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co mingspring 2 0 1 1 dugald a steer tim wynne-jones alison croggon sandy fussell steve watkins sarah webb vivian french alison croggon sandy fussell steve watkins abby mcdonald tommy donbavand alison croggon marc aronson charles r smith jr elsbeth edgar mary finn silas house alison croggon mal peet 2

hardcover picture book hardcover februa ry pass shoot swish an all-star team of ya authors scores spectacularly with an action-packed anthology about street basketball excerpt available at with streetballing stories by bruce brooks joseph bruchac robert burleigh sharon g flake robert lipsyte walter dean myers willie perdomo adam rapp it s one steamy july day at the west 4th street court in nyc otherwise known as the cage hotshot espn is wooing the scouts boo is struggling to guard the weird new guy named waco a spike lee wannabe has video rolling and virgin irene is sizing up six-foot-eightand-a-half-inch chester nine of ya literature s top writers including walter dean myers rita williams-garcia adam rapp joseph bruchac and sharon flake reveal how it all goes down in a searing collection of short stories in which each one picks up where the previous one ends characters weave in and out of narratives perspectives change and emotions play out for a fluid and

hardcover picture book hardcover m a rc h e the creators of always offer a celebration of a growing child s accomplishments and a reassurance that mom will always be there don t miss the companion book children love the idea of growing up and doing things on their own it s fun to dress read and take showers like a big kid but it s a little scary too scampering along a stone wall just out of reach a young boy asks his mother will you still take care of me when i m big ann stott and matt phelan creators of always have teamed up again this time they offer an honest warmhearted portrait of a child taking those first steps toward independence ann stott is a children s book designer and the author of always illustrated by matt phelan about i ll be there she says it dawned on me one day that i hadn t tied my son s sneakers in months i suddenly realized that there were many things that i no longer had to do for him he was growing up ann stott lives in newburyport massachusetts matt phelan

m a rc h hardcover two street kids get tangled in a plot over their heads and risk an unexpected connection in this heart-pounding thriller by tim wynne-jones excerpt available at advance praise blink caution is a thrill ride to the end suspenseful heart-pounding and with no mercy for the tenderhearted rita williams-garcia noir crime suspense that s terrifying and authentic and also that rare thing deeply intensely moving don t miss reading this one nancy werlin boy did blink get off on the wrong floor all he wanted was to steal some breakfast for his empty belly but instead he stumbled upon a fake kidnapping and a cell phone dropped by an abducted ceo giving blink a link to his perfect blonde daughter now blink is on the blink caution by tim wynne-jones young adult fiction 6 x 9 352 pages age 14 and up grade 9 and up march lc 2010013563 isbn 978-0-7636-3983-9 $16.99 19.00 can also available as an e-book e-book 978-0-7636-5455-9 available on audio

april three unlikely allies team up for a night of rebellion romance and revenge in a high-stakes dramedy from acclaimed young author abby mcdonald excerpt available at also by abby mcdonald hardcover sophomore switch hc 978-0-7636-3936-5 pb 978-0-7636-4774-2 they ve spent years at the same high school without speaking a word boys bears and a serious pair of hiking boots hc 978-0-7636-4382-9 new pb 978-0-7636-4994-4 to one another but that s all about to change popular bliss was having the perfect prom until she found her bff and boyfriend making out in the back of a limo bad girl jolene wouldn t be caught dead at the prom yet here she is trussed up in pink ruffles risking her reputation for some guy some guy who is forty minutes late and shy studious über-planner meg never counted on her date s standing her up and leaving her idling in the parking lot outside the prom get ready for the anti-prom abby mcdonald s hilarious heart-tugging tale about three girls and

j u ly hardcover e creepy monsters sleepy monsters unjacketed picture book 105/8 x 97/16 32 pages ages 3­5 preschool­kindergarten oil acrylic gel medium july lc pending isbn 978-0-7636-4201-3 $14.99 17.00 can 74 beloved author jane yolen scares up a new rhyming read-aloud about the snarfing growling snoring way that monsters go to bed creep gurgle crawl tumble meet two young monsters who are far from scary they re too busy having fun they go to school play outside with their friends and eat after-school snacks but they also have a bedtime whether or not they re ready for it young children and parents alike will find much to identify with as they follow these lovable little monsters getting ready for bed with wildly colorful illustrations full of whimsy and warmth kelly murphy brings jane yolen s gently rhyming tale to rambunctious life by jane yolen illustrated by kelly murphy

paperback february now in paperback take a page from waldo s sketchbook but first you ll have to find it in this new classic fans follow the wily traveler through more astounding scenes each containing a maddeningly hard-to-find piece of paper torn from his sketchpad add in an exciting parade a confounding maze the trickiest spot-the-difference challenge in history and martin handford s incomparable artwork and you ve got one extraordinary interactive expedition waldo lovers will have tons of fun with · a fold-out muddy swampy jungle game with press-out counters and tongue-twisting forfeit cards · a press-out circus for fans to put on their very own show where s waldo the incredible paper chase written and illustrated by martin handford picture book 915/16 x 127/16 24 pages ages 5­8 kindergarten­grade 3 watercolor and ink february lc pending isbn 978-0-7636-4725-4 $7.99 9.00 can more waldo where s waldo hc 978-0-7636-0310-6 pb 978-0-7636-3498-8 mini hc 978-0-7636-1920-6 where s

grades 2­3 mo and jo in fighting together forever by jay lynch and dean haspiel hc 978-0-9799238-5-2 $12.95 15.00 can lexile level gn 240 guided reading level l reading recovery level 17 zig and wikki in something ate my homework by nadja spiegelman and trade loeffler hc 978-1-935179-02-3 $12.95 15.00 can lexile level gn 230 guided reading level k reading recovery level 18 a junior library guild selection panel illustrations copyright © 2008 from otto s orange day by jay lynch and frank cammuso copyright © 2008 from mo and jo in fighting together forever by jay lynch and dean haspiel copyright © 2010 from zig and wikki in something ate my homework by nadja spiegelman and trade loeffler lynch provides classic comic-book repartee in beginningreader-friendly vocabulary ably matched to haspiel s bold images and zippy colors the high-quality production supplies good old-fashioned fun and a superhero lesson that packs a wallop kirkus reviews spiegelman weaves the science facts

f ebrua ry paperbacks februa ry paperbacks februa ry paperbacks her teenage aunt writes an advice column but what if amy needs boy tips of her own a witty take on the ups and downs of friends family and first romance thirteen-year-old amy green has a lot ask amy green to juggle handling divorced parents minding messy baby siblings and navigating snobby cliques at school so when her cool but crazy seventeenyear-old aunt clover lands a job giving advice for the teen mag the goss amy jumps at the chance to help out as her sidekick of course amy hadn t counted on falling for the cute but aloof boy in her art class or her best friends snubbing her can she find a way out of her own dilemma see page 42 for more from this author boy trouble by sarah webb middle-grade fiction 51/8 x 75/8 288 pages age 11 and up grade 6 and up february lc 2009049041 isbn 978-0-7636-5063-6 $6.99 8.00 can also available as an e-book e-book 978-0-7636-5427-6 available on audio woven throughout is plenty of

raves reviews hc 978-0-7636-4168-9 ages 4­8 $16.99 20.00 can h publishers weekly hc 978-0-7636-4446-8 ages 5­8 $16.99 21.00 can hc 978-0-7636-4760-5 age 14 and up $16.99 20.00 can hc 978-0-7636-3722-4 age 10 and up $16.99 20.00 can h school library journal h horn book h publishers weekly h bulletin of the center for children s books h school library journal h kirkus reviews hc 978-0-7636-3674-6 ages 7­11 $16.99 22.00 can h booklist h school library journal hc 978-0-7636-4768-1 ages 5­7 $15.99 19.00 can hc 978-0-7636-4939-5 age 12 and up $15.99 19.00 can h kirkus reviews hc 978-0-7636-4437-6 ages 4­8 $15.99 19.00 can h booklist h kirkus reviews h booklist hc 978-0-7636-4409-3 age 5 and up $14.99 18.00 can hc 978-0-7636-2667-9 ages 4­7 $16.99 20.00 can h kirkus reviews h publishers weekly h bulletin of the center for children s books h booklist h kirkus reviews h publishers weekly h bulletin of the center for children s books hc 978-0-7636-4683-7 ages 5­7 $16.99 20.00 can hc