricia maclachlan the rhythm of the day s activities creates the melody of the evening s lullaby in this sweet song of family life along the banks of lake tanganyika as the bright day shifts to twilight the lantern on baba s boat twinkles in the distance sending the baby off into a peaceful sleep on mama s shoulder inspired by a visit to her son his wife and their child in tanzania patricia maclachlan writes a gentle story of

july novelty maisy tm over 28.5 million maisy books in print worldwide learning is more fun with maisy with engaging flaps to flip the friendly mouse helps preschoolers get clear on some concepts more learning with maisy maisy s amazing big book of words novelty 978-0-7636-0794-4 how many legs are on a spider what sound does a sheep make which animal is tall and which is teeny tiny does a fire truck go faster than a tortoise interactive flaps in this big bright book help toddlers and preschoolers explore a wide variety of concepts and maisy always has a few surprises along the way can you toot like a trumpet or jump like a kangaroo marketing national publicity campaign guide to maisy brochure available ongoing promotions through costume program online assets including activity sheets event kit author video and more maisy s amazing big book of learning written and illustrated by lucy cousins novelty 105/8 x 105/8 48 pages ages 2­5 preschool­kindergarten gouache july lc

waldo is celebrating his 25th an n iversary in 2012 for a quarter of a century the bespectacled waldo has held a place as a beloved cultural icon please ask your sales rep about special anniversary offers and

a u g u st ha r d co v er the silly logic of a very serious bear benjamin bear does everything in his own funny way whether it s drying dishes on a rabbit s back or throwing a ball at a friend to make him play in this series of gags starring a very loopy bear philippe coudray creates a zany world that makes kids think and solve puzzles drawing all readers into the game benjamin bear in fuzzy thinking a toon book by philippe coudray early reader 6 x 9 32 pages age 4 and up preschool and up august lc 2011000801 isbn 978-1-935179-12-2 $12.99 15.00 can lexile level gn 20 guided reading level j philippe coudray loves drawing comics and his many children s books are often used in schools in his home country of france where his work was chosen by elementary school students for the prestigious prix des Écoles d angoulême he relishes any opportunity to collaborate on children s books and comics with his twin brother jean-luc who is also a humorist philippe lives in bordeaux and enjoys

september paperback september paperback september paperback h this is not to be missed kirkus reviews starred review winner of a scott o dell award for historical fiction an american library association notable children s book an american library association great graphic novel for teens a new york public library 100 titles for reading and sharing selection a horn book fanfare selection a kirkus reviews best children s book a booklist top ten graphic novel for youth a booklist editors choice a foreword magazine book of the year a library media connection best of the best graphic novel three state awards or nominations five starred reviews booklist bulletin of the center for children s books the horn book kirkus reviews school library journal in 1937 kansas eleven-year-old jack clark faces his share of ordinary challenges bullies his father s failed expectations a little sister with the storm in the barn written and illustrated by matt phelan graphic novel 71/2 x 9 208 pages age 10

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