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look what s new contents raves reviews hardcovers basketball legend best-selling author now a first book for kids kareem abdul-jabbar s what color is my world on african-american inventors pages 8­9 hold on to your breathing necklace for a science and mythfueled ride through the future in above world the first novel in an action-packed series page 32 4 6 candlewick characters 92 nosy crow imprint templar books imprint toon books imprint paperbacks e-books candlewick on brilliance audio index by category index ordering information 153 157 158 160 108 116 122 126 152 ready for an extreme adventure step back to the time of whaling ships and head to the bone-chilling arctic for the impossible rescue page 34 magic secrets of the ages unveiled master the sleight-of-hand behind the spectacle as illusionology tantalizes the eye and brain page 56 frank cottrell boyce takes the wheel for chitty chitty bang bang flies again the much-awaited sequel to ian fleming s beloved classic pages

hardcover picture book hardcover februa ry e tender playful and full of joy this ode from mother to child makes an utterly lovely baby gift and will resonate with readers big and small also by mary murphy how kind bb 978-0-7636-2307-4 oh my yummy one my utterly lovely one look at you so gorgeous so opens a glorious praise song from a parent crane to her little cranelet drawing many other species into the circle of love as she sings warm funny and full of energy and affection this is another gem from mary murphy whose springlike palette is well suited to the story s celebratory air utterly lovely one mary murphy is the author-illustrator of panda foo and the new friend i kissed the baby and how kind she lives in galway ireland written and illustrated by mary murphy picture book 9 3/4 x 11 13/16 32 pages age 2 and up preschool and up ink watercolor and digital artwork february lc 2010044824 isbn 978-0-7636-5267-8 $16.99 19.00 can i kissed the baby bb 978-0-7636-2443-9

hardcover picture book hardcover m a rc h e doo-boppa doo-boppa doo-boppa-do join the romp as a bevy of forest creatures both diurnal and nocturnal inspire a very active celebration what could be better than friends together at a party in a tree all of the forest critters will be there the squirrel raccoons possums frogs birds mice and more even the slimy slugs are sure to slither in for the food games music and dancing and don t forget baby bear that little clown will be there for sure john manders revs up the action with bold illustrations while david martin sneaks in some counting and movement prompts in a rollicking boisterous tale that will have children eager to jump up and join the party david martin has written many books for children including all for pie pie for all and little bunny and the magic christmas tree both illustrated by valeri gorbachev and we ve all got bellybuttons illustrated by randy cecil david martin lives in vermont s northeast kingdom john manders has

hardcover picture book hardcover m a rc h from chitty chitty bang bang flies again chitty chitty bang bang is thrilled to have frank cottrell boyce with his humor his genius and his spanner sparking her plugs polishing her chrome and buffing up her bumpers her graceful wings are poised to take off on a new flight with frank s skillful but possibly oily hands on the steering wheel lucy fleming ian fleming s niece mum started the engine and tried to drive back up the gravel pathway while the members of the camper van club cheered them off she didn t mean to take off and fly again she just completely forgot that the wings were still extended the faster she drove the more they filled with air at first this seemed to slow the van down but suddenly there was a bump and it bounced and never landed back on the ground one moment people were waving at them through the window then they had all dropped out of sight as though the ground had shrunk soon their faces were just little dots looking

april hardcover e picture book 71/4 x 91/4 48 pages ages 6­10 grades 3­7 watercolor pen and ink april lc 2010048210 $16.99 19.00 can 66 everyone s favorite underdogs are back can they land work on a movie set and foil a cat burglar with their unusual and motley skills also by paul fleischman and david roberts the dunderheads hc 978-0-7636-2498-9 new pb 978-0-7636-5239-5 see page 130 for details school is out for the summer and the dunderheads are finally rid of the awful miss breakbone or so they thought teen star ashley throbb-hart is shooting a movie nearby and who should show up as an extra but their formidable former teacher she s not the only breakbone on the scene either after a string of burglaries strikes town miss breakbone steers her barrel-chested brother police chief breakbone toward those meddling good-for-nothing dunderheads and when spider ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time the blowhard chief has all the evidence he needs to lock him up can einstein

m ay novelty e just in time for the summer 2012 olympics in london pop-up london written and illustrated by jennie maizels nonfiction novelty 11 x 113/4 12 pages ages 5­9 kindergarten­grade 4 ink and gouache may lc pending isbn 978-0-7636-5787-1 $19.99 23.00 can 82 explore some of london s most famous sites in an engrossing novelty book welcome to the great city of london are you ready for your tour open this inviting large-format book and follow the river thames as it winds through the heart of the celebrated capital peer inside buckingham palace spin the london eye whisper in saint paul s cathedral gallery and raise the historic tower bridge lift the flaps and you ll find famous faces spooky stories and surprising secrets turn the book around to look inside buildings and find out even more be inspired by the magic of london in three dimensions jennie maizels is the author-illustrator of numerous books for children including jennie maizels things to do book she lives in england

february april sticker books maisy tm maisy s beloved sticker books now with fresh new cover designs are sure to keep fans busy through the holidays and highlights of the seasons tuck this in an easter maisy s easter egg hunt a sticker book written and illustrated by lucy cousins sticker book 8 x 8 16 pages age 3 and up preschool and up gouache february lc na isbn 978-0-7636-5907-3 $4.99 6.00 can basket maisy is making and hiding treats for a backyard hunt and needs kids to lend a hand what wonderful maisy s garden a sticker book written and illustrated by lucy cousins sticker book 8 x 8 16 pages age 3 and up preschool and up gouache april lc na isbn 978-0-7636-5906-6 $4.99 6.00 can things are growing in maisy s garden discover colorful fruits vegetables flowers and more more maisy sticker books maisy s valentine pb 978-0-7636-2713-3 maisy s thanksgiving pb 978-0-7636-3048-5 maisy s christmas pb 978-0-7636-2512-2 98

hardcover july tracey corderoy is a teacher with a passion for literature she was born and grew up in industrial south wales and now lives in a hidden valley in england with her husband two children and an ever-increasing menagerie of devilishly-cute-but-sometimes-rather-naughty pets joe berger is a children s author illustrator and cartoonist who also makes the occasional award-winning animated short film and title sequence when he s not working he loves to play board games he lives in england with his wife three daughters two cats and a small dog all of whom refuse to play board games with him see pages 50­51 for more from this illustrator

f ebrua ry paperbacks februa ry paperbacks februa ry paperbacks h gently encourages young readers to explore their natural surroundings and observe some of the more commonly found insects in it school library journal starred review a bank street college best children s book of the year a school library journal best book of the year an oppenheim toy portfolio gold award winner a junior library guild selection insect detective by steve voake illustrated by charlotte voake nonfiction picture book 9 1/16 x 9 13/16 32 pages ages 5­8 kindergarten­grade 3 pen and watercolor february lc 2009011152 right now all around us thousands of insects are doing strange and wonderful things wasps are building nests ants are collecting food and dragonflies are readying for the hunt but it s not always easy to catch sight of these six-legged creatures you have to know where to look guided by this book readers will happily become insect detectives and find out just what those bugs are up to see

m ay paperback m ay paperback m ay paperback the future of turtle realm hangs in the balance as the epic manga series charges forward n paperback original n in part six of the vermonia series the blue star warriors must find a way to infiltrate uro s most fiercely guarded headquarters as they fight to save the pillar of wind from destruction they must use all of their resources including the warship vleste now powered by the magical crystal they found in the lake of wishes as doug is captured by a band of uro s soldiers naomi and fly are inadvertently transported back to the planet of blue star revealing the mysterious pathways connecting the galaxies while exposing some of uro s weaknesses don t miss the first five episodes vermonia 6 to the pillar of wind written and illustrated by yoyo graphic novel 51/16 x 73/16 208 pages age 8 and up grade 3 and up manga may lc pending isbn 978-0-7636-5917-2 $7.99 9.00 can quest for the silver tiger pb 978-0-7636-4554-0 vermonia 1 call of the

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